198: Love Triangle

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I'm at a loss for words. I'm struggling to get these words out as I am typing. The premise of this article is a little disturbing.

For f's sake, THAT"S THE WRONG HELMET GUY IN BACKGROUND! It's actually good though, knowing wether they use the SH2 helmet or the movie helmet helps separate real fans from posers.

See, I have a bit of a problem with some of the people in this article in that they seem to be referencing the fandom as though it were the game.

First, it is worth noting that Pyramid Head doesn't rape anyone or anything during the course of the game, considering he has a butcher's smock he never takes off and none of the monsters he savages have genitals...all "rape" is only suggestive, but the article fails to mention that.
The one actually female character he interacts with, Maria, he locks into a grill and murders by stabbing, wherein he doesn't even attempt anything sexual.

Next, one of the professors refers to his "monstrous harem of nurses" and yet the nurses never interact with Pyramid Head...they are never even onscreen together (outside of a deleted scene).

Really, the Pyramid Head they're talking about is a fan-creation more or less completely outside of SH 2...which in a certain sense is appropriate given the subject matter.

One thing's for sure though, Yahtzee is right: He totally sold out.

Congratulations to you, Team Silent. You've invented the perfect villan. Guys think he's a badass, women think he's sexy. I'm not sure if you intended this, but if you did, bravo. Bravo indeed.

is the only reaction i have to this....

fangirls really creep me out....

What I love is the breadth of current research into Silent Hill being carried out at UK universities. Why isn't it happening where I am?#!

I had notice this strange attraction people have for Pyramid Head before, and I can agree with a lot of the points that are brought up in this article.

Except for whether or not Pyramid Head looks sexy under the helmet. Have you scene his tongue?

*by the powers of the internet, I bring this thread back to life*

Strange as hell. Whenever I think or visualize the pyramid head, I think of the blackest pits of human animal-ism that looms on the edges of our awareness. Pure representation of nihilism, and evil in a single form. Perhaps the scariest thing about it is that Pyramid head lurks somewhere within YOU, seeking its way to bubble to the surface and wreak havoc. Attaching something sexual to it is...interesting to say the least.

I just hope this just an expression of some weird warped attraction of the "ideal macho image" that some women harbor. Its probably just harmless, so I probably wouldn't immediately associate it with some mental instability. Though I admit, if someone I was attracted to admitted something like this to me, I would definitely be second guessing my attraction.

This has got to be the oddest thing I've read in my brief time at the Escapist. Really quite disturbing...

Oh Gods =\


Late to the game, as usual.
I am of the female sex and goddammit I am attracted to Pyramid Head. Have been for years. He's one of the fictional characters that tend to make me all tingly. I am fascinated by trying to analyze why exactly that is, because it seems honestly weird, if not disturbing.

I think it is helpful to take note of the other characters that I enjoy fantasizing about, because as you will see, there is a pattern there.
Just of the top of my head, and among many others, these are: Sandor Clegane (ASOIAF), Daryl Dixon (the Walking Dead), Lucien Lachance (The Elder Scrolls), Arthas (Warcraft), Romero (Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines) & Sirius Black and yes, freaking Tom Marvolo Riddle. Most of these have, btw, a huge female following and many livejournal groups, fanfictions, fanarts and tumblr blogs focusing on them.

(The following is a repost of a part of an analysis I did on Sandor Clegane in a livejournal group some time ago.)
"This type of character can be described as being strongly masculine -in appearance too, more often than not - but more importantly in their attitudes towards violence and sexuality.
Now, concerning some other characteristics (which may or may not be present):
There is a pattern of being internally disturbed, conflicted, disconnected from their emotionality. There is the inability to cope rationally with past trauma (which was often exceptional at some point or another) and the tendency to sublimate these feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness into overtly violent, restless conduct and accentualized display of what is perceived as being confirming of their brutal and uncompromising nature and attitudes.
In essence, they shield themselves and their sensitive core with assholery."

And also:
"No one wants to fuck the masculine jerk if he is full of himself. The inner conflict within is allowing us to realize he is a complex human being capable of self-reflection and growth. And that is what is ultimately attractive for a woman, or so I believe. I want to fix him and be the one person who touches him and binds him to herself for eternity. He would still be the jerk in some aspects, though, and protect me fiercely. My faithful dog, a creature of but one master.
And [Sandor] is the ultimate woman's challenge - overcoming fear and anger and aggression with tenderness, love and empathy. Overpowering masculinity with femininity, without the use of power. Or, rather, the masculine yielding to the feminine, on its own accord."

Pyramid Head is a projection of James' disturbed psyche and in this way, he is a wonderful example of this type of character, heavy with internal conflict. He is himself the conflict, externalized and materialized into a separate entity.

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