Zero Punctuation: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

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Funny review as always. I think I'll rent this game for the solo player, but I really doubt its worth purchasing (judging by this and several other reviews, as well as gameplay vids etc.)

I lol'd at "aliens with silly hats" part so much and ""I've seen light switches with more tactical flexibility!""

LOL at the insect people.

But wow, he liked this game?

Wow....He seemed to like it???? Am i dreaming....?

The parachuting desks bit was hilarious, as were the planes with the devil horns on them.

But I'm still going to stick with the Ace Combat series...or maybe not.

I mean...I have H.A.W.X i didn't like it that much (I thought campain missions were terrible) but thats most likely becaus i'm used o playing things like ace combat

nice review the speed diference in the planes almost made me fall off my chair ;D I now know why i love wednesdays

I really enjoyed HAWX. It was the best excuse since Freespace 2 and maybe one of the Rogue Squadron sequels to jump into something large and pointy and fly and shoot at shit. The story was enough to drive the thing at least, however unplausible one might consider it. Perhaps this positive review from the Yahtz will drive more people to pick up this game, like they did Painkiller, cos Gaud knows it deserves some bloody praise.

...wearing funny hats.

I don't know if Yahtzee knew it or not, but he just refferenced Gears of War at the end. Because anyone who knows a damn about the Locust knows that they aren't a bunch of aliens, they are disgruntled insect people from the core of the Earth. That's Epic's definition of them anyways, and considering they made the Locust I am inclined to agree with them.

These help me choose what games to buy but also make me laugh by arse off. The H.A.W.X. acronym is pretty ame thoguh. Thanks Yahtzee

The spoilers in the credits were the funniest thing.

The Usual Suspects was one of my favorite movies of all time, too.

The spoilers in the credits were the funniest part.

The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies of all time.

I'm not entirely sold on H.A.W.X. being worth my time. The only flight combat game I have any experience with is MIG-29 Fighter Pilot back on the Sega Genesis (and in retrospect I have no clue how I came about getting it or why it was cool to me to begin with) aand I was never any good at it. Flight sims aren't my thing, so I'm gonna remain skeptical about this one.

I've been thinking of buying it once the price went down

As always, >9k

I noticed he said you can fly in twenty some planes.

They are similar, but i think there are in fact atleast 40ish. If not there are definately thirty

What the hell first off all he makes Saints row 2 his game of the year last year now says tom clancy hawks is a good game don't think i can say any part of his review is serious any more

planet of the apes

Loved the spoilers at the end, but what does 'it was Earth all along' refer to?

Anyway, great review, I probably will like the game... but I'll pass anyway :)

planet of the apes

the she has a willy(penis) reference i didn't catch

silly hats YAY good review!

First Penny Arcade giving this game a good review and now Yahtzee?

Brain **** to say the least!


"silly hats!" YAY good review!

This review reminds me of the medal of honour one :)
The hilariously affronted americans (no offence to americans who actually have a sense of humour)on that thread should have known they couldn't censor Yahtzee! :[]

Am I the only one who gets excited when Yahtzee says "But then..." in one of these? It's rather entertaining to see the game facepalm itself.

Oh, and great review. I'm a fan of the Ace Combat series, and I will definately check out HAWX now.

Yay Yahztee is into flight sims. Try a Ace combat 4 next time, one of the best flight sims made.

Now I want a silly hat.

US Crash Fire:
WOW! blatant hate on the US Air Force!

I didn't catch anything specifically bagging on the USAF. American jingoism was more of the general target.

Oh lord. If it isn't Robot Chicken, it's this place. They always find a way to go to that obscure movie about the murdering girl who turns out to be a dude all along. That girl has a willy! Aggggh.

But good review. It's interesting to see a game that has been getting mediocre and mild reviews get something positive from Yahtzee. Well, aside from the crazy story. I wonder if Ace Combat will be next. There's a lot of them.

Hey, who stole the stream? All I get is a StreamNotFound error.
I can't watch it and be enlightened if I can't find the stream. D:

Hey, who stole the stream? All I get is a StreamNotFound error.
I can't watch it and be enlightened if I can't find the stream. D:

Yeah, Same error :(

stream no found

I'm also getting the error, and have been for the last ten minutes or so. I hope it comes back in the next fifteen minutes before I need to leave for work :(

same here

Me thinks it's all across the board. Tried to pull up an old review and that one had issues to. Just a hiccup, I'm sure.
Regardless, it's great to see Yahtzee expanding his genres, even if the game breaks down the complexities of flight to a mere playskool version of actual aviation.

I'm enjoying this running Soylent Green undertone going on. It's fun.

was really funny, but the best part is at the end, when there are a lot of spoilers!! i really laughted very hard with the Kayser soze!!!

Very, very funny.

I may have to give this game a go at some point.

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