Unforgotten Realms: Episode 30: Now You're Thinking with Silver Keys

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Wow, that was truly super-epic...

"The name's Schmoopy...Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon"

I love it when you bring back old gags, I almost thought Abe's ace in the hole would be worthless because of how long Mr. Judge's phone rang. Does this mean that Roamin is permanently dead because Lincoln totally Jihaded Gavin in the face and the poor stone paladin was right there?
One more question, what was Roamin multiclassing anyway?

He went to Sorcerey school with Jason, as mentioned in Episode 7 or something.

Therfore, he is a Sorcerer and a Paladin.

In episode 17 Rob said in comments Roamin might have 3 extra classes becuase he absorbed Gary,Schmoopy and Eluamos in episode 16 and then used he's hs.
So it might be possible he's able to use spells he didnt even now yet,since Gary's class is unknown i think druid or something he might be able to use like dispell magic or cure curse.
And get out of Stone dream.

How did Gary Come back to the top of the tower? remember that the Arbitur can "respawn", so he just Respawned to where he was before the actions that caused his death occured, but not back in time xD. very nice work

WHat was with that paradox in Ep 27...his current chara isnt/wasnt Sir Schmoopy...what does this mean (for those of us who havent seen Season 3 / Ep 33)? (see if you can get the same conclusion i did xD.) (that means dont look below if you dont wanna HUGE Spoiler/theory thingy...im warning you...dont look!)

the Stone thingy made the door...because...The walrus guy Went behind Timmy the evil's back! xD xD or mabye some huge time travel Thingy involving old plot and Sh*t we dont (and possibly rob) know about.

good use from that key from EP 3 BTW thought you forgot it

I just watched this episode after episode 42 and it seems more likely that Douglas 3 is Gavin

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