Unskippable: Ace Combat 6

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I didn't like this one as much as the others. Too many cheap and crude shots for my taste.

Was hilarious, couldn't stop laughing.

I still don't understand wtf we do in the game though...Does she become a pilot?

I'm sorry. This has got to be the most boring Unskippable yet.

"Estoslovakia"? "Emmeria"?
I'm annoyed by the old cliche "Russians attack America" plot, Japan, replacing real world countries with silly-named lookalikes makes it even more annoying!

Ugh, good job on the Unskippable but this cutscene is unbearable.

This cutscene may have been worse than Eternal Sonata, it hurt to watch it, even with it being made fun of every other line.

one of the best ive seen so funny!!!

This is an absolutely wonderful video. The humor was spot on; I laughed at almost every line.

The cutscene is indeed terrible -- such drawn-out back story and a completely pointless narrative. Since when did a game about flying and shooting need an in-depth, emotional story to back it up? Just another example of developers trying to emulate film.

Great cannon fodder for Unskippable. You guys ripped this one up.

"next up eyebrows and the thugs"

...with their latest song featuring suitguy!

XD This was hilarious, especially the bits with the radio. And I loved the reference to the Getaway episode.

I'm sorta surprised the point of it being Emmeria against the evil Stroviet Union ('Estrovakians' is shortened in-game to 'Strovies') didn't come up. Ace Combat's bad for that kind of thing: 4 even went all the way and was the Japanese nationalist masturbation fantasy of brave Japan...um, I mean 'North Point' vanquishing the evil 'Eruseans' who aren't Russians at all.

At least it wasn't quite as obvious as look-we-moved-one-letter nation 'Sapin' from Zero, mind.

Great video as always. Loved the Day of the Triffids reference! Very cool.

There is an easter egg in the clouds from 4:20 to 4:33. Can you find it?

We should use this cutscene in emo rehabilitation centers...very funny stuff guys.

Ace Combat 6 is an amazing game. Though I'm a bit confused, the cut scenes are skippable, and that was actually at least 3-4 of the game's cut scenes put together after a few missions. I though Unskippable only does the intro, not 3-4 of the scenes together as one. They're running out of games to make fun of, eh?

That sets new lows for the most flatulent cinematic ever.

No wait, I take that back. Nothing can take that title away from Eternal Sonata.

It's a-me, Mario. lol

I like her hairstyle, though.


This surely isn't said enough: You guys are awesome. The MST3000 scheme is terrific for games. You however, dare I say, are better than MST3000.

Why don't you make an Metal Gear Solid (any of them) Unskippable? Oh, yeah... you need to keep it shorter than an hour length.

Either way, you could do Kingdom Hearts. My brother just decided to play it again and we both found very aggravating to go through all that intro again...

honestly, the ads that used to play after ZP for this show didn't do it justice. this show is damn funny.

i liked the nine inch nails reference, that surprised me. everything from that radio was gold.

and why is it so hard for writers to come up with believable names? ammeria? really?!

THANK YOU!!! Ace Combat 6's storyline was such a HUGE disappointment! It was boring, pretentious, and way too long.

And you know the worst thing about that entire "lady-eith-daughter" blandness??? She never has anything to do with your character throughout the entire game!!! Her daughter (whom you never meet) meets a Estovakian guy (whom you never meet) who tells the mom (whom you never meet) some secrets so that she can yell them (somehow) over your supposedly secure radio signal, just for your stupid commander to yell at her and tell her to go away. Worst Ace Combat game in a LONG time.

It might have been said already but I just noticed the Day of the Triffids reference.
And Estovakia is obviously Estonia and Czechoslokia even though they don't share a border.
But what is Emmeria supposed to be?

Edit: Ninjad

And Estovakia is obviously Estonia and Czechoslokia even though they don't share a border.
But what is Emmeria supposed to be?

Stroviet Union


Why is the intro so utterly reta-stupid?

There was really no need for the comments, the thing was one huge cringefest. Not that I'm unapreciative of snideness.

It's just instead of this deplorable intro they could have spent the money on- orphans. Or a new recycling plant. A couple of extra levels. Told the people working on it to take some time off and see their families. Anything.

Wow. That cutscene tried to be so dramatoc and depressing, that the end result is actually funny.
"And I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more."
"I'm too exhausted to tell these people that we've been walking in circles for 8 hours."
"Final Three lines."

The puppy thing made me laugh violetly for some reason.

Heh, great video as always, but when are you guys gonna stop reviewing old JRPG's and get to some newer games in a more actiony genre?

Where's this RPG?

Her husband should have done a barrel roll.

Wow, This one would really fit well into the movie itself.

Another nice Unskippable, I still enjoy these :D

The radio station they said at the begining is the one they use in my town

Wait, I thought this game was some sort of flight simulator?

It looked like some sort of stupid RPG....

"I can't read"
"hool bus"
"hey kid I come back here and do your mom"
"lol at eyebrows and thugs" Getaway refrence FTW

man that's messed up she sees her daughter's wrecked school bus and her husband's fighter jet destroyed that must be the worst Monday ever in human history.

Why the hell am I laughing so hard at this? Why can't I stop?!
Curse you, Paul and Graham... I think what really set me off was how calm she was throughout the whole thing.

"Oh... the bridge blew up. Bummer."
"Heeeeeeey, that's my husband's plane crashed there... he told me he was going to go flying."

So depressing... yes so hilarious.

AC6 is a decent arcady flight sim, but Christ those cutscenes were awful, and there's 1 after every mission. What is it with Japanese crafted games and god awful cutscenes?

Good job fellas, that game needed sledging.

Wow! Most depressing cutscene ever!!

I literally laughed so hard that I cried while watching this.

this is the most lolzy intro ever!

all aboard the hool bus! great as always.

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