Unskippable: Ace Combat 6

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"the tanks were parked up the road"
"instead of protecting the town you dick weeds"
"a nation of cowards"
"ool bus"
"hey kid I come back her and do your mom"

the plane of her husband(MIA or KIA) is crashed and he daughter dies in a school bus bombing by jet planes. God that is so fucking depressing.

"Actually, if you want to kill yourselves before they get here, that would make them look REALLY stupid!"

That one had me in stitches for like an hour! xD

Thing is after hearing that she lost both her daughter and husband in what looks to be the same timeframe unless her life turns around I think Death should come and show mercy and end it for her.

The last line is gold.

what a depressing road!!!.....and then the puppies................
lol nice job

I agree, and also I think this cut scene was trying to be fantasy with the "king" and everything else, what is up with that? Do Fantasy fans complain and then they do something like this? isn't this game sapposed to be about modern jets? & what is with holding up the buss like that? no one does that, theyed be like get on the buss already.

if the stupid mom would of stopped yapping at her daughter and got her on the buss she would have made it down the road farther and out of the bombs path.

This is my favorite video of all Time and I just love it so much :D I have seen it like 5 times now and I still love it. Great work guys.

"...and then I saw a box of the cutest puppies...which violently killed themselves in front of me..."

That was a dumbass cutscene which, like you said, was really depressing.

Funniest part was when there was a civil war "And this woman won it, and she rules with an iron fist!"

Wouldnt it be hard to build a bridge with peices of the iron giant since they'd constant;y move and try to get free when the call to come together is sent out. I mean, at the end the travel all the way to the north pole, i dont think a bridge is going to stop them.

So... this game had better be about the wife becoming a pilot and laying waste to the invading country single-handed or I'm going to throw up.

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