Editor's Note: Good Griefing

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Live finds a way.
As Malcolm would say.

While it is sometimes funny to case others grief (or in my case, watch videos of said griefing) I would have to agree that it is a dick move.

Team romba from TF2 come to mind. I found it hilarious when they ported their own team-mates into the enemies sentries... Only to have them say "Oh I'm not taking that teleport again" *takes other teleport which brings them to the same fate* "*insert rage here*". Now if that had happened to me I would likely of raged on them myself.

On the OTHER hand, griefing can quite often just be out-right dumb and not even amusing in the least and just happens because they wanted to do it.

I discovered videos of griefers and trolls on youtube around a month or two ago and found alot of them EXTREMLY entertaining but no matter who does it they always at some point come out as dicks or even bullies.I did it ocassionally with a friend on wow and cod4 and never knew until recently it acttually had a name.I remember one time we got on a cod4 server and voted the smallest map and played 1v1 whenevr someone else entered we would kick him out when he returened we would say we're sorry and that we thought he was a hacker that was just on here only to kick him a couple of seconds after that.It was hillarious, we laughed our asses of the whole time but it was a dickish thing to do.The thing is that I can see griefing and trolling being justified if you're doing it to someone that deserves it but majority of the times the people that are doing it just have fun by ruining someone elses good time.A lot of griefers think that making someone rage quit is a win but in reality what the hell is the person supposed to do? stay there and take the shit without a way to retaliate?So I guess the majority of griefers are dicks wheter they justify it or not.

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