200: War and Peace

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I agree with most of the people here. The only thing these protesters are doing is just making players annoyed. I just love how they think they're all right and try to force this on other people trying to blow some steam off.

"Alright, we've 'ruined' Counter-Strike, now let's move on to World of Warcraft!"


unlike in the real world you can just ban them or constantley kill them in game

OR you can get on your mic and say your 3000 "KILL's" for the day as if your Drill Instructor is standing right behind you and is about to give you a good old fashioned quarter deck

James McGrath:
War and Peace

Do pacifists have any place in Counter-Strike? Have online games become the new City Hall steps? Could the next Million Man March be in a virtual world? James McGrath talks to a pair of in-game protesters about anti-war griefing in online games.

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Think of the lag if they did do that million mam march. It would probably have to be a million man step...

Kojiro ftt:
Protesting in Counterstrike? What dumb idea. They are no better than douchebags who run in the opposite direction and hide to grief everyone. If it was my server, I'd pull out the ban hammer faster that you can say "no good dirty hippy" in a Cartman voice. People play games precisely because they are NOT political. And it is NOT a public space. It is a private server. Get off my lawn.

The way i see it if you have the right to be a biggot and ban them then they have the right to enter your servers and try to protest. Clearly the game has political connotations to you or you wouldnt be offended by them protesting. If it has political connotations to you then they have a reason to protest your pro-war opinion. You only encourage them by fighting them.

The way i see it if you have the right to be a biggot and ban them then they have the right to enter your servers and try to protest. Clearly the game has political connotations to you or you wouldnt be offended by them protesting.

That's ludicrous. If I kick someone out of my house for being a pain in the ass, they do not have the right to re-enter my house in order to complain. A server is private property, and the admin has the right to ban anyone they like for any reason they like or no reason at all.

They are not being booted for their political beliefs. They are being booted because they are screwing up the game like any other griefer. They're just being a lot more pretentious about it.

Checking out that Velvet-Strike website, they also have sprays which depict homosexual love between the player models. Making a statement about war and violence in Counter Strike makes sense, but the gay spray models just confirms that these are trolls, not protesters.

thankfully i havent seen anything like this in my online games yet.

i'll admit to their right to protest. the way i see it, everyone had to pay $50 for their game, so they can play it however they like.

but flashbang a person whos trying to play their own way, just so you can make sure they know that real war is hell, isnt that just virtual terrorism? causing distress to someone who is just their to enjoy themselves.

personally, if i saw this, it would be a source of entertainment. if i saw this in a game of battlefield 2, that little "peace and love heart", would be the center of an airstrike/artillery shelling/vehicle rammings.

protest all you like, but no one has the right to stop me from playing a game just so they can FORCE ME to understand their opinion on war.

"if I get into a game of Unreal Tournament 3 or Halo 3 and somebody is engaging in a peace rally, one of two things will happen: if you are my opponent, you will be marked as an easy kill and you will cost your team a good deal of points"

Okay, but isn't that kinda the point of the protest? I mean if they're protesting, isn't it a good thing from their perspective if they cost someone points? Protest that bothers no one is not protest. The whole point is to get you motivated to do something about the issue. They don't achieve that by making people like what they're doing.

but that doesn't stop the fact that if the other side wants battle, they're not going to give a shit about your protest. you're trying to win hearts and minds and they don't care about your message, therefore you're an easy kill.

protesting the iraq war certainly stopped president monkeyface from invading--oh, wait ...

What good is a protest if it's done in a way that doesn't inconvenient anyone?

*sigh* Just griefers with a cause.

Let me play my counter strike, and I promise I wont go kill things in real life.

But really, I don't understand what's wrong with killing pixels. FAKE pixels.
No life is actually lost. It doesn't make me want to go to war. It's fun.

Its a fucking game, I can't believe all these failures at life come on video games and try to get attention. Obviously these hippies are just attention whores, who were neglected as children. I have never had the desire to go out and kill people and I realize war is although disgusting a necessary part of progress often. Hippies fail to acknowledge that, look at the removal from the Great Depression as a result of WWII and Canada itself gained its independence from the Britain by proving itself in war (directly related although didn't occur at same time). Hippies are uneducated, scientists and historians are not. Hippies exist only to annoy people, and incite hate. If someone is playing a game do you really think they appreciate someone ruining the experience for them, these people are worse than team killers. If I ever encounter them, I hope friendly fire is on.

I would glady frag them all, with every type of weapon I can. All these peace protester, dont they see that we are too many on earth. Need space... more warz I say.

Signed: A guy waiting impatiantly for the nuclear apocalypse.

Regardless of the intent, the protesting is still griefing, and should be put down with extreme force by both sides. Friendly fire, votekick, and voteban are all completely unaffected by the distance the target's head is up its ass.

i have never heard of a game needing more gore....

anyway they are all idoits less of idoits than most for not being against video game violence but idoits nonetheless for ruining some peoples gaming for not reason

Dammit! There were heaps of us protesting in Star Wars Galaxies, years ago. Check out Cantina Crawl XII. Game protest is not a new thing.

Also, there is a severe lack of non-combat content in sandbox games. A lot of protest derives from that. Not all gamers are intent on killing. Some of us would like alternatives to the ubiquitous violence.

Do you know what your alternative is? Another game. Why the hell would ANYONE buy a game that pits two teams off to kill each other if they were so anti-war?

To begin with, I'll be fair and state that I am quite a peacenick myself, and by looks I appear a bit of a hippy. I'm white, but have natural dreadlocks, even if I wear normal clothes that's enough for some people to dislike me on site. Really though, that just works as an idiot-who-assumes-things deflector. And it is a mere assumption to say that since I am anti-war, I don't like war video games. I myself play Counter Strike and many other games in which you kill and worse.

I think that these people have the right to protest. If they're not playing a game properly, then I simply applaud them for doing what is within the rules to do. If you really want to implement a program that doesn't allow players to form their characters into a heart shape, then something's a bit wrong here.

Let them do whatever they like. This is the same as saying AFKers don't have the right to be AFK, even if it gets you a free kill. It's retarded to complain about this, really. They have freedom of play style, just the same as the world should have freedom of speech. Even if their play style means not trying to win at all, it is up to them how badly they play their game.

And while it's true that games teach us some level of what's real about the battlefield, like high death rates, that's not really an argument against political action in a game. These people are protesting the wars in real life, not the wars in video games. They're protesting unrealistic portions of violence in gaming, which is something plenty of fans do on Internet forums anyway.

I say, if that's what the people want to talk about, then bring it on. Because it's not actually something people can or will control on public servers.

Why the hell would ANYONE buy a game that pits two teams off to kill each other if they were so anti-war?

SWG was (is) not solely about PvP. In fact, PvP was tacked on.

I'd have to stick onto the point of escapism, here. I play violent video games, because I perceive it's level of violence irrelevant. I know that when I'm shooting the gun, I'm clicking a mouse, I know that when I'm back stabbing someone in TF2 I'm clicking a mouse. I don't lose sight at what is happening, but I don't acknowledge the grotesque qualities of it.

For me, it's always just a game.

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