Zero Punctuation: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

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Chris B Chikin:

Can i just ask? Do you idiots not get that this is about reviewing (or talking) about a game he has played, not to make us luagh, but to inform us on what its like?. He adds humour to it as a plus, its not a fucking video game parody. It really pisses me off when people say "durrrr that wasn't very funny duhhh.." OH NO! I GUESS YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO BUY THE GAME THEN, BECUASE HE COULDN'T THINK OF ANY FUNNY JOKES ABOUT IT!.

I disagree. If I want to really know what a game is like I'll read a proper review. I watch Zero Punctuation for entertainment first and information a close second. You don't read Penny Arcade or Ctrl+Alt+Del for information on games, but because they're (sometimes) funny. If it wasn't for the comedy value then I doubt I would have cause to watch Yahtzee's reviews.


Copy+Paste Ditto
Some times it is like Yahtzee says Reviewers get paid to talk good about games or its main stream popularity. I like ZP since it is from a game reviewer that you know... makes games, well a few actually. And anyways if you listen just can picture Yahtzee running a one-man Monty Python show. Even non-gamers get his jokes some times...well my GF did.

I live in Ruislip :D

Yay! I feel recognised and somehow slightly special.

Nice review.

i really want chips now.. also i was hearing good things from this game but it sounds like spicy sweet chili athena is getting a rent.

Thank God Yahtzee called out Vin Diesel for who he is! I beginning to feel like the only sane person on the planet who thought Vin Diesel only made movies and games that glorified himself.

Best movie with Vin Diesel:

Saving Private Ryan (He dies halfway through the movie)

God bless that German sniper.

Hmmmm, not the funniest one but good work none the less.

haha, "And before you ask; No, I probably wouldn't say that to your face"

Good review, made me wanna pick up a copy actually :X

Another great review, and now I want some Doritos.

The image of the imp bouncing around the screen really made me laugh, too.

I missed out on getting the original Butcher Bay so getting this was a steal.

Heh, interesting. I've never thought much of the Riddick series, despite Vin Diesel's profounding awesomeness.

For the most part, I agree. I like Vin D (mostly the voice), but Riddick is just more of an opertunity to see Vin D. :) There's a talk show interview somewhere online that has Diesel talking about how Riddick is his favorate character, and how they're going to do another sequel.

Pitch Black was pretty keen stuff, I will admit. :)

Well, since Yahtzee pointed it out... Yeah, Riddick could easily be very cool without being THE LAST OF THE PROUD WARRIOR RACE. Souding and looking like Vin Diesel is enough.

As a humorous note: with my various video parameters, the title of the article in the escapist's home page appears as "Zero Punctuation: Chronicles of Riddick: Ass"

good review, i loved bucher bay even though some of it was insanly hard but i still think il get the new one anyway keep the good work coming =)

No reviews of "indie" games in a long time. I hope next time there'll more luck. Also watched this review with poker ungrateful face on. Am I becoming a fan?

I think this is the fastest Yahtzee's ever talked.

That is what I was thinking, it was confusingly faster than previous ZPs.

Damn, that was fast, or Im getting slower. And yeah, its irritating when your gun constantly falls behind the fridge. Perhaps I should push the fridge more towards the wall, hmmm...

Anyway, I enjoyed.



I think this is the fastest Yahtzee's ever talked.

That is what I was thinking, it was confusingly faster than previous ZPs.

Maybe he was thinking, the faster he could get this crap over with the better.

Assault and Vinegar, lol. Yeah I was really didn't see the point in remaking Butcher Bay, there was no need. I did like the The second Riddick movie though. The only problem I had with it was that they killed off all the interesting character's from the first one before they could even really develop especially Kira, oh well. Good review, funny as always, will have to pick it up when I can since I lked the demo.

You do realize that yahtzee speeds up the audio don't you?
Listen to the first few reviews or watch the game review show and listen to his natural voice.

I chuckled

Sad that he didn't comment on the multiplayer, where one of the modes centers around killing Riddick

I want to play Assault on Cool Ranch Doritos.

In fact, I may just go do it now!

*runs to kitchen*

nom nom nom

Um, I didn't even understand what Yahtzee was saying for like 3/4 of the review.

And he also managed to make fun of his favourite thing to hate: Nintendo, even though he wasn't reviewing anything that had anything to do with Nintendo. That takes some skill!

mmmmm Chips.......that was classic.

Well i am finally glad u played Butcher Bay (like i suggested u should). And I thought the movie Chronicles of Riddick was bad ass. BUt back to the game yeah I do admit the switching of weapons, then knifes, then stealth could get annoying but at the same time made the game more fun and harder. I mean i still haven't beaten the original (damn computer keeps fing up and I have to reset it to factory setting, and then install all 6 discs), but that game kick ass. Now I was meaning to check reviews on the new one cause from the demo it look like crap. Yeah u could switch your weapons real fast, but i could walk around then level with my goggles on and still see fine. I don't know Yahtzee, I question sometimes what you are looking for in reviewing a game. I mean were you just trying to bash Vin Diesal by chance?

By far one of the best Zero Punctuation videos. A lot of fresh humor.

Enjoyed Chronicles of Riddick. Never watched Pitch Black, there maybe a correlation.
But more importantly, A missed opportunity for a Mornington Crescent joke! UNACCEPTABLE! Sufficient grounds to register and complain!

I really like this series, but to me it is getting hard to tell if he actually likes or dislikes the games he reviews.
BTW who is that guys head that is in all his videos?

My question is...

What does Yahtzee have against Claudia Black?!

How did everyone know such a game was being reviewed b4 it was...also I generally agree with Yahtzee on these things...any games associated with movies and vice-versa blow hard

I was pretty sure Yahtzee would like this game because he tends to favor the FPS. It seems the disjointed stealth/fisty/gunning approach and the fact it was a movie tie in fir a giant vat of expelled testosterone seems to have succeeded in alienating the game to him despite the fact that, FPS-wise, it had some merit.

Yahtzee would probably have complained about that more, but after he did the 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand review it's possible a great deal of the nerve endings which express pain when subjected to gratuitous beefcake ego are now dead.

escaping smokey bacon lol

Well that was fun. Its about what I would expect from myself if I was reviewing this game. Minus the Sweet Hat, Brittish Accent, and Very good sence of humor. Keep it up Yahtzee and keep breaking and melting faces!

he said what i was feeling for years but could not express, the fact that in pitch black you didn't know what was Riddick's motivation, and although I enjoyed The Chronicles of Riddick they messed up that aspect of his personality, and that is a shame :\

Wow... he was unusually fast today.

Not sure if it was intentional, but great reference (or quip taken from) MST3K: The Movie.
Oh, I also liked "Pitch Black". Yay?

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