The Future of Resident Evil

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While reading this I do agree that Capcom sould make the games alot scarer I grew up with these games and the first time I played them it scared the shit out of me :)
Alot of people think that they should be new characters but why not put pervious characters in the future games, like little Sherry Briken, what happened to her.
Would a NY RE actually work, people need to actually think would that go with the pervious story lines, the whole point in the RE games was to get out of places alive, everyones to perocupied with with 4 & 5 everyones forgetting the brilliance of 1, 2, 3 & Code Veronica X.
Don't compaire the RE games to other games it just makes them loose there originality.

There is no other games like RE, hopefully Capcom will make loads more.....

having fast zombies would make it too much like l4d.

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