Zero Punctuation: Valkyria Chronicles

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*looks at the part about the evil empire in the east and sees his country (Denmark) being on the wrong side*

OI! ! XD

Ok maybe it isent.. but shut up! i have to complain about something!! the rest RULEZZ!! XD

I think Mr. Croshaw woul enjoy a bit of Fire Emblem


Though I've probably seen this episode about 12 times in the last year or so, I still nearly explode with laughter in this one. NEar the end the complaints about the cutscenes was beautiful! I still can't get enough!

yahzee you schmazi!
very funny
auto shave would be usefull as well indeed.

awesome Indiana Jones reference

and grew up in swindon.
I like to pause it at that bit to piss myself laughing at it.

This is still one of the funniest episodes he's ever had.

I just find it interesting that he holds up a picture of Ben Laden in retrospective. Also surprisingly hilarious episode.

Loved some of the jokes here. The garbled noise in summing up his feelings for JRPGs and the the changing of Hitlers name were great.

The game wasn't something that held a lot of interest for me. I will admit, this is primarily because its turn-based, a form of gameplay I have become a lot less fond of over the years. The second is that, while its true, many games love borrowing from big ol' buckets of cliche, I always seem to find traditional JRPGs do this the most. I will say this, it looked nice. Slightly different art style is appealing to me.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Valkyria Chronicles

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Valkryia Chronicles.

Watch Video

Necroing this old review because I do have a FREE suggestion for those looking for a solid turn-based strategy game that doesn't involve building a civilization (if that's what you want, it simply does not get better than Alpha Centauri.)

Battle of Wesnoth is an open source turn-based strategy game for the PC. It's free. And I mean, 100% free, not "free as long as you watch these ads while playing the game" or "free as long as you donate to us." Sounds, art, the gameplay itself... all done for free, by various people on their own free time.

And, despite that, it actually looks and sounds pretty decent, and plays amazingly well. There are numerous single-player campaigns, as well as a full-fledged multiplayer mode. The graphics are entirely sprite-based, but in spite of that, they actually look pretty well done, and the gameplay is very refined.

I'd recommend Battle for Wesnoth if you're looking to get into turn-based strategy games. If you end up liking Wesnoth and wouldn't mind shelling out about $10 for a game, I very strongly recommend you give Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (it's old, but it's still the best TBS ever made, as far as I'm concerned) a try.

Rewatching all these Zero Punctuation videos made me realise how much Yahtzee actually rags on the Republicans... this game... inFamous. :)

It even has Valkyrie (almost) in its name, HOW MUCH MORE GERMANY DO YOU NEED?

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