Alt+Escape: Today I Die

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Second ending made me wanna high five that chick, YEAH!

Really interesting and different game with a truly good soundtrack. To have the poem change style completely by switching words one at a time was very well done.

Interesting to see it linked here. Someone sent me the link a couple of days ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't know there was a second ending though, so it's worth another go for that.

That was a rather enjoyable little game. Made you think for a bit, had a good premise and awesome music.

I love this game! I also tried some of the other games that guy made; they are just as beautiful. <333

Hah, second ending pwns :P



Man that thing had emo written all over it, well until the cheesy Hollywood ending.

Am I the only one not digging this?

That's a rather unintelligent thing to say.
The initial poem was powerful in its darkness, sorrow and simplicity, much like a well-done Haiku. To see it change into something equally beautiful but more optimistic as you progressed was very emotionally strong.
Also, the second ending was amazing:

I already said that my emo comment was a joke, just a silly reference to the title of the game and poetry as the subject matter.

I honestly thought that it was pretty mediocre, usually I'm all over games that strive to be different or more intelectually challenging. Second ending was the only thing I really liked :D

Ahhh I see. That's what I get for replying to comments without reading the entire thread through. My bad.

Alt-Escape is easily my favorite feature on the escapist :D and I really liked this game, just wish it lasted a bit longer.

Man, that game was good. Better then Effing Hail.
I didn't even know there was a second ending until I read this thread, and then unlocked it, and laughed my head off because I realized that the first time I played it, I nearly unlocked the second ending. The boy was swimming away, but I put them together because he looked sad.
Bestest non-violent flash game ever.

Without the second ending, it would just be cute but trite. With the second ending, this is a work I can actually, well, kinda respect.

-- Alex

Kinda sweet, really avant-garde, with some good music thrown in. Personally I could stand more games like this.

Heh, good game.
I expected the second ending to require me to play the game differently,

I'd heard of this before, from Jay is Games, and absolutely loved it. I'm really happy it's working its way round the Internet now.

What's the other ending?

+ I really loved it, specially the music. :)


Man that thing had emo written all over it, well until the cheesy Hollywood ending.

Am I the only one not digging this?

I don't know if I'd call it emo, per se.

Stereotypically, yes it is emo. I found it extremely cute. Sorry I have emotions.

five... Four... Three... TWO.... ONE!!!!


Nevermind My last statement, this game is really good.

Can't seem to swim away from those stupid things to get free. Whenever I manage it, the girl always ends up off the screen, so I think I'm missing something. Is there a trick to avoiding them when you swim?

I view this in the same area as PixelJunk: Eden, in that it is a re imagining of an existing genre of game. To me, PJ:E was a re imagining of the platformer, and this to me was a re imagining of the Point-and-Click adventure game. Great game, really beautiful.

After all cynical and bullsheeting the game in my head I finished it without hints, and it was actually pretty good. Though to the people who said "OMG it is poetry in motion"- get over yourselves. It was clever, but not THAT clever.

That was uplifting.

Awesome I liked both endings and thoroughly enjoyed its look as well.

I don't get it.

i dont think i really get it but it was sort of interesting and soundtrack was nice.

hint jellyfish and words

Well that was awesome.

Second ending time...

That's almost exact story of Seto no Hanayome (before the series began)

How do you get another ending i got one.

hint jellyfish and words

you have no Idea how much that actually helped my I was so stuck thank you

I don't know if I loved it as much as some others here, but I do agree that it's a very cool concept.

And I think somehow the 8-bit art makes the whole thing a little easier to swallow.

That was amazing!

I rather enjoyed both endings, I love it!

I actually got forced into a better mood after beating this- I feel betrayed.

I love the idea of interactive poetry now I want to see someone make a game maker so others can make similar little poem games- yes I know originality is great but I wuoldn't mind trying a few copycats.

Think ti would be even more amusing if they used a style like e.e. cummings where the shape of the poem was part of the poem.

I think I just won at art.

the idea that you can swap dead, dark and painful around didnt occur until 15 minuites of dumb staring at the screen..
the most original game i've played in a very very long time.

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