Alt+Escape: Today I Die

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It might bring up strong emotions for those actually lived through a depression. As a game, it's quite simple and easy except when those meanies try to cling on you. Hopefully he makes more of those and makes them longer.

It was very uplifting!

Why haven't we seen more of this? It was brilliant.


Poetry gets far too bad a reputation these days due to emo connotations.



Man that thing had emo written all over it, well until the cheesy Hollywood ending.

Am I the only one not digging this?

I don't know if I'd call it emo, per se.

Stereotypically, yes it is emo. I found it extremely cute. Sorry I have emotions.

I think you don't know what emo means, nor do you understand what he's saying.

Wow...I'm really impressed! For a 5 minute game, it combines beautiful music, simple but intuitive gameplay and a nice message. Neat.


awesome game

I found the second ending first... Oops.


Cute. Reminds me of this other 'game' called Coil, which I played on Steam. It's also an attempt at art-game hybird, and very surreal. When you've finished it it'll leave your head in a twist.

That was brilliant, and pretty powerful.
Not sure which ending I preferred thoug

Was especially powerful being that I have actually had to battle with that myself, very uplifting ending

that was quite good, though I was freaked out when I got stuck on the painful world, and the shades carried me away. had the hairs on my back raising.

A gorgeous, well thought out game. Brilliant in its simplicity, bold in its complexity.

I need a spoiler. I can't figure out how to play?

Me too. I got the thingies to light up, but then...

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