203: Gas Station Hero

Gas Station Hero

You're probably used to blowing up gas stations in videogames - but what if it was your job to save them? Robert Janelle plays Response Ready and speaks with developer Distil Interactive about how games can help train employees to perform better at their jobs.

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You mean No More Heroes.

Interesting article, and probably where the development for a great many games is going to come from in the future.

my problem with this is that these just aren't games. It's not a game if there is no fun in it.

Interesting idea. But are these "games" available to purchase without spending an excessive amount of money? For a large business I can see where they might be cost effective, but for a small business, I just don't think the price will be low enough to be worth it.

Towards the end of the article I got the vision of a game geared to training someone for a business, but in the end it turns out the person was performing actual work. Think Ender's Game. Only with the sense of surprise and reward instead of realization of having committed genocide.

Interesting reading. But i find it hard to believe that 70% of the major companies in USA use video games. (It probably is so but 70% sound so much :S)


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