Unforgotten Realms: Episode 32: There's Nothing Wrong with Helping a Buddy Out!

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Am I the only person who actually noticed who posted the Exhibit A post?

No, and I sure hope the guys who were talking to "Mr. Exhibit A" were referring to the guy who Rob pointed out, not him...

Now, for everyone chattering excitedly about time travel...leave the physics of it alone. Let Rob do his thing. If you voice 'God's own truth' on time travel, you'll find it to be far too dry for story purposes.

Having said that, though, it works any way you look at it. If we're using whathisnut's Constancy Principle, then Nailo may create Petey with a terrible Raise Dead spell (draining her XP, for the guy who mentioned it), and Schoopy may be the Dragon Warrior (that was what he was called, right?), and create both the Maelstrom problem and Timmy the Evil (raising him with potion and all).

On the flip-side, they may just change something in the past to allow them to gain levels or something, making this a *minor* plot point...or they'll just never let Maelstrom be born, or something. Sky's the limit. Have fun with it, Rob.

Roamins dead forever...

Well that sucks, but why did you kill him off?

lol...."Sucks to be you."

best episode i've seen in in a loooong while
made me laugh alot

i woulden't have killed roman, i woulda retired him and jaqcue to solving crimes
its like killing them, but diffrent

when people r saying peteys dead they mean that he is an undead dire rat and must have died at one time or another

Maybe it's Petey... but from the past! And they travelled back in time...

Funny episode. Loved the "In the red corner... because of all the blood".


My guess is that Gaary owes Roamin the 5 bucks because of their argument in season 1 regarding time travel. I'm 99% sure on this one.

ya that makes sense

Or they coulda made a bet on weather petey would survive or not and since they think thats petey yeah..

and why am i left wanting a roamin T-shirt? XD




Ha Loved it! The Mike is gay jokes, Peaty, and Gary. A Note for Sir Shcompy: Are the fourms messed up or somthing?I can't get on.

See the last page of the comments of the last episode. Essentially, its down, and it could be down for a while. As such... I am launching the Unforgotten Realms Refugee Society.


I don't actually have an account there, but I hope someone has the LMAO Pics thread backed up. It was one of the greatest collections on the internet.

Anyway, I laughed a lot at this episode, if not just for the scene where the guy who was the tank in the old episodes got killed by Petey, and the part where Gaary throws Nailo the prince. I normally force myself to not laugh at jokes on homosexuality, but I couldn't help it with the hilarity of this episode.

You could create an account.

No, I couldn't. I share a computer with my brother. He made an account there, so I can't, but I got the account here.

Maybe Nailo is missing Petey so much he thinks every rat is Petey....

For the people wondering about the 5 dollars thing, It's that fact that noone was born at that time. So elumous and Gary wouldnt exist in the past which concludes Roaman being correct about an *alternate timeline*. Well since my other theory was thwarted i'd have to say that this new rat is Petey,but id say elumous is killed. While elumous is dead shmoopy will *come along* and give him a dose of the potion. Now on the UN-dead theory. how does one become undead? there cant be a rez cause that makes them come to life ,but what if the reason shmoopy decides to kill the beggar and NOT kill petey is derived from this. I'd say that a crystal comes into play with petey...like the crystal of undeath cause you know being undead is so much better :D Now, the theory of *Timmy the evil* being douglas or whatever i highly doubt. I personally think that petey will come back into the show ROAMAN IS NOT DEAD and as for the axe....meh.. get over it. for you see the part where Roaman is turned to stone is interesting...why turn him to stone? why not just hit him with a magic missle. + HOW THE HELL CAN GARY OWE ROAMAN 5 DOLLARS IF ROAMAN IS DEAD?!?!?! think about that now

I only started watching this last week so have basically watched all of the episodes through over a matter of days. Like every series there are ups and downs and I have found some of the episodes to be funnier than others. Overall though I think this is a great series and have already made a point of passing it on. Long may it continue.

I don't know if this was posted before, but it all makes sense.

You remember episode 27 I think it was when they had to answer questions from the statue and for the last question it said that if they get it wrong it would send Schmoopy back to the past? That's what happened!

"sucks to be you" xD rofl... what is the deal with the fanboy whining here... the episode goes how Rob wants it to go and if he is tired of it then he will stop... The only thing you fanboys here are doing is just whining about something that isn't yours.

This role playing stuff is getting confusing. I'm glad someone seems to know whats going on.

This episode was awesome but I must point out that THE UR FORUMS ARE BACK UP!!!

And there was much rejoicing.

OMFG that is not Petey !!!!!!!!! because Petey IS WHITE, GG color blinds

well that could be petey coz the theory is that this is petey when he was still alive rather than an undead and him becoming undead could have made him white

dude i thoughted petey was wihte like the moon and what will happen to roamin and why does mike keep hoping schmoopy's alright and what happened to grandma schmoopy ahh my brain hurts



Roamin disappeared...
Petey was left in the whale...
Jacque was left in that city being attacked by ogres...

So wtf?

petey was left in the whale yes,
bur roamin did not disappear he was turned to stone,and jaque was in his inventory, so jaque would still be with roamin possibly turned to stone as well

Well, FUCK man! That sucks.

Relax, there is still hope, with them being in the past, we might just get to see jacque being enchanted ^.^

Simon Hadow:

Okay, a few little things: Yes, Petey is in but Roamin is gone, it's called plot progression, if Roamin didn't die there wouldn't of been much of a climax at the end of the series.

ok 1 thing: ROAMIN was tunred to STONE, not tecnicly killed...its just like a coma or going to a sleepless dream...Searously...go watch ep 30 again...Gavin casts "Stone Dream", not "Insta kill roamin and turn his body to a statue"...strangely using Schmoopy's quote beforehand... /ponder...

EDIT: did not see person above me posted this already...touche Sethstorm
EDIT 2: Spelling

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