Unskippable: Alone in the Dark

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Wow, on the other hand, you could be totally immune to the Weeping Angels' attack by just never pressing the button.

(You win geek points if you have any clue as to what I'm talking about.)

A very awesome episode of Doctor Who. One of my favourites in fact.

Do I get geek points now?

"stop looking at your penis" LOL

a blink button?

I like the part "we can't all be neo this going to be the worst matrix party ever"

LOL at cockroaches killing them

Oh no! The cracks are attacking! Runnnn!

lol guys

better late than never...
(but then again, better never than on time.)
damn, now i have to tell myself to blink...

Agreed! ;.; Where were you? It's not like you can't skip an episode or so but really. No one knew anything :(

Eitherway: This episode really makes up for it... o_o; WTH.... Blink? <.< and I thought Yahtzee's rant on Duke Nukem Forever to "Widdle your eyebrows" was insane, but I didn't think programmers were THAT insane....

Really tho, I like the idea that the player actually has to do SOMETHING to get regular actions like pick up and such small things. That adds a bit to the immersion in my opinion... BUT A BLINK BUTTON?!?!? X3 Nodding and shaking heads would be good for that matter to like, y'know, respond to a question? But ...... yech XD


Alone in the Dark

Graham and Paul take a quick look at Alone in the Dark. Don't blink - you might miss it.

Watch Video

BTW you still owe us one more this week. You can't let Yahtzee one up you man! He didn't take a "holiday" like you guys hehe. :P

We have you marmalade sandwiches!

Man, Graham and Paul just keep getting better.

"use both the analogue sticks to control your kidneys"

This made me chuckle =] Good episode guys.

yeah that was great
the blinking was starting to make my eyes feel funny lol

You could've totally made an erection joke when he was staring at his junk. It was pretty obvious.

Ha. Awesome video. Made me laugh. As everyone has already said though "Blink button WTF?!"

Wow, on the other hand, you could be totally immune to the Weeping Angels' attack by just never pressing the button.

(You win geek points if you have any clue as to what I'm talking about.)

Doctor Who episode called Blink. Written by Stephen Moffat if memory serves. And an awesome episode at that. Now gimme cookies or geek points. :P

Is there a future use for the blink button? or does this game just want me to think I got eye surgery so they had to dilate them?..

how did he get from a broken bathroom, to the top of an elevator?

Level up to auto-blink? Just what level do you have to be before your body can run itself?

"Mash X repeatly to digest your food"

Brilliant video for a godawful game!

Damn, these just keep getting better! "He's nastered blinking", "He leveled up".

So do you have to press the blink button through the entire game?!?! Damn i really need to get my... Thats a Fucking stupid Idea and for it you'll get kicked in the balls Department... up and running.

No you don't, only that cutscene and when you get stuff in your eyes..

Anyway I didn't mind this cutscene too much, eventhough the blinking thing got very tedious very quickly..

Dudes, what happened last week? We missed you guys.

Ya I was like WTF no video last Monday :(

ON other news, this game sucked, but the video rocked lol


"We have your marmalade sandwiches!"

God I miss that bear...

I'll second* that, Paddington was awesome.
(*or change it to however many people have agreed so far and add one)

I don't think it's truly possible to take all of Paddington's sandwiches.

Midnight Voyager:
It doesn't make this distinction very well, Ghostwise. It's the most cutscene-like tutorial I've ever seen in my life.

Even if you can do nothing else in places, YOU HAVE TO BLINK. BLINK. BLINK. THE HELL. It's a cutscene. We don't mind if you let us sit back and watch for a minute.

Yeah, parts of this intro aren't strictly a cutscene per say.
However, the most of the interactive portions in this intro could have been replaced with cutscenes quite easily.

Seriously...a blink button?
If the game automatically blinked after the first couple times it would have worked out much better.

About the lack of an Unskippable video last week...
No worries guys, stuff happens and / or people sometimes need vacations.

Another great episode Graham Stark and Paul Saunders.

Wow, on the other hand, you could be totally immune to the Weeping Angels' attack by just never pressing the button.

(You win geek points if you have any clue as to what I'm talking about.)

Dude, you can't give people geek points for something that easy - you're talking about the best time travel episode of a popular British sci-fi. Everyone should know that's episode 10, season 3 ("Blink") of the reimagined Doctor Who series, and it's written by Steven Moffat, who will be taking the helm next year. Even if you don't watch Doctor Who, you should go out and watch Blink. Like, right now.

Coincidentally, the episode directly after Blink features Derek Jacobi, who was mentioned in this week's Unskippable.

You know, Even though I'm a massive AITD Fangirl, I loved that XD
Effin' hilarous

I do believe that would be my favourite elevator crowd too, but i would invite the cockroaches next time then they won't be so pissed and ruin all our fun!!!

wow, I'd never seen that game before, now I really want to play it despite the fact that you have to control his eyelids :)

Wow. You know, I'd heard this game was bad, but I always wanted to try it for myself. Not now, just in that cutscene alone, the myriad of bad design choices was obvious.

Matrix party xD

You got to do Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata (Tears of Blood). Cutscenes are just ridiculous, and gender of main character is shady...

Meh, still better the film!

Kudos to Graham and Paul because everyone who knows me, knows that I need at least one Paddington bear joke a day and it's quite a strain to always get one...

ROFL, great video. That blink button was just asking to be mocked; several great jokes came out of that one. Neo and John Travolta were great references too.

Well done again. Keep doing what you're doing.

"what was he doing down there?"
anyone seen the movie teeth?

Kidneys and two analog sticks. Genious.

"Sooo..." "Cockroaches" "Yup" "Yup." That really made my Monday. Though the bit about people ignoring signs was both hilarious and unfortunately true.

But honestly, why did they include a button to blink? Seems counter-productive to gameplay, but at least it made for some good jokes.

back with a vengeance, missed ya last week but another great episode makes up for it. loved the jokes about the buttons to control involuntary functions, had me laughing throughout.

Being forced to consciously blink throughout the entire game is arguably the most STUPID idea that I've ever heard of. I don't care if they integrated it into actual gameplay, as I've heard; it's STUPID AND THE PERSON WHO MADE IT UP SHOULD BE SHOT.

Look, you tried. It really did tickle my funny bone a few times. But that one "feature" just FILLED ME WITH INCONSOLABLE RAAAAAAAGE!

Who thought it was a good idea to include blink buttons? Seriously? Now the kidney-analog sticks, those are gold.

Hah the inhale/exhale and digestion controls bit was hilarious.

The idea of pressign a button to blink represents everything that's wrong with the gaming industry. blinking is involuntary anyway.

cockroaches....... yes I must agree. I had the same problem. But it was a good thing I had a flamethrower and a lot of bananas. But it took me 65 levels to obtain the flamethrower trust me it was a hard time. But hey I was able to blink at level 1. XD

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