Unskippable: Alone in the Dark

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Hey, the blink button is real?!

Wow... seriously? A blink button? Wow...

May I suggest something? Could you, like, instead of comments, do voices over or lypsinc type of thing... I believe it would be moar funnies. :)

I actually had an idea to do that with a friend of mine, Daedrick. Steal my idea and I'll think badly of you! :P (or collaborate somehow and get a free cookie :P )

Didn't think this one was good.

Wow, there was actually a blink button?

nahhhh, not Travolta, more a Baldwin of sorts..... mainly because he died.

lol pattington we stole your marmalade sandwiches you guys have obscure references to everything i dont know what is more sad though that you made that reference or that i got the joke

Were you guys putting on the gruff voice in the beginning because the main character is voiced by the guy who also voiced Max Payne?

The series had gone a bit downhill recently and I thought "unskippable" had lost it and become just a cavalcade of played out jokes.

But now, after a month there's so many new episodes and this one was clearly better! Really good stuff. Guess you can't just tear out comedy by forcing it like in the James Bond episode.

This one truly was hilarious. My best friend doesn't even play games, and had never seen Unskippable before, but he couldn't stop laughing at the Press L2 to inhale/R2 to exhale bit.

Ah, so now the mystery of what's behind all "Authorised Personnel Only" doors is revealed!!

I bought this shitpile new and returned it two days later and all they gave me was 15 bux.

About half of this video was making fun of the blink button. And you know what? I played some of this game. That's OK with me.

Cockroaches, definitely. But at least they clean up after they are done devouring you.

Whoa, fuck. Did you really have to use that blink button the entire game?? That must've been annoying as hell!

You have to BLINK in the game... What the Hell...

Funny episode as always!

do you have to blink the entire game or just the start?

Technically blinking is only a semi-involuntary, but whatever. Still hilarious.

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