Zero Punctuation: Bionic Commando

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*reads email in video* Sigh, I guess the saying is true. People are stupid. The believe what they want to believe.

The end of the vid makes me want to see another mailbag showdown!

Yeah, it annoyed me that just as you were getting into the swing of things (pun) suddenly it's "OK well that's enough of that, now wait till we load the next segment."

The loading stuff is really only in on the ps3 version. Plus its not really capcom that had the ads put in it was grin. Plus the speed of your swing is based off how hight you jump from and how far you are below the point you are swinging from when you latch on to that point.

I thought those "loading" red drinks were the funniest gimmicks yet in this week's episode. It's true, why on earth even have an installation process if it's barely going to help anything? We need to work on solid state systems again, even if it means going to 50GB cartridges again!

As far as the game and Capcom go, I just don't know anymore. Capcom is full of a bunch of silly crazy people who make crazy games that can't ever be taken seriously, and yet are so full of bad design choices and weird difficulty curves that it's been very hard for me to enjoy any of their games this generation. Dead Rising was enough to get my wrath, that's for sure.

brilliant as always, the letter at the end was hilarious. seriously i don't know how people can be that idiotic.

Hmmm, won't load or play for me. Odd.

No matter what anyone says. This review was perfect because of the email at the end.

haaa pepsi is 4 losers

I wuv Pepsi!
But this game has never looked very interesting.

Huh, if the only major issue he can come up with is Pepsi, then this review is actually a recommendation?

That was mean. Poor "John Sterling". Stupid people have feelings too.

A postscript scene following the credits displayed a brief conversation in Morse code between two unknown parties. The first, which was decrypted, reported the Vault had been occupied and the Vulture Sentry System had been destroyed before requesting further instructions. While the reply was not transcribed from Morse code, the decrypted message was in German reporting "Execution of Phase Two Prepared. Activate Project Albatross." hinting at a possible sequel.


hey yahtzee you're the choice of a new generation! to the max! zero sugar.

*sip* ahhhhhh, so refreshing.

lol, keep it up Mr. Croshaw. This week and last week's videos were awesome!

Actually I do have a neighbour that named her dog Pepsi and Yes I do live in Eastern Europe lol

PS Why does everyone use punctuation marks around here isn't this the Zero Punctuation section question mark follows

The wife twist is totally stolen from neon genesis evangelion.

For those that aren't in the know the kids that controlled the giant robots in evangelion had to sync with the mechas which were implanted with the souls of their dead mothers.

OK, obviously this was a hilarious review (needless to say).
That is not this post though. I just wanted to say that the "letter of the week" in the end was awesome, and it needs to be a permanent addition to ZP.
can't wait until next week! :)

Who is this John Sterling?


Commenting before watching means ban =P

So, now we know Yahtzee hates Pepsi. So this game is obviously a Pepsi vehicle. Surely they would get more sales if you could ATTACK enemies with it; that would be awesome. Seems like the game wanted to rip off Fallout to a point. Shame about long loading times, this is not prehistoric times anymore =(

Also, did someone seriously write to him asking where to buy Duke Nukem Forever?! I don't want to judge but how stupid and disconnected from society can someone get?!

I think; I hope it was a joke. Yahtzee even disclaimed it at the end of his review last week.


Poor John Sterling.


it is indeed a good day to be Mr. Sterling, but why did you never answer my question?

Oh dear, When I watched the end of the video and saw my name come up, I got a little scared.

I don't remember sending Yahtzee an e-mail...

That's right, my name is John Sterling. Not THE John Sterling, just A John Sterling. I would like to inform you all now that we are not all as moronic as that one.

I laughed more during this review than most of them. It's ok, b/c they're all AWESOME.

And Dr. Pepper is superior to Pepsi and Coke. Or at least Pepsi.


Why all the hate against pepsi?
I like it, although I probably just set myself up to be flamed...

But anyway, about the video, not as funny as last weeks, but still hilarious.

"Hookers don't wear suits of armor, except at E3" - classic

Are you John Sterling by chance???

Oh shit, they're on to me!
but no, I'm not.

And why do people get so uptight about soda?
Is it really that big of a deal?

I can't believe that someone thought Yahtzee actually had a copy of a game that doesn't exist. Loading screens are bitches and I now realize why my friend Robot Torg was telling me about Pepsi after giving me his own review of Bionic Commando.

Does anyone know the background song he used when showing the letter...I've heard it on a show before...a kids show I think, but can't remember.

The loading bit was HILARIOUS!!


Pepsi sucks. Tastes like dirty Coca Cola.

Yes, this.

The crowning moment of hilarity for me was when the local shoddy internet interrupted Yahtzee RIGHT AFTER the third loading-time joke. Accidental, but could not have been funnier.

Brilliant from start to finish XD.

The only time I could stop laughing was to exclaim "Yahtzee 1, Pepsi 0"

Great review! I checked out what the twist was and... wow.

Also to all you Coke fanboys, Pepsi < Coke, however Coke < RC. Yes RC.

Isn't this just Spiderman with a jazzed up robot arm and some gunplay?

I think I'll go spend my money on hookers and blow...You know what? Forget the blow.

So, what I have learned from this review is that Mr. John Sterling probably drinks Pepsi.
Now I just have to figure out why this is so important to know.

I like Pepsi. Eh, whatever.

Also, I knew there would be some idiot who thought that game would be real. Nice job showing it in that video and humiliating him in front of everyone on the Internet.

About that letter of the week, I so called that.

Lmao...Pepsi? I didn't no they included such things in virtual games :p it seems odd that for a game with biohazzard enviorment or futuristic things they wouldn't include anything unexpected lmao. Pepsi XD funny...thanks for the review and wow rly? U die from reaching to high wow that's pretty lame it's like...u can't roam anywhere *_*

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