Hands On: Lost Planet 2

Hands On: Lost Planet 2

The snow is gone, but don't think that means Lost Planet 2 is a day at the beach.

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Just as a disclaimer, I accidentally posted this in an old news post thread created in April by Russ. Here's the entire post since I can't be bothered to retype it all out...

Personally, I quite liked the boss levels in the original. When I first played it, it was the first 3rd person shooter I'd actually played since Star Wars Battlefront, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable, but there were always some niggling bits that I didn't like. You pinned them down perfectly here, so I'm a little saddened to see that some of the gameplay factors that made the original a good game rather than a great game are still present. The boss fights surprsingly were pretty easy for me, although I wasn't exactly keen on the whole 'stagger' thing when attacked. That made some parts, such as when you first meet and fight Basil, extremely tough to do (I remember a significant amount of trouble fighting her first time around). Hopefully by the time the full version of Lost Planet 2 is released, these gameplay issues will have been fixed. Sadly, as so often happens with Capcom's games, I doubt this will be the case. Still, at least it looks like it'll shape up to still be a good game. It's just a shame Capcom so often fail to realise the potential of their good games and fail to see how they could possibly make them 'great'.

I somehow missed Lost Planet completely, I wasn't aware of its existence till yesterday(and I'm still confused about it). I read the review from two years ago(thanks to Trivun ;)) so I'm going to spend the time waiting for sequel with Lost Planet :)

Hmm, I never expected a sequel to this, not to say I didn't want one though.

Two questions:

Is the grappling hook still a feature?

And is the co-op local, or online only?


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