Hands On: Rabbids Go Home

Hands On: Rabbids Go Home

You may think this is a silly game about bunnies trying to get to the moon, but it's not.

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I just want a new, authentic Rayman game, is that so much to ask for Ubisoft?

The Rabbids are one of the most awesome characters in gaming and I'd love to play a game that's not a minigame collection.

Lvl 64 Klutz:
I just want a new, authentic Rayman game, is that so much to ask for Ubisoft?

Yeah, I miss the genius of the Rayman series...

Haha, President Obama

Hell yes. More Rabbids please!

Huh, that's actually... very interesting. This may have sold me on the idea of buying this game (if I can afford it)

I will buy this just to knock them around it the Wii-mote

Its interesting they are starting to use different concept with the rabbids franchise. It will be interesting to see where things go from here, because if this is a success then theyw ill no doubt start to make many more different ideas

I hate rabbids. More Band Land and Picture City please.

So basically you're playing a Rabbids game to make it so the Rabbids leave the franchise.

brb, plugging up ear so brain matter no leaky out equal black coin sponge.

LOL, Obama was in a thong!

It pisses me off that (and I know this doesnt apply to this game) all thse Rabbids games have Rayman in the title but dont even have him in them. What the fuck happened to Rayman,he kicked ass and now hes become a joke!

I'm happy as long as this means no more rabbits in a rayman game and the rayman games being reduced to the equivalent of a party game for the Wii(shudders) and that it means the beginning of the good old Rayman series and gameplay, how I've missed to kill an enemy with floating fists...good times.

Rabbids are one of the few "childrens" video game charcters I can enjoy. They're cute, cartoony and insane.

For god sake though do not let nintendo hook rabbids or rayman up to the franchise milking/dead horse beating machine that spits out endless shovelware for the nagging children.


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