Stolen Pixels #98: Left 4 Dumb, Part 16

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Awww they should introduce the reaper in L4D2 instead of that stupid frying pan.




You know, technically, if you shove the Tank with a melee attack, the computer will turn it on you.

Just sayin'.

I've unloaded into a tank and then used melee in any crazy effort to help the poor survivor the tank's fixated on to no avail. So that's not a 100% tactic. Ain't saying its not true though.
And Reaper FTW! Even if it goes "DONK"

It might not be 100%, but it's better than your entire team just standing around like a bunch of tarts while the tank pummels you into a pulp.

And I can say, at least in my own experiences, that every time I've meleed the tank in the back while he's beating on a downed teammate, he's turned around to chase me. Maybe it's an orientation thing, you have to melee twice if you aren't quite at his back? *Shrug*

Why go after the tarts when he can take down the one beating on him? And a tank can take down someone pretty quick at times at any level (cept maybe Easy)

Yeah, me and my friends just throw the molotov and run the crap away. Even if you try to distract the tank, a single rock throw will knock out the baiter giving rise to the exact same situation. Run, revive, survive.

Francis the griefer reminds me so much of Richard the warlock (from lfgcomic), they have their charms. ;)

They might nerf "the reaper" in the next game D:

They what? I'm joining the boycott.
/Is promptly shot.

Shamus is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. An excellent strip, to be sure.


Shamus Young:

Left 4 Dead's flaming tank is a metaphor for life, really.

I thought it was BoC's advice not to fear the reaper.

Indeed it was.

THat was my favorite part the Reaper made me laugh so hard.


Now that L4D2 is out with melee weapons and such, the reaper against the tank doesn't seem so outlandish anymore heh.

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