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And Old Republic will be yet another MMO, nuff said. The one thing that made KotoR such a good game was story and atmosphere and the one thing that can ruin atmosphere faster then anything else is a largely retarded and illiterate community.

BioWare has already stated that grouping is not an essential part of SW:TOR, if that is your concern. They said that grouping would be "recommended", but it is not required to play the game. If it's your cup of tea then you can play it like KotOR III,IV, and V.

As for your concerns of atmosphere breakage, it doesn't take a lot of effort to ignore a PC text box. I can attest to that.


On the other hand I agree that Thiaf died with Looking Glass and inserting faux leetspeak into the title doesn't serve to contradict that image.

Sadly, I'm forced to agree. We'll be lucky if Thief 4 (I refuse to use the stupid leet talk) is anything more than a linear corridor shooter with knives.

Milo is going to be complete garbage, like you said its going to be fun for all of about 45 minutes. Its limited and bland, and most motion sensing games are. Yet fanboys r pissing themselves about motion technology.

Thi4f may be bad, but not quite as bad as TR2N, the new Tron movie.

This is obviously not Tron 2, but Tarzan 2, just with the A's having been taken out.

Samurai Goomba:
So, Shamus... Plug yourself enough with that article? Something like 90% of all the links you had were to other stuff you said and a good 50% on your website. Generally speaking, when people want to back up their opinions, they refer to the opinions of other people, or articles written by credible, mostly non-biased sources.

If you are looking for a serious, non-biased writer, I am not your guy. I do satire, Op-ed, ranting, comics, speculation, and absurdism. I am not delivering news. I'm writing opinion. Some people dig what I do. If you don't, that's cool too. But don't confuse me with a journalist.

Those links are not "plugs", they are links to my previous thoughts on the matter, in case you care to read them. Sure, I could NOT link my site, and then in the comments someone will ask, "Hey! why didn't you like XXXX?" Or they will accuse me of denouncing a game without playing it. And then I'll end up posting the link in the comments, where most people will miss it. And then someone else will post the same question, because most people don't bother to read previous comments. Putting the links IN the article is the Right Thing To Do.

Shamus Young:

If you are looking for a serious, non-biased writer, I am not your guy.

I'll remember that next time you post something about piracy ;-D

That stuff about the Jedi is a really good point, but if I had to choose between a world where everyone is a Jedi or Jedi suck, I would choose Jedi suck.

The Jedi overpopulation thing is something that I hope they have considered.

Almost EVERY publication of something related to Star Wars has SOMETHING to do with Jedi - and even those that don't have something Jedi related (like Republic Commando).

The thing that worries me the most is that players (and lets face it, only 10% or so players of an MMO participate in the forums / beta) will EXPECT the class to be overpowered.

For example a Smuggler and Jedi go into a duel (both the same level); if the films are to be believed even the most nooby Jedi can take out a few clone troopers (ie, EP3) with ease - so I would imagine that most people will instantly assume that the Jedi will win, and win without any contest from the smuggler (a few deflected blaster shots and the smugglers head goes flying).

But in an MMO BOTH classes need to be relativly equal. Yes its never going to be 100% but a Smuggler player should be able to beat a Jedi player (and vice versa).

The problem with Star Wars (compaired to other games / MMOs / fiction) is that they have a heavy bias towards Jedi. Yes they have other books and stories etc that dont centre around them but the majority of the fiction does. This means that the popularity of this type is much higher than any other, and although other classes will be played I would guess that upon the release of the game, a clear 90% of players will be Jedi.

One of the ideas I posted onto the TOR forums was to allow the Jedi to provide ALL roles - similar to the WoW paladin (tank, healer & dps).

This means that even if the game is overpopulated with Jedi, at least they can be 'made' to fit the different group roles and not over burden one role any never have any players for the others.

Also because of this flexability it also means that they WONT (or shouldn't) be as effective tanks / healers / dpsers as the 'pure' classes (such as Priests [heals], Rogues [dps] or Warriors [tanks])

Few probations handed out here to some newer members. Maybe said newer members need to watch what they say and how they say it, having an opinion might be ok, but there's a time and a place to be a dillhole and these forums aren't that place.

On topic, he makes some good points, but the MMO community in this generation of games is much less concerned with canon and being pro-social so that effect will be felt in just about any MMO.

So what? I'll still buy the games based on wether I find them fun or not.

And why all this pessimism? Maybe they won't suck. "Oh nos the makers of thiAf are total retards for using l337 in the title so the game must be crap even before I've seen any of it!!"

Grow up.

Good article and fairly true, but I was looking forward to Uncharted 2 and The Last Guardian so ho hum.

Shamus, you saucy meanie-pants, stop calling attention to these games' retarded shortcomings! That's not part of the schedule. Here's the schedule:

-E3 glitz, unabashed praise (but not enough to go around, so some neglect as well)
-Airheaded previews full of Photoshopped screenshots
-Metacritic says 'ho hum'
-Commercial failure

You're jumping the gun here.

Everybody keeps forgetting about the wonderful days of Pre-CE SWG, when you actually had to WORK YOUR GODDAMN ASS OFF to become a Jedi, and were rewarded for months of mastering jobs with a nerdragingly overpowered one that only a fraction of the playerbase ever achieved. The best part was Jedis were clearly overpowered, but still feared Bounty Hunters, who were tailor-made to hunt Jedi. It was AWESOME.

Then Sony showed up and the 30 or so classes that were set up in a nice branching structure got reduced to 9 classes available at character creation, with Jedi right in the middle.

Screw you Sony.

ROFL "it takes a special sort of marketing imbecile to adopt a pretend internet language invented by illiterate rugrats and then manage to misspell the name of your game anyway. Especially when the name is only five letters long to begin with."



Shamus Young:

Yes, everyone wants to be a Jedi.

Um, no. Plenty of people are going to want to be Boba Fett.

Everyone is not going to want to be a Jedi; everyone is going to want to be a female Twi'lek.

Female Twi'lek is the new female Night Elf.

Isn't that kind of the point of an MMO? The devs give everyone a paint kit and say, "Draw something" and then everyone draws pretty much the same thing because the majority of us are about as creative and original as a piece of toast with gravy on top.
Also, I fail to see how female Twi'lek are the new anything... they've been around since the 80s. How long have purple elves with meter-long ears been around?

Well lucky for me, the only one of those games I care about is Heavy Rain, and only in a "Vauge curiosity" way.
Thanks for telling me stuff I don't care about sucks.

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