Unskippable: E3 Trailers

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Alright, who broke the moon? Dammit, Steve, we only had one of those!
This summer....one man a bigger man a woman and a large mutated chicken are earths last hope
The turtlenecks do nothing
And her special ability, not dying while wearing half the armor of the other guys

were the best lines

Congratulations you've told us absoluely nothing about your game!

Seriously I hate trailers like that. If your not going to show any gameplay at least make the prerendered cutscene interesting.

Star wars reference at the end killed me along with jurassic park reference :D great one

Easily your best one yet. You guys are showing steady improvement, and I eagerly await next Monday.

As a player of Warhammer 40k (Space Marines), I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

And 'All right, who broke the moon? Dammit Steve, we only had one of those!' had me in a laughing fit.

Looking forward to next week.

"Now show us where on the doll the gods embraced you"

Another golden one guys!

Wait what? Final fantasy 14 is coming out?.... That makes no sense since 13 isn't out.... That is just stupid...

"Now show us on this doll where the mighty gods embraced you." that and the two of them humming the opening to Jurassic Park killed me.

"Boy, Three Dog sounds really depressed in his later years." That was a good one as well.

All in all, this really made my Monday. Great job!

I love the digital devil saga reference...

"That's the second pointest logo i have ever seen"

I also like the fact you branched off into trailers, which works.


"This summer....one man a bigger man a woman and a large mutated chicken are earths last hope"



you can say that again.

Wait a minute...How's that different from any other Final Fantasy?

Paul! Graham! How could you miss the most obvious reference possible?!

"You must join hands... once again."
"Haaaaaands across Eorzea...."

It's okay. I forgive you because you managed to squeeze in both another Three Dog joke and a Dune reference. And... how much more bizarre are the airship designs going to get before we start seeing the bastard children of H.G. Welles' and M.C. Escher's nightmares?

(P.S. Dear game developers: When putting together a trailer for your game, it would be helpful if your trailer did at least one of the following: Actually show your game, give some sort of explanation of the game, or make an iota of sense.)

I loved the Monkey Island joke in there.

I don't get it...I thought Unskippable did game cinematics? Come to think of it, why did they show those movie trailers at E3 in the first place?

...All kidding aside, there should really be a rule/law against video game trailers that don't show any actual gameplay. In fact, when those games come out, someone should sue those developers. You could probably claim false advertising and say you thought it was a movie. In today's society I don't doubt you could get away with something like that.

Honestly I think Huxley looks like a TF2 clone.

Great episode guys and seriuosly get someone to take care of those cocroaches.

OMG i know this has been expressed b4 but i suppose no one listened...
will you posters quit just Quoting the lines from the video???!
at least have something intelligent or interesting to say along with your bloody quote.
kinda pointless to just quote one line and that's it... we all watched it ourselves and we haven't forgetton the lines, thx much!

"it's destiny for me to go to Tashi (?) station for some power converters"

This line sounds like i should know where its from... can anyone refresh my memory? what is this joke referencing?

Huxley? There´s a game called "Huxley"? Now I can´t think about that without imagining Groucho Marx as it´s main character. That would be a messed up game.

Weird games (Edge of Twilight and Huxley are actually one and the same, aren´t they), great episode.

Awww, why didn't Vincent show up to watch the broken moon?

YAY! A Dune reference! I am amused.

Huxley looks just aweful.

"I'm invisible."
"We know you're invisible, Dave."

Dear God, I'm having Halo flashbacks.

isn't this the last final fantasy?

Bloody good show, chaps.

That's what people from England sound like.

awesome guys funny as always!


"it's destiny for me to go to Tashi (?) station for some power converters"

This line sounds like i should know where its from... can anyone refresh my memory? what is this joke referencing?

Star Wars. That's what Luke wanted to do rather than take the new droids inside and get them cleaned up.

Anyway. Out of these three, the only game I'm actually looking forward to is Edge of Twilight, but that's just because I've seen actual gameplay previews and such in other places. Out of the three trailers I have to say Edge's was the worst in terms of not giving us ANY useful information about the game. Huxley looked more ridiculous, but at least I can get a slightly better idea of the basic nature of the game from it.

The large mutated chicken line made me laugh too.

Good job picking what appear to be the most pretentious trailers of the year. Love the work though, always gets a good bout of laughter out of me.

I've actually never heard of Huxley until now.

I laughed through out the entire episode. Very well done.

That was awesome, also the blue guy at the end of Huxley had a monkey tag on his shoulder :D
...Oh! and,
Down with Twilight!
Long live The Strain!

Yeah Huxley trailer Baaaaad. yet rather entertaining if you ask me. Like some Action based amine.

I'm not sure why but i was reminded of Unreal Tournament 2004 when i looked at that Huxley thing

OOOhahaha oh man that one killed me...Best one yet, no question...i mustve watched this 4 times today...keep these up guys they're awesome!

Every single one of those games looks so terrible...

love your work guys :D

Does the Edge of Twilight narrator have a deep Australian accent?

*Sigh of relaxation* This is one of the highlights of my week. Love it.

Cokroaches. Yep...

So Edge of Twilight is just a sequel to this Godspeed You Black Emperor song:



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