Left 4 Dead 2: Why the Boycott Is a Good Thing

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All i can say is that it wont make a difference and when the game comes out half the people who said they are boycotting it will still buy the game


I'm not sure where you get the idea it's "self-contradictory," nor where I said it was a bad thing. I said it wasn't going to have any impact on the development of L4D2, that most of the support for the boycott will drift away long before the game is released and that I personally think it's kind of a silly idea. But a bad thing? Communities are being formed around people who are willing to demand more and better things from gaming. That's a good thing.

The L4D boycott isn't a community demanding "more and better" -- it's a community demanding that L4D2 not be released under the belief that it's not more and it's not better. The websites you link to are already negatively critical of the game they haven't even played yet. And there's so much falsification claiming there won't be new, free content for L4D -- even though not only has Valve claimed there will be free stuff, they've already released free stuff! The L4D boycott is toxic negativity of people banding together to discourage innovation in the gaming marketplace.

I'm even more confused about your statement regarding the re-use of game engines. The first part I can see as an honest misunderstanding (I'll cop to a little game-playing there) but this is pretty much completely random.

I agree I didn't explain that point more. Back in the 1990s, people expected games to come out with only a few engine changes. DOOM 2 and DOOM 3, for example, weren't compatible with DOOM 1, even though they re-used much of the same code and features. How much gaming has changed when this practice is so vehemently decried.

I'm part of this boycott. DAMN YOU VALVE give me what was rightfully promised. Turn your extremely repetitive and extremely boring game into something floor.


Yeah, yeah, I know.

It's better to be a fanboy and blindly listen to what developers promise, and then go into a complete denial when something goes wrong.

Right. Because, God for fucking bid anyone in that retarded boycott actually listen to what Valve says. It's not like, you know, Gabe Newell and Chet came out RIGHT AFTER L4D2 WAS ANNOUNCED and said they still planned on releasing new content for L4D1. That'd be crazy talk. Hell, they even hinted that they'd likely include Left 4 Dead on the disk with Left 4 Dead 2. They sure are greedy over there at Valve. Putting two games on one disk.

Spartan Elite:
I'm part of this boycott. DAMN YOU VALVE give me what was rightfully promised. Turn your extremely repetitive and extremely boring game into something floor.

This is EXACTLY what's wrong with the gaming community as a whole today. Greedy idiots being given an inch and then demanding a mile. It's funny "spartan elite", I found your obvious game of choice "boring and repetitive". Mayhaps we should start boycotting Bungie so they'll use all that money you people tossed at them blindly to actually make a game that's not a steaming pile of crap. God knows the gaming community has payed them enough just to get those God-awful map packs that aren't worth a dime. (coincidentally, does it not strike people that no one bitches about having to pay for those map packs that amount to nothing yet they complain when Valve makes a sequel after releasing a plethora of new content for free?)

That was really ignorant of them to do that. But Valve is greedy. Rather than satisfying loyal fans they want the money grab in a recession? Whoever is over there needs to get fired immediately because not only am I definitely not buying Left 4 Dead but I don't plan on buying any of Valve's marketing schemes from now on. I was just in the store today looking at Left 4 Dead thinking about buying it. Thank God I didn't pick it up.

They're greedy because they've made a sequel? So, wanting to actually make money to live on, keep the company afloat, and appease the fans that loved the first game is just a dick move on their part? Oh yeah. Valve is just rife with assholes. Damn them!

Elminsters Hat:
Sounds like 30000 people are whining for a free game and the guy that's rallying the troops is a tool. I've never played Left 4 Dead, but from what I read here this "expansion" is no small thing, rejecting that argument based on "they added a weapon to TF2 as well!" is just stupid. It shows that they either have no clue or, more likely, are willfully ignorant.

Yeah, it's great large groups of people can get the attention of game developers, I'm sure that it will lead to better games eventually, or better sales anyway. But this is 30000 people complaining to valve about them making an apparently awesome game that's going to cost less, offer more gameplay and be generally better than any game of most other developers.

Can't we use these new-found collective superpowers for good or something?

Likely not. Look at the mentality of the group of people you're talking to. They're bitching and whining about a company making a sequel to one of their favorite games. They vehemently tout that it's only an "expansion" and not worth a full release, ignoring the fact that L4D2 likely contains twice the content of the first game, even with the DLC that came out for it. They also claim Valve has somehow wronged the gaming community by making this sequel because the community demands they be given, and continue to be given, free content forever. (Ignoring the fact that Valve said they have every intention of doing just that.) This whole thing boils down to a small handful of idiots whining about having to pay for a sequel. Then, because of the breadth and anonymity of the internet, others heard about it and decided to join up (likely for shits and giggles). That whole "30,000" member strong bit is a moot point. Just how many of those 30k are people that just decided to join up for the hell of it or thought, "Hey, maybe this will let me get L4D2 for free! Might as well join up. What can it hurt?" My point is, this whole boycott is a charade. It disguises itself behind the banner of people fighting for something better and standing up against a company they claim is wronging them but in truth, it's nothing more than a few immature cheapskates whining about having to pay for something they want for free.

In the immortal words of the "internets"...

QQ more.

What I think is odd is how all the hate is directed at Valve. I imagine Microsoft has a lot to do with it.

"But Jim, Microsoft has nothing to do with developing L4D2!"

No, but they are responsible for the Xbox 360, a platform Valve tries to support. Microsoft has total control over how DLC is handled on the 360... and if they think DLC will be problematic for 360 owners, they are not inclined to allow it. Given the SIZE of L4D2, it would probably be hard for 360 owners with 20GB hard drives to enjoy it without deleting a bunch of other stuff from their hard drives (something PC gamers are used to, but which I think most console gamers think of as something they should not have to be bothered with EVER, since a console is supposed to let you play the game you want, when you want, without worrying about HDD space), and this would piss off these people, who would then, quite possibly, be angry at Microsoft in addition to Valve. This idea, of course, probably sounds like a bad one to Microsoft, and so they would probably not be inclined to allow this proposed DLC to be sold for their console... and THAT would be a much larger loss of sales for Valve than a 30,000 person boycott. While they could release it on Steam as DLC, they would get ZERO sales on 360.

Really, releasing it as DLC would be a bad deal for Steam and Microsoft (who ANY company putting stuff on the 360 must work with), and as such it is not realistic to expect that to happen. It's just not practical or realistic.

As for an expansion... it's too damn big to be called an expansion in any way. It's a new game, and all the similarities to the old game don't change that. It's got more campaigns then the first game, and people want Valve to charge LESS for it? Do you think I should get angry next time I find myself at McDonald's because I can't get a Big Mac value meal for the same price as the two cheesburger value meal? It's the same number of beef patties! That would be stupid. A big mac is not the same as two cheeseburgers, it's a new burger (though it still tastes like cardboard). The fact it uses many of the same ingredients and is handled pretty much the same way does not change this. This is the same deal. L4D2 is a new game that uses a lot of stuff from the first game, but it is A NEW GAME, and as such, it's ridiculous to expect you should pay less for it than you would for any other new game.

As for support, Valve has said they will continue supporting L4D, and given that the only dishonest thing they usually say is "The game will be out on this date", I see no reason to disbelieve them. Even if that support is just updates and fixes, L4D has ALREADY received more support than most games EVER get. New campaigns, new game modes, new maps. A lot of developers basically just release a game, and then occsasionally fix bugs, if they even bother to do anything at all with it.

If you can't appreciate what Valve has done with L4D already, I don't see how you could possibly appreciate anything else they could do with it, since you'd have to be pretty much chronically ungrateful.

How about the release so soon after L4D? First off, Valve ought to be praised for releasing a sequel in a timely manner. Hopefully that will encourage them to continue that behavior, which would be awesome. For another thing, there's nothing stopping you from continuing to play L4D as well. It's not like an MMO where there's a certain level of persistence to it that requires you to continue putting time in it to get something in return, it's a co-op shooter with short little campaigns that you can finish in an afternoon and do again after dinner. There is NO problem with dividing time between the two games, unless your friends only have one, which is a fairly minor problem unless you are so socially inept that you can't make other friends, so lonely that you can't risk abandoning your online playmates for a couple hours (in which case you need therapy because this is a serious psychological problem, no joke), or such an ass that everybody on Steam or Xbox Live prefers bots over you. Valve has no control over your social issues to begin with, so don't be angry at THEM for it.

The entire position of the boycotting types seems to me to be based on ignorance, naivete, selfishness, a sense of entitlement for something they are in no way entitled to (Valve could just as easily say "Fuck you guys, you paid for it and we're going to go spend the money you gave us on beer and hookers"), or some combination thereof. It's childish.

(snipped for length)

I didn't want to snip your post as it's filled with brilliant metaphors, but some of these posts are getting long (like my last one). Anyway, I'd like permission to post your, well, post, on the boycotts Steam page. Frankly, I think the members there could use a little logical slap to the face, of which your post amply provides.

[edit] I know posting on the boycott page would be an effort in futility, but if even just one idiot over there came to his or her senses and realized the farce behind the boycott, it'd be worth it.


Great article. I just don't understand why they couldn't put the stuff in Left4dead2 into an expansion pack.
The only thing it adds is new ugly survivors skins, a few new maps, and one new playable infected. The new weapons are at best just reskins.

Eh? It has more maps than the original, 3 new infected, and a freaking chainsaw. A chainsaw is a reskin?

If it shoots bullets yes.

no offense to anyone in the boycot but i just dont c wat yall are pissed off about like i no yall want more left 4 dead stuff heck im a little upset but L4D2 looks like a really fun game just look at it new guns that are pretty sweet brand new maps and cresendo events but i want this game

I don't agree with the boycott, I mean... a lot of people said it: it's a sequel, not an expansion sold as a sequel or anything else (lots of content, etc). Besides, the thought of boycotting a game is pretty silly...

I just wish they wouldn't change the characters... now THAT is unacceptable! :P
Imagine if Half Life 2 didn't star Freeman, or if in Halo 2 you didn't play as Masterchief... I think most people like relating to established characters, not jumping from being one guy to being another in each sequel :S

Apart from that, can't wait for L4D2 (and yeah, the name is kinda lame).

I'm surprised that no one(?) has mentioned what Epic did for the transition from Unreal Tournament 2003 to 2004. If you owned 2003, you could send in the back page of the manual to get a discount for 2004.

Considering that L4D requires Steam, it would be trivial for Valve to check if L4D is in your account when you buy/activate L4D2, and send you a rebate or give a discount. Console owners could just send in the manual cover.

I won't buy L4D2 until it's under $30 (like I did for the first), but with a program like this I'd even consider buying it at launch.


[edit] I know posting on the boycott page would be an effort in futility, but if even just one idiot over there came to his or her senses and realized the farce behind the boycott, it'd be worth it.

What farce? I don't understand the huge uproar against the boycott. I mean I understand the boycott, valve said L4D would receive TF2-like updates including new campaigns, weapons, achievements, and monsters, and then they didn't deliver and instead bring those things via L4D2. So some people decided, hey Valve thats not cool, I'm deciding to not buy your product now.

But you people who post on forums going, "Oh my God these boycotters are such whiners, what a joke, they just complain all the time etc etc" First of all, do you not see the delicious hypocritical irony there? Secondly, what the hell is your motivation? No idea, it seems more like you're whining for the sake of whining. Its not like Gabe Newell is curled up in a ball crying his eyes out because a few thousand people aren't buying their game and he needs your emotional support to get through this, seriously get over yourself.

I for one see no problem with deciding to not buy a product for whatever reason. In fact, you're not buying products RIGHT NOW :P

I definitely think Valve somewhat broke promises, and don't see why I shouldn't support the boycott. As for the real whiners in this case... umm... I'm sorry if its so hard for you to understand the simple facts but there really is a point to the boycott, even if it does get buried by the very vocal and very stupid 5% of the group. There's idiots in every group, but they don't define it, learn to use your mind and not be ignorant and get to the gooey truth center.

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