Zero Punctuation: The Second Annual E3 Hype Massacre

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man, remember when e3 was good?
wait, me neither.

i've never listened to a goddamn thing that comes from e3 because that's just them saying "look what we're thinking of doing!". When i see the box on the shelf, i'll give a shit.

Another Final Fantasy Game? X_X wth? I thought XIII was the last one they were going to do. Obviously it went to shit by the time X came out. I still say X is the worst of them all. They just took concepts from previous Final Fantasy games and decided to mix them into a melting pot to make X.

Then again, I still favor Final Fantasy VI out of all of them personally. Maybe it's because I think clowns kick ass when they are bad guys. >_>

This was really good, one of the best ZPs in a while I reckon. Yahtzee seemed relaxed, not in a 'not trying' way but like he wasn't forcing anything, wasn't going for excessive rage or whatever but was just letting fly in an amusing way.


People = Shit

That pretty much sums up the people that go to E3

Not quite sure if you heard what he said there... Everyone who thinks they're not shit are even more shit so that means you calling those who go to E3 shit an even bigger shit.

Hilarious. And I agree with FFXIV.

this is my favorite video of yours ever!

"Semen." A Seaman is person whose profession is Naval, not something that becomes encrusted in your NavEL. If I could tweek that just a little closer to Dr. Suess, it'd be funny.

Nintendo only has so many ideas per decade, and while I am certainly glad Mario, Zelda and Metroid are alive and well, where the Hell is Starfox? Ya'know the one we haven't seen since the cartridge days? Without garnering real 3rd party support and assassinating the likes of CROME studios who do the bastard-child ports of such games as Marvel:UA, Splinter Cell and all star wars games to the wii, Nintendo will always be severely lacking for good, adult games. Which is sad, because in the last generation it really didn't matter all that much which system you owned unless you were enough of a dullard to still be obsessed with Metal Gear or Halo. Games like Prince of Persia, X-men Legends and Splinter Cell were a blast, and LOOKED GOOD, on all 3 systems.

I know there's a lot more that goes into porting a game to the wii from one of its rivals, when compared to doing the same for a gamecube title. That's why (a-hem) you only hire talented people to do so

wait is'nt people=shit a slipknot song?

Personally I think Allen Wake doesn't look that bad...
That strangled noise was like the nails-on-a-chalkboard sound from hell! Well to me anyway...

As for Final Fantasy... yea, that was what I was thinking too.

oh i just got finish with my third Inspector Morse novel! its so good. I wonder if Anyone else had read them?

i love you.. seriously your reviews are spot on, your wit and humor is again spot on. im a big gamer and i was wondering if you could compare the new counter strike source to its predesessor (forgive the spelling..) cs 1.6. i would love to hear any review you have on it.

-portal 2 is coming out and i remember you said it was the best game ever and something about your eyeballs/anus if they tried to make a sequal or make something better. LOL

Wait, I actually said THAT!? What was I thinking.

Oh wow, he didn't say anything bad about Alan Not-Sleeping :D

You go Remedy, making us finns proud here too.. :D

Is it me or is something smelling of rotting flesh?

Ending was great


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