Zero Punctuation: The Second Annual E3 Hype Massacre

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Another silent hill? Why?

Good review, short and sweet.

Yeah, saw that one coming. Certain parts of the industry is going lame.

I haven't cared about E3 for years.

Me and my zero punctuation tshirt agree harmoniously with yahtzee. People are shit. I usually say people suck, but in essence it's the same thing.
It's nice to know there's at least one other person out there who understands.
And at least he's funny.
I'd like a side of fries with that too, if you don't mind.

I suppose the only thing better than one yahtzee review a week is many reviews in one segment.
Well done as always. Well, usually always. I still think I never laughed harder than Ni...

pyruvate dehydogenase it sad that i know what that is??

gargle gargle was awesome

Im suprised there wasnt a stab at the sony motion controls, not just that eye pet thing. And im pretty sure metal gear solid rising is multiplatform isnt it?

That aside, very funny.

"Oh hello again Nintendo, I almost didn't recognise you with all that casual gamer semen crusting around your mouth. What's that? Four new Mario games? Awww what's the matter? Your cool new mainstream friends starting to get bored and you somehow remembered you're a video game company, not Fisherprice?"

I owe Yahtzee lunch. That was the best description of Nintendo I've ever heard.

This 'un should've been longer. :(

Well, at the very least, Assassin's Creed 2 looks somewhat promising. But despite Peter's creepy-ness, I'm looking forward to Natal and the PlayStation Eye.

The Rockerfly:
Does anyone feel it was slightly rushed this week? I suppose he has got a lot of content to get through but still...

I agree. I also felt like it was more of Yahtzee working on a stand-up act than a review of anything. Still funny though.

Slightly more trollish than usual it seems...

The throat gargling was funny; if a bit juvenile but many of the "jokes" were just him saying "this will be shit because its funny if I say so" - is anybody else finding this formula slightly boring? I preferred his older reviews because when he ripped apart a game he actually explained why he was doing so logically. Recently the reviews were getting better; but just going through a list of game and saying that'll be shit, that'll be shit etc...

Well thats *insert throat gargling here*.


I wish people would atyleasst begin to watch before trying to make generic first posts that claw at not being blocked

Thats a little hypocritical, seeing as you posted before you could have possibly watched it all.


i like beans

Can you make an extension where you rant on the PSP Go and the wand thing? It would be so awesome

I'll assume from the fact that you gave no mention of Metroid Other M that you gave even less of a shit about it than you did about Sonic... Says quite a lot, that.

Alas, someone else who pronounced it "Nay-tal", just like me! Hooray!

Also, what the fuck? Another Sonic game? EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW.

we are all shit lol hey my shit don't stink lol can i have a shitburger with extra onions to go plz?

I wish people would atyleasst begin to watch before trying to make generic first posts that claw at not being blocked

personaly, natal looks staggering, if it works,
also their human simulations are still creepy, need to get a tad realer before id be comfortable3 atall...

But you somehow posted in three minutes, despite the video being close to five. Hypocrisy much?

Everything he mentioned will suck.....exept assassins creed 2....maybe.

That's right, knock 'em down a peg.

WTF is up with that PS3 motion controller? That's just odd.

Great way to kill off the hype!
I was worrying you wouldn't do it this year D:
Hope you review red faction next.

Alas, someone else who pronounced it "Nay-tal", just like me! Hooray!

Natal (nah-tal) is a Brazilian city. Microsoft names their projects after cities.

Excellent video, especially the bit about Nintendo realising they aren't fisher price.

Did anyone else think Yahtzee's gargling sounded like Murloc from WOW?

Also, I do agree with what he said about Alan Wake. Here I was hoping for a remarkable, Silent Hill-esque, horror game for the Xbox 360.

Now that I've seen the E3 gameplay, it doesn't look remarkable and it doesn't look scary. In fact, it kinda reminds me of Luigi's Mansion.

Oh yeah, and the new Sonic game can suck dick too. I actually thought that after Sonic Unleashed, a decent 3D Sonic adventure would be just around the corner. Instead, we have another fucking kart racer! Thanks Sonic Team!

lol, man that was funny, this been the funniest zero punc since valkiria chronicles review

He forgot to mention the new Metroid game.

On second thought he probably didn't care.

Team ICO comment + Sonic comment = laughing out so fucking loud i think my neighbors heard me.

Beatles Rockband and Assassins Creed 2 are the only game's I could anticipate for from E3, everything else looks dissapointing.

i like beans on toast as well

Anyone else get the feeling he's just in a bad mood? I mean while quite a few of the E3 shown games do look bad not ALL of them do. I'm looking forward to Assasins Creed 2 and The Last Guardian.

But the thing about Natal I completely agree with.

I notice he left out Borderlands...could Yahtzee be *Gasp*....Hopeful?

Or he forgot, that ones more probable

funny/insightful stuff as always

SO! It was hyperspeed hype crushing this week, eh?
I really do agree with you in final fantasy and last guardian fronts, but Assassins Creed II and Silent hill aren't something you should be pessimistic about.
Also, WTF was that s*it all about?

Funny... as I was nuking my lunch I was thinking about what game Yahtzee could be reviewing and thought, "I wonder if he's going to do another one of those E3 run throughs."

I also didn't find much to be excited about from E3, or at least nothing that I wasn't already looking forward to beforehand. Quite amusing as always.

I swear, he really feels the need to come up with more off the wall jokes (i.e. the throat gargling) to keep it fresh, doesn't he?

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