Zero Punctuation: The Second Annual E3 Hype Massacre

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Fantastic. Best in a long time. Btw has anyone else noticed 'gunslinger' has an obssession with getting into the comments early?

People care about the new Halo. TRUST MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Simply hilarious, I was laughing all the time. Just hearing those two words "Final Fantasy" makes me want to strangle myself too.

Regarding his last statement Yahtzee must be listening to Slipknot lately.

He failed to mention God of War 3, maybe it's because he doesn't give a shit.

I'm going to sound like a fanboy, but WHERE THE HELL IS GOD OF WAR III!?!


Who let the critters do the ending? xd Death metal instead of rock, eh?

I disagree about Assassin's Creed 2 - I thought that everyone knew (epecially reading the forums) that the game will be a bit later in time than AC1, but we didn't know if it was during the middle ages in Europe or in feudal Japan. Because those funky

looked Japanese.

This is (imo) one of the best ZP's to date. The rapid fire attack on games and the way he sounds so happy pronouncing the name of each game.

EDIT: I say Nay-tal too! Fight the power!


I'm playing dead space for the second time now. that pretty much sums up what great games come out the past time

It's important to realize it's not so much Yahtzee has logically derived the human race is shit from firsthand experience of the wide range of mankind's works, so much as simply because he's a gamer who has been force-fed so many clones that it has deeply jaded his opinion of every other human being on the planet.

Alright, now I officially wanna rip yahtzee's voice box out an strangel him with it. This is the biggest, most annoying, idiotic whine fest I've ever seen. If I wanted to hear a whine fest, I'd go to youtube or a forum. I mean, Jesus Effin' Christ, how full of himself is this twat?

While i would say this fantastic or brilliant but that seems to be getting a bit redundant. Also, mgs rising isn't exclusive and now I am cutting myself again. sadface.

I was hoping for some news on Heavy Rain. Anyone else looking forward to that?

The amount of sequels at E3 depresses me.

so some half funny puns of the game titles and some complaining about how people suck, with no actualy discussion/criticism of the gameplay we saw, beyond a compleatly useless mentioning that AC2 won't be in the future, as if the whole motherfucking "we need you to check if there aren't any traps waiting for us that your other ancestors set" at the end of AC1 wasn't any clue that they will contunie the story of his ancestors, oh yeah I forget, yahtzee doens't care about the story, silly me

given that he constantly complains about how shit game journalism is, he certanly isn't helping things, I know he is trying to be funny but using one of his own methaphors, don't sacrifice actual disscusion about the games on the altar of cheap laughs

That game definantly looks interesting.

ESIT: cock nuggets!!!

Funniest vide I've seen in a while :]
Mr and Mrs shit face XD

I feel that this review was a little bit too shallow. I like to hear why a game sucks, especially if it's a new franchise.

a really funny summary of E3.

but in all seriousness. why does sonic need a car?

on Nay-tal, I say that the Peter Molyneux endorsement has made all gamers suspicious of the technology, due to his terminal case of over-hype-everything-itis and his creepy e-son milo.

Nether the less if they enable its use in an RTS game that is good, it would be fun to scroll across the landscape by swiping your hand before poking at a enemy unit to cause lightning to strike.

Never did see the PS3 motion doo hicky (E3 stream died), must look it up on youtube.

I must say i did lose faith in yahtzee earlier in the year, when he seemed to be repeating hatred instead of genuinly tearing a game apart. I am glad the charismatic stallion has proven me wrong with this review and is back on form.

Funniest episode in weeks! Hooray the funny Yahtzee is back!

This is definetly the best episode of Zero Punctuation ever!

I couldn't stop laughing the entire way through.

No Mass effect 2?
No Modern warfare 2?

those are the only ones that i'm really excited about...

I'm excited for Halo ODST, and seeing as it wasn't de-hyped, I guess I'm going to get more excited.

Lol this one was one of the best in a while

This is the first time in a long time that I have laughed during a Zero Punctuation review. Sure, the ones that didn't make me laugh at least put a smile on my face, but I had the sneaking suspicion that Yahtzee was losing it. Not anymore, I say.

that noise sigusted me, but was funny :)

why does sonic need a car? LMAO

is like having a flash-mobile

so funny, but im still gunna have 2 hear my friends badgering on about Halo Reach, then i get yelled at when i say Halo 3 wasn't that good of a game

The throat gargling expresses my emotions for any Final Fantasy game haha.

I enjoyed the end bit where he gargled to his theme song XD

Sadly one liners work about as well for Yahtzee as they do for Nathan Drake. Although hearing him gargle the end credits made me laugh.

'Why the FUCK does Sonic need a car?'
cause nintendo needs the money xP....
pretty good ^^..
though i was Hoping For Prototype >_>..

Haha, i am still laughing, this has been the first ZP in months that has actually made me laugh out loud, i wish he would do that level of humour in all of his reviews, Mr. (Or Mrs.) Shitface.

Meh. When he goes on the bandwagon of screaming at nintendo for trying to make a profit because hardcore gaming is a niche base and casual gaming is more profitable, it makes the review bad to me. Also I found the lack of any mention on the L4D2 announcement by valve to be interesting.

Spoiler: he was choking on his own jism.

I would actually play a few of the games he ripped in half, but his cynicism had me crying my f**king eyes out...hahaha

I've been pronouncing it as 'Nay-tal' as well. Well that massacred all the hype for me (except for Metroid the other M, which I'm surprised he didn't touch...)

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