Zero Punctuation: The Second Annual E3 Hype Massacre

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No mention of Brütal Legend? I take that as a good sign because Yahtzee couldn't even attempt to criticize it, haha.

Dude, I use your avatar on Steam. Monkey Island-a-go-go!

I'm always glad to see someone derailing the hype-trains of most of these games, but it feels like he's grasping at straws on some of these. I don't know anyone, for example, who thought that Assassin's Creed 2 should be in the far future, nor do I think the setting would work well.

Ah well. Still a good watch.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time, although I hope assiasns creed 2 will be just as good as the first one, favorite line was "Why the fuck does sonic still have to exist?"

ha loved the back of the throat theme tune at the end

Sounded a bit like a Murloc.

Does anyone here actually care for E3?


I just rewatched it and remembered something: I'm disappointed he didn't take a bigger swing at Bayonetta.

Any game trailer that zooms the camera into the crotch of the female protagonist is a gigantic target for ridicule.


The Rockerfly:
Does anyone feel it was slightly rushed this week? I suppose he has got a lot of content to get through but still...

I agree. Dunno, but I found this to be one of his poorer reviews. For a once a year review, unless he's required to keep it under 5mins, a longer review would have probably been better.

Yeah it really was funny, he didn't get enough time to talk about the games to really make enough jokes about them. Oh well, maybe it's just he had very little time this week.

Spot on about E3 2009, I'd say. Funnily enough, this is the first time I enjoyed the Ian Dorsch ZP "theme song" - the new all garbled up bass line works wonders for it. Sure hope it doesn't change back into the "original" version next week!

Another E3, another slur of games with old tiles and increasingly large numbers at the end. "I wonder if we get the grappling hook or the boomerang first this time" Epic.
I too felt this was a little rushed, you'd think he would have stretched it out over 2 or 3 weeks, what with the summer doldrums.

People = Shit is exactly how I feel.

Now I shall express that with a strangling noise HUAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

best one hes done in a long time.

The strangled throat noise was brilliant

I have to agree with him over that expectations thing, I always felt that way. Whenever I get myself hyped up over a game, it's always meh to me, but when I've heard nothing about a game at all, I pretty much love it, even if it gets bad reviews.

I rather enjoyed this one.

The beetles bit in particular.

However the best part was the little imp growing flowers in yahzees mouth.

Oh that was bloody brilliant Mr Croshaw, good show hahaha.

"This is the first one thats bored me before it even came out"

Quoted for truth :P

T heir making another Halo game, yipee, oh wait the series died after Halo3, well, died in my eyes, I mean, Halo 1 was ok, Halo 2 stabbed a knife into it's back and Halo 3 finally snapped the spine after draining all the blood. Halo Wars farted on the carcass, now we'll have a new game to rape the body in a very necrophilic manner. And another Final Fantasy, how many near death encounters has the person who's having these fantasies had?

brill he lost it after a while but he got it all back in one vid very nice

I wish I could make noises like that. I would be very happy with my self if I could.

Did his throat noise remind anyone else of plants vs zombies? (this could have been posted already by my ADD didnt allow me to read all the pages... just the first and last :(

I don't mean to nag but i'm going to anyway!

I was soo hoping he would mention scribblenauts for the DS... cause that game sounds pretty damn fun... Maybe he didn't want to mention it because he was on a hating roll and scribblenauts passed off as being decent o.o (does that sound a tad unrealistic?)... Maybe it was because scribblenauts is for the DS o.o

Either way I hope he does review it one day..

I dunno if anyone else mentioned this...but why did Yahtzee not mention Metroid: Other M?
Yanno the big reveal of Nintendo so we could love them again?

er ye he got the metal gear rising thing wrong its not out for ps3 its and x box exclusive

Actually there are 3 ways Last Guardian can end. The third is that they BOTH die XD

I laughed at his response to Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

"Oh it's a whole new reinterpretation of the concept with retooled gameplay with emphasis on psychological horror...Actually, that sound pretty good, but I'm commited to this idea now so it's probably going to be bad."

Yahtzee does bring up a point (one that's more deduced than literally said) - there's really not a lot of original content out there this year.

However, I'm still excited and know I'll have a lot of fun this year as a gamer! :D

What's this, nothing about L4D2?

is there anyone else who just cannot bring themselves to stop watching it

Nintendo suck!

Wow, I think this was the worst Zero Punctuation I've ever seen. I'm sorry, I love the series, but this episode sucked in my opinion. No offense meant if you liked it.

I'm liking the Nintendo section.

Definitely the best video for a couple of months.

Ahahaha. Made my week :)

Please make Zero Punctuation available on iTunes Podcast!


Honestly, the only game I'm holding out for here is AC2, and I can well understand how Yahtzee came to think AC2 would've been set in the future.

Prototype *strangled noise*

That said, Prototype is a great game, and he's sure to review it. Sooner or later?

Great video. Loved the Sonic the Hedgehog line.

And I too am extremely surprised at no Scribblenauts mention. I bet it's because that game is going to rock with all due hardness, and the hype actually seems justified?

This was a pretty good one. I laughed fairly hard.

Still, I don't think the question is "Why does Sonic need to exist?" and I think it should be "Why does Sonic Team need to exist?" Honestly, if a more competent developer was put in charge of the franchise, I really think Sonic could be good again.

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