Anarchy and the App Store

Anarchy and the App Store

Right now, Apple's App Store is a digital Thunderdome.

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When you give gamers a system, they will exploit it. This goes for everyone, but gamers are already used to making the most from a set of rules, and the people who are used to designing the rules will be able to see even more loopholes than the average person.

It's a game on who can get their name on the top while still trying to make a profit and for a lot of independent developers there really is no bottom line they have to worry about so they could go as low as they want and still make money.

It's small development studios that have a problem from this pricing schedule of course the same could be said the instant any "top sellers" list is created. Consumers think that if it is a top seller it is a good game or program but that isn't always the case it's just the most popular.

Also another apple iphone article? Cmon there is a lot more pocket gamer issues on the mobile front that predate the iphone. They were not pioneer's ya know. That flag goes to nokia when it comes to cell phone games.


Technically, all PopCap is paying for is:
Designing the app (Paid for once)
Apple Liscensing, which is a percentage of the profits
And the electricity to stream it, which is very very cheap (about 13p per kWH, which is a lot more electricity than the app needs to be downloaded).

So the rest of the money goes towards company profit. To be honest, they could reduce it to about 5p-10p and as long as they sold enough copies they would make a profit. And that was exactly what they did here. They sold it at a lower price so that they would get more sales and therefore make a profit. It's an idea that isn't used that often nowadays for seperate products as it isn't a fail-safe method but it can work every once in a while.

Whether or not, as you put it "From chaos springs order" will happen to the App Store is questionnable, but one thing to remember is that the App Store isn't the first place to show this. Tonnes of other stores follow this system of chaos as well, where certain products get favoured over other ones.

"From chaos springs order", but from order can spring chaos as well, as the App Store proved with this issue. What it will become we don't know, and probably won't know either until it does change either.

Like I said before, interesting article.

I would just buy my own programs a few times. That should put it on the top100. I suppose most of the money will come straight back to me, so it's like paying a few bucks for promotion.


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