Unskippable: Haze

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Drugs make for crazy summer blockbusters, and Haze is no different.

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I knew this was coming eventually. Pure gold, well done mates.

Great episode guy, i love all of the references to past episodes...

Do I have malaria again

They do seem to get overly excited about planes.

Great episode.

Genius as always

Hehe good one.

Unskipable just keeps getting better.

Wow...that game must suck. It is basically a game of people who exemplify meathead gamers who only play Gears and Halo 3. Ugh...funny as hell though, but that game...bleh.

Dickweeds! What a lame ass group of soldiers. They just dropped that dude off and bailed lol.


First! I think...
Great video guys!

When you're over 45 minutes late, I don't think "first" counts for much.

OT, even though I haven't heard many good things about Haze that intro piqued my interest.

It seemed like a novel change to the standard FPS affair, having all the soldiers hopped up on drugs. It's just a shame that the game was crap (apparently).

There were 5 great jokes in the first 30 seconds; amazing! Free radicals, "present!", smog rating, warcraft, staring at the sun. I'm surprised, though, that they didn't jump on the name Mikey O Conner with a John Conner reference.

Lots of other good jokes: Scrappy Doo, "That's not my pack," "I could still slap you if you wanted," "Did you just order breakfast in the middle of this cutscene?", "I just had a really long blink," "I'm declaring this a boosh-free zone," "I had another minor stroke there," "A toast to freeing the hearts and minds from the bodies and heads in which they are currently enclosed."

And thats why Haze was game of the year. HO WAIT...

Ah don't talk about blinking :(
Love it now a days :D

Another great episode. I hope you mention Eyebrows and the Thugs some more.

Unskippable nearly as good as MST3K :D

I love unskippable

Wow, I think you set a record for self-referencing there. Not that that's a bad thing, this episode was great.

funny stuff, just keep getting better :)

hey a rookie! leave him to fight we have planes to stare at!!

I'm glad Haze sucked a big fat one otherwise "boosh" could've caught on on onine FPSs.
(do MGS4 next!)

Bwahaha, you had me smiling until 'Boosh free zone', at which point I couldn't help but laugh.

if it really was Diedrich Bader it'd be a waaaaay better game


XD great vid guys

I hereby declare this post a 'boush' free zone.

I think games should have longer intros just for longer Unskippables.

this has to be one of my favourite unskipables yet

Okay, I'm officially making this a boosh free zone.
Great as usual.
Great job Unskippable.

I love the boosh free zone! ROTFL!

Those soldiers were a bunch of boush-bags.

God, that is definatly one of my favourites so far. Amazing work, guys.

At first I thought they were saying "Douche!!!"

Brilliant. Keep them coming.

Come to think of it wearing a helmet in most games is the equivelent of wearing a red shirt.

BOOOSH!! arg damn you haze XD

they had references to Ace combat 4,the getaway and farcry 2

this was really funny I love the "boosh" and "are you ordering breakfast?"

man those soldiers love to get high. The main guys voice sucks and i feel sorry for the guy who's name was "wood" it would have been worst if it was "gay"

I'm glad Haze sucked a big fat one otherwise "boosh" could've caught on on onine FPSs.
(do MGS4 next!)

CHRIST! imagine how long that episode would be.
Also hilairious as always 'stop looking out of the window your being shot at, god at least put your helmet on'

Very funny!

I predict a reference to boosh in future videos!

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