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Anyone who's ever played GTA: San Andreas knows what I'm talking about: Supply Lines

RAAAAAAAGE! Seriously I loathed that bullshit mission.


George Palmer:
Side note to my story: The guild ended up kicking the asshole out 2 weeks later. Apparently they had had enough of his bullshit. Some people just take WoW WAY WAY too seriously. I still talk to some of my old guild mates, but the whole thing really soured me on raiding and all that. Now I play a lot of solo WoW with the occasional group quests and dungeons. Do I miss the camaraderie? Yes. Do I miss being yelled at by some dick head with all the free time in the world who doesn't understand the meaning of fun? No, not at all.

The guy should've been booted for harrassing you in the first place. That's not taking the game too seriously, that's being a dick to a newbie.

There's plenty of games with frustrating experiences, but there's two types of frustration: One will make you determined to beat the git that has been roadblocking you for so long, and the other will make you ragequit and not play the game for ages.

Tougher WoW bosses fit into the first, my guild took a while to get Ulduar down, the final boss taking us about two nights of attempts to get right. Other bosses can vary among different players, we failed a lot of Thorim and as a result i detest the entire encounter. Other bosses are so insane powerful there reffered to as "guild killers", in that they'd be such a roadblock for certain guilds that it would cause them to break up as the better players left for better guilds that had more of a chance of beating said boss.

Castlevania and Megaman swing nicely in the first for me, playing through on a first time on Order of Ecclesia has reminded me that you will die to most bosses the first few times as you learn there patterns.

Mario Kart can be bloody frustrating. First place, just a few yards from the finish line.... Blue Shell, Red Shell, Red Shell, Lightning Bolt. End result: 8th place. ARGH!

And any game where you progress a great deal without saving then die. This has been my primary ragequit cause over the years, especially if i've already completed the game and am playing through again to while away some time. It will take me a good month for me to be able to go back to that game.

Wow guilds, sooner or later, = bullshit aggravating as all fucking hell drama factories.

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