Zero Punctuation: Prototype

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prototype is my favorite game ever and is perfect in every way to me

Yes Prytotype was brilliant cause it was taking the now getting very boring been there done that sand box games of GTA/Spiderman/FA3 and bring new life to the sandbox univerese. Remeber sandbox has been around sence N64.

Which is exactly why I'm so bloody bored of it already. I maintain that it's just another case of "been there, done that", and that you're all being sheep.

So... did you ever get those pics you asked for at the ending?

I've never played InFamous but i knew that i prefered the look of Prototype from the trailers, even before i played it.

Gosh. That was funny! If inFamous is good in... well i don` t know story, characters and graphics then Prototype is at it`s best in fighting and gameplay. So I would want to the both developers of the games to join up and make "electricity using jerk-face who can molest and kill every one with his transforming hands". Now that would be a 10. Step aside GTA IV. Here comes inProtoFamous!

Zero Punctuation is apparently so popular that if you type Z in google, it's one of the top 10 suggestions. Not everyone can say that about their web series.

the two best one liners ever
emo peter pan
mr bean mass murder lol

No one Reviews games with this much honesty. and i hope no one ever tries to cause they would botch it. I swere to Fuck all, You are fucking brilliant Yahtzee. Now stop fucking reading this and go review more games!

Oh Yahtzee, you always make me laugh and this you did not disappoint me. I personally prefer prototype but you sure make some great points.

I can't watch this on MY computer because it doesn't work for some bizarre reason. And I gotta tell ya, I'm not too phased by that either. It's getting kinda boring. I don't really looking forward to some troll saying something that I genuinely enjoyed is shit because it doesn't meet his pointlessly high expectations. Yawn.

What a valuable post!

Good lord, this review was SHIT. It seems like he didn't play Prototype longer than three hours.

They do look pretty similar, only played inFamous though and thought it was very good

Brilliant game, but consider renting it rather than buying. Personally, I feel this game lacks in replay value, because, no matter what you do, the story and key gameplay will always be the same... now stop reading forums and start nagging developers to bring out an inFamous PC version! Single-console-exclusive-title-games are the result of years of perfecting the art of extreme IGNORANCE!

My choice is Prototype, and I will purchase it first. I will probably get inFAMOUS when I finally get that ps3 I've been harping about through two suspensions. They're both decent games, and deserve equal praise. Well, Prototype probably more so because it's available on both platforms so it can be enjoyed by twice as many people.

that was a great comparison, i really loved it, though honestly i personally have played both infamous and prototype and on the whole i liked infamous quite a bit more.

The mindless mayhem and limited skill variation (thus how few different attack skills there are) in Prototype just didnt cut it for me, whereas in Infamous the great story hilariously silly animations during the short cutscenes (you know the stop go hand movements...) and the overall gameplay variation really made InFamous a better gaming experience for me than prototype

"check out my parsley hat" sir, that's a capital idea.


as opposed to a man's bra?

I really loved this one.
Emo peter pan and mass murderer mr bean made me very happy. The 200 story building elbow drop on the frightened old lady made me rent the game

very nice work indeed, mr Croshaw.
Can't stop appeciating your work

What a review, this was the first one i watched

Only someone who's never played inFamous would say Prototype is the better game. They're both really good, but once you start shooting lighting grenades out your hands you don't want to do anything else.

I love Prototype, i would of bought inFamous aswell but i have an Xbox 360. I'm sick of all the exclusives PS3 get's >_<. Awesome review!

And to the person above me, i prefer to slam people into the ground non stop rather than blasting people with electricity like Storm from X-men.

I actually regret buying Prototype. For one, it was quite expensive back in the days (somewhere around $80). The bigger disappointment was the gameplay; it was horrid and repetitive. If you didn't do the side quests, you wouldn't have enough points to upgrade. On the contrary, if you did, you'd be bored out of your mind (like I was) before you reach the middle of the game. I stopped playing after the first Supreme Hunter encounter. Each boss fight was basically: run around and use your tentacle hand. The gameplay could have been remedied with a better character, plot or challenging enemies (super soldiers) that didn't just appear once every blue moon. Sure, I've heard people praise the Elizabeth Greene boss fight, but no one buys the game for just one boss fight; unless you get to fight Hitler whilst attempting to rescue an entire encampment of Jewish prisoners. Even then, $80 would probably be a huge disincentive.


By the way, why is the game even titled "[PROTOTYPE]"? Mercer, as far as I know, was the result of an accident related to the virus and is not the archetype of the virus as it was released elsewhere prior to the game's plot.


Oooooooooold news.

If you want to know the full story on that, go to the source.

So, any winner yet Yahtzee? ;)


"While he gets to fly by shooting blood out of his hands like an emo Peter Pan"

This game sucked so bad. I can't think of a single redeeming feature. Terrible.

Having played and loved both of these games, i think i prefer prototype a little bit more.

Infamous definitely has it's moments, and a truly awesome storyline, but i absolutely loved the game play of prototype above all else. It combines the awesomeness and completely exaggerated type of game play from crackdown, with the same sort of stealth that assassin's creed uses. also, the whole manipulation of guards thing was entirely too fun.


You have gave me the urge to play prototype again.

I don't know why, but I just love this game, time to beat it again.

personally I prefer the claws and using enemies weapons is kinda fun

So, the winner is the Game who's main character can be a better Drag-Queen O.o?
Well... if you're into that kind of stuff you could just check-out Deviantart

I think it was more a "who will stoop lower" thing.

Though maybe our Mr Croshaw has a thing for Queens.

Hilarious, though Whipfist is useless agaisnt Hunters. Plus Blade and Armor is awesome to the max! *Strangles self*

Hunter grab is useful against those.

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