Zero Punctuation: Prototype

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Hilarious, though Whipfist is useless agaisnt Hunters. Plus Blade and Armor is awesome to the max! *Strangles self*

Haha, awesome review. I totally agreed in most parts, although I never use the Whipfist or "Extendo-tentacle" rather than the Blade. Great job once again. :P

I actually used my bared fists more than the whipfist, which is odd because everyone says it is overpowered.

I agree that they're equally fun in their own ways. I enjoy them both quite a lot, though I think I like Prototype more for the mindless killing fun.

O great Yahtzee's jumped on the frigging bandwagon of hey lets judge these two similar games.

Yes there both based on people gaining superpowers going around huge sandbox levels giving the player the opportunity to go on massive killing spress BUT WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO WE HAVE TO COMPARE AND DEBATE WHICH ONE IS BEST EVERY WAKING SECOND!

One is about electricity and moral decisions and is an exclusive to the George Foreman Grill (i will never let that joke die) and one is about a pissed off lump of mouldable biomass looking for answers that anyone with a next gen console (cept the Wii sadly) can try. Now please for the love of god stop with the debating!!

although i dont own any of the games from what ive seen infamous looks like a better game, but as i own a 360 and cant get it prototype must be better, would be erm interesting to see MErcer in a bra..well i think the word is intersting

Brilliant, as always. Hope Yahtzee posts the picture when it gets sent to him.

Dude you're sick ( unless you're a lady in which case I apologize).

Kinda makes you wonder why he did the inFamous review in the first place. This head-to-head was much better. I would totally watch the Emo Peter Pan movie (it couldn't be any worse than the original). And it settles the inFamous vs. Prototype dispute once and for all.

Wait, Yahtzee... you're saying you never did... this:

I'd say that's masochism and a half there...

Really liked the emo peter pan line, great review again and what is with people and the magical first post what do you get out of it cornettos or something?

What's with everyone comparing inFamous and Prototype, sure they're both superhero-esque sandbox games but there really isn't much similarity

Can't wait for those pics, Ben! ;)

Epic! I want to see those pics!


Why did this have to be a versus video? They aren't that similar, are they?

Well have you heard the amount of times they've been compared in interviews with the designers before the games were even out?

Similarity aside, i wish i cared enough to actually buy Prototype.

wow, loved the "gameshow" thing, and the copy pasted intro. i think he's finnally getting back to really funny

I might play one of these games some time in the future. Although inFamous looks slightly smaller scale, it seems to show somewhat better craftsmanship.

That's the thing about Prototype. The story, main characters, etc. all suck, but it makes up for it by being such a damn good sandbox game. The last part about how big of a jerk you get to be is hilarious because its so true.

well, concidering that infamous is only for PS3, i'll probably get neither due to the fact that many friends have said nasty things about Prototype.

It was fun but yathzee seems to be trading game review quality for dick jokes lately. Not quite sure whether i like this.

I laugh when I see things like this, because it ALWAYS about the dick jokes.

lol at the "think whiny thoughts"

Can't wait for those pics, Ben! ;)

Holy shit your on first name terms, I've been on this site for 6 months and he still makes me call him master and sir.

And sometimes Daddy.

I hope the two studios take up on the offer.


Hey, I get a suspension and he gets probation? That's not even fair.

You know you were going to get banned for it and even put it in your post!

Spinwhiz, you have to come to terms that some idiots hold being in the first three comments ABOVE ALL ELSE IN THE WORLD. If someone was about to murder them they would sprint to their laptop to post on the most recent popular video a mispelled and inaccurate "FISRT"

On topic for the video, I was Hoping he would do this game :D

I was also hoping I could buy it earlier, because I was planning on getting this game earlier today, but I forgot about an appointment I had so I m getting it later...

Although the first time I played it at my friends house I DID say "This is alot like infamous."

Though I prefer prototype...

For the reasons yahtzee states. You can pretty much have a right laugh no matter what, eating/absorbing everyone and then stabbing their best friend in the face with YOUR HAND.

that was fun

Yahtzee should review movies as well since we would luagh so hard from how he destroys them :)

Good stuff.

I cannot wait to see the antihero images, assuming the studios don't waste such an opportunity.

I really hope he gets those pictures.

Overall, I thought InFamous had better story and character, but Prototype has better action. They're both good.

Wait, Yahtzee... you're saying you never did... this:

I'd say that's masochism and a half there...

I'm worse, I use the sick people in the clinic lying on the beds

zap to life
get thanked
bio leech their ass

Doesn't load...

Theres always some idiot who tries to be the first comment and gets suspended. In this case there are 5 idiots.

I hope some interesting games come out soon, obviously it's not yahtzee's fault, but for a while now, I just haven't cared at all about the game he's reviewing.
This felt like one of the drier reviews he's done, not much anger or anything, just a comparison of two games with a few jokes thrown in. That's not really a criticism though, as I don't really know what else he's supposed to do with the current lot of games he has to review.

*eagerly awaits the pictures*

Brilliant! Yet another great review by Mr Croshaw.

I wonder which developer will have the picture finished first...

I wonder whether they'll do it at all (I sure hope so, it'd be so hilarious).

Anyway nice to see this is a game Yahtzee actually likes, eventhough the whipfist is not THAT overpowered, the claws can kill a group of people at long ranges too (with the secondary attack)

He will give the award to the developer who sends him the best picture of the game's main character in a bra???

Sucker Punch, Radical, get to work!

I played this on my friends PS3 yesterday and will do some more later today (hopefully). It's not bad, if a little odd. Personally I just wish it felt more like grand theft auto. Sure, I only played 1 hour so I'm not sure if every soldier and their mother continues to fire at me even when I'm just standing around... but in the first hour that's how it is. I'm not sure if it continues to be like that, and I hope not. I just want to have some fun, and that doesn't always include killing every damn thing on the street.

This one made me lol. I still hate ZP so I give it a -1.

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