There Will Be Brawl: Episode Six

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Lmao...yet wow u guys put alot of character into ur actors I rly admire this and thanks for not giving up can't wait to see more, u guys are cool even if u never did this series XD

This series just keeps getting better. This episode really shows how far the story has come and how everything is coming together. I was freaking out when I saw Waluigi, right away I noticed it was Jeff Lewis and since I'm a huge fan of The Guild, and Vorc is my favorite character, I was pretty excited.

I love the combination of Satire and Dreary Reality, please keep making these.


That was more humorous than the others but the effects didn't seems as well done (the smoke was awful). But overall this is a fantastic series, my favorite on the escapist.

I agree. Also, there was a bad audio cut when Luigi and Samus were taken by the po-pos. Other than that, another great episode. I would advise against throwing too much humor in, though; it really draws away from the dramatic tension they've built over the course of the series thus far.

I agree ( to infinity no tagbacks) the dark humor with the yoshis were good but everything else seemed a bit out of place, especially Waluigi..

Yet another fantastic episode, finally Yoshi's! I am really excited to see what Bowser looks like!

Ya, It's Jeff Lewis, He also played as Vork from "The Guild"

this series is awwwwwwwwwwsome ^_^

I reckon the killer is that magical right hand thats the boss of all the smash games... or maybe... HIS LEFT HANDED BROTHER!!!


I agree ( to infinity no tagbacks) the dark humor with the yoshis were good but everything else seemed a bit out of place, especially Waluigi..

I was more concerned with the happy-go-lucky police volunteers that Mario beat the shit out of. The 'That guy is f*cking crazy' line just felt... awkward. Maybe it was just the delivery, but I dunno.

The ending, too. While it was really humorous, it felt out of place. But that's just my two cents.

Jeff Lewis made me freak out when I saw him. Love this series :3

I loved the Jurassic Park reference, it caught me completely off-guard, I laughed so hard.

I love this series. Its good to see video game characters taken out of their molds, and presented to us in a more interesting, dark, and witty way.

I look forward in seeing what ways they will take this show next. And its online videos like this that make me completely dump TV as a source of entertainment.

It's been growing on me more and more. The effects and the live-action seem to be getting better and better.

One problem is that with so many characters, I sometimes don't like the fact that certain characters have to be under-used cameo's. King Dedede looked amazing and we only had him for one episode.

I was wondering if anyone would notice Vork from The Guild as Waluigi! Jeff Lewis is a funny, funny man!

I have been waiting a looooong time for you guys to get this series goin again. This series to me is much better that apocolypse lane or unforgettable realms and I'm glad your making episodes for this awesomeness.

:D Well done !!! I LOVE this series...I think any Nintendo fan would enjoy these videos... :)

Eric the Orange:
OK, I absolutly LOVED Waluigi. Awsome!

Though I think mabey the killer is Zelda in her Sheik costume now insted of Masterhand or Tabuu. But I still think that there bodys are being stuffed and mounted like the trophies.

The guy behind it is likely a guy from an old NES game who basically turns his victims inside out. I can't remember the name...either its this guy, or its coincidence.

Loved the episode and the Waluigi cameo "It's a Mario party."

This shit is legitimately twisted. I love every second of it.



I hated the fact that Samus was taken down so easily, IT'S FUCKING SAMUS. She is the only one I don't really like on this show. However I loved Waluigi, I laughed so hard and loud when I realized who it was. I can't wait to see Bowser. Ganondorf and Dedede were awesome so I am hoping Bowser is on the same level.


Their not the characters from their own canon, or else Sonic wouldn't be in a wheelchair and Fox would be in his Arwing.

I thought the meta-humor from Waluigi was great. I like how he seems even more innocent than Pokemon Trainer, which is fitting as he is not a proper character in Brawl and only appears in spin-offs like Mario Party and the sports games. Tennis?

Personally, I want to see Samus get in her Power Suit and start kicking ass.

Well You have to remember Fox did have those adventure games so he isn't always in his arwing and Sonic being in a wheel chair I saw as a joke at the series growing old and crippled. I don't know, maybe I just read too much and thought Samus would have been the uncaring badass that is only in it for her own benefit. and yes I would love to see her in her Varia suit.

Those adventure games don't count. I'm actually pretty sure they don't even exist, and I've played them.

As for Samus, her entire schitck is helping others who are in danger. Several of the Metriod games have her fighting the bad guys because she found them and wants to make the galaxy is safer, seen in the Prime series, where her assingment is initially to find out what killed the federation officers.

the ending was crazy, YOSHI!

Come on let's go play some go-karts

A strong episode in a strong series. Everything about this, the writing, the humour, the costumes, the acting, everything is phenomenal. LOVED the ending with Mario making a break for it on the back of Yoshi!

More people should watch this considering the effort put in.

Great episode guys!

So good. Thanks for another great episode!

that ending was awesome :P

Mad Maniac with axe-firing chainsaw:
I reckon the killer is that magical right hand thats the boss of all the smash games... or maybe... HIS LEFT HANDED BROTHER!!!

I would've never known to suspect Master and Crazy Hand till you mentioned it now. I liked how Waluigi has some type of down syndrome/autism/mental sickness.

So Mario now has to bust his little brother, Samus, and Pit outta prison while reunited with Yoshi, Sonic Team have yet to be in an episode, Kirby is still in Kryghts mode(Bizarro points awarded to whomever knows what Kryghts are from), and Wario is working with the police. I can't wait to see what happens next.

The ending was hilarious. I have to watch there will be blood after this series is finished.

My god, I just flashed an image of Police Chief Link shouting "DRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAINAGE!" at Luigi. It's interesting, considering that it's a riff on the film's name, that of all the movie homages they've done, I haven't seen a single actual reference to "There Will be Blood".

Favorite moment in this episode: When Mario and one of the officers are in a standoff outside of the bar, then Luigi drags Mario away and the officer breaks down into tears.

Link is such a douche.

Now I can't play Twilight Princess without wanting to punch the screen.

If only this could hit the bigscreen. Movie makers of video game adaptations can learn something.

I never played Fire Emblem so what's that thing Marth throws at Luigi?

I never played Fire Emblem so what's that thing Marth throws at Luigi?

i dont think it was in it, unless its a Trap, but theyve got to walk into that

and who are the long haired police dudes?

Only 2 playable charicters not seen yet,

Toon Link

Though the show has shown no forshadowing of Toon Link. Though mabey hes Links insane younger brother/child, who likes to disembowl people, just a thought.

Extremely well done. You're keeping us hungry for more, and that's a good thing.

I never played Fire Emblem so what's that thing Marth throws at Luigi?

That would be a deku nut. ;]

A lot of people have mentioned Samus and how she got caught too easily so, I thought I would throw out MY reason for playing her how I did.

At this point, the whole world is against us. We are at a dead end. Luigi - who Samus obviously cares about - has just been dart'd and deku'd. We are all enemies of the city. What would be the smartest thing to do? Kill all of the people that the city believes are there to help and then try to convince them we are the good guys or head to the slammer to potentially save Luigi's life and have some time to think without being on the run.

Samus may be a tough bounty hunter but, she's also a pretty smart cookie. I feel as though she would know when to pick her battles.


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