208: Pirates of the Frozen Wastes

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it's good to be Greek :P

also.. Canada sounds like a great place :)

strong Gaming industry and easygoing anti-piracy action

I somehow expected this to come form somewhere like the Netherlands or Scandinavian countries

Andy Chalk:
Pirates of the Frozen Wastes

Canada's videogame industry is the third largest in the world, trailing only behind those of the U.S. and Japan. Yet the friendly, soft-spoken nation is under increasing pressure from its southern neighbor to conform to stricter standards of piracy prevention. Andy Chalk examines whether the U.S.'s heated rhetoric is enough to melt through the hardy igloo of Canadian resistance to copyright reform.

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"Copyright law reform may not sound like much of a minefield, but persuading Canadian citizens to give up the rights that they've enjoyed for years is a risky proposition."

I mostly agree with your article, but I don't totally agree with that statement. It is currently illegal for for the vast majority Canadians to carry handguns in the wildnerness for self defense against wild animals like bears. Granted, you could carry a shotgun, but that is pretty damn incovenient, lugging around all that weight. Which means you have to either incovenience yourself by lugging a big heavy gun everywhere, or go defenseless while camping in the woods.

Canada does a lot of things much better than the United States, and your right when you say we could learn from you. But I think there are some downsides to living in Canada as well. In America, there are less bears, so you generally aren't in much danger while camping anyways. In Canada, not only is the sheer number of wild animals in the wilderness far greater, but carrying a weapon for self defense is a lot less conveninent. If you are someone who enjoys camping, this can be a problem.

The average Canadian might not care about the right to defend yourself against bears with a handgun, but if you are a hiker who enjoys long walks without being encumbered, it would seem like a violation of your rights and very annoying.

Nothing realy changes whenever the government sets up a "study" or "consultation process" to get the solution to a problem. They pretty much hire a bunch of people they know to cushy jobs where they pretend to do work for a few years until they find out that their "data" was inconclusive. A fair read of the situation, as far as I can tell.

As a Canadian I personally have to align myself with the pirates on this dispute. Yar.

very nice article.
Very good points, i hope the US will get out of their paranoide drug induced minds, but they get MONEY, so .... cant do much agaisnt MONEYYYYYYYY.

Im from the US and I have to say one thing to my neighbors to the north: please ignore us, most all of our politicians are in the pockets of multinational conglomerates that wish to control everyone

btw anyone else not give a fuck about copyrights any more but used to before they fucked everything up?

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