Preaching to the Choir

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I think the main problem is people have stopped putting difficulty options on their games. Easy=new gamers Normal=middle ground Hard=hardcore. Easy right? Well, it seems less and less games have those. Also, one conundrum is that blood is a turn on for hardcore gamers and a turnoff for casual gamers. That's something that's hard to judge right.

Basically, the game needs to be violent but not too violent, have options for difficulty (and gore???) and, above all, it needs to be fun as hell. It's hard to get all those things right, so developers get lazy and go after one group. Can't say I blame them... Game making is hard :|

(PS: My games tend to focus on the hardcore gamer... sorry, I'm lazy too apparently. AT LEAST MY NEWEST ONE WILL HAVE DIFFICULTY OPTIONS!)


Whooaaa there buddy who wrote this article. You mean the balls to not give a damn about the millions of other fair weather fans who will not buy your game or sequels, will possibly burn it, download it, and then bad talk it online? You want someone to put gaming in the hands of the sheep? You sound like a wolf my friend. Do you work for EA or something?

Let the sheep play their Wii and DS Parker Bros. games man, they break that bad boy out on the regular. Let the ignorants play Xbox 360 that will break if you play it too long. I had to play Mass Effect in 2 hour installments. I guess the Xbox 360 is built to help you save on your light bill.

There is no complaining now dude. If you got the money, you can buy PS3 or a PC and enjoy hardcore games like MGS4, Left 4 Dead, Crysis, FF XIII and eventually XIV. Shit if you are really strapped for cash and want some crack real quick, the PS2 is still churning out games with a hardcore library that rivals Dreamcast and the original PS.

I know what is really going on. People want these hardcore super graphics games to be cheaper. Noooooo my friend. If you can't afford to pay the 60-70 price tag each month for the best looking games, then go play that Warcraft or FFXI. If you are too broke to cop a PS3 or a high end PC, then go play the Wii or PS2. If you are too broke for most games in general, go play Nintendo or Super Nintendo. If that's not possible, get on Google Books. Can't do that? Oh well, your finances and math skills are screwed then. Too bad man, everyone needs to stay in their lane from now on because hardcore games are for the hardcore who can afford them. Sorry if it sounds elite but it is what it is. Not everyone can be the Michael Jordan of gaming.

WOW your the type of gamer that EVERYONE hates...

1. Your a graphics whore that thinks being a hardcore gamer depends on your rig. You could be playing freaking CS 1.6 and still be a hardcore gamer.

2. You wouldn't know a hardcore game if it bit you in the face you didn't list 1. You listed Final Fantasy ffs.

3. Your a platform elitist not a skill and game play elitist. You probably get owned in the REAL hardcore games so you grasp at the fact you have a decent rig so you can pretend you don't suck at everything you do.

4. You shun new gamers rather then encouraging them to get better. Probably because your afraid of competition.

Stop being such a graphics whore and play games for the right reason, competition, challenge and to have a good time, its not a hardware dick measuring contest.

I agree, the term "casual gamer" didn't exist until a few years ago... I feel like games aren't about quality gameplay anymore :*( *slits wrists and puts on eye shadow*

Different styles of playing games, different games. The epitaphs my not be precise, beautiful or even useful, but it's no different than any other genre of Gaming. Everyone plays different genres, there can be huge gaps between players of different genres think of the stereotypical Halo player and the phrase "Frat Boy" comes to mind, MMOG and RPG and "Geek" springs up, yet most gamers transcend these divisions, just like most casual and hardcore gamers transcend this new division. There was once very little crossover between FPS and RPG now many games carry the rather unwieldy title "FPS-RPG", the same will happen with "Casual" and "Hardcore". It just takes time to figure out how best the pieces fit together.

I completely disagree with this article and it is not because I am a hardcore fanboy (okay maybe I am but its irrelevant ;)

I would argue that the "Video Game" industry is not longer a single industry. Even though they are both games there is a huge difference in demographic between an avid poker player and an avid Monopoly player. They are both games played at tables with bits of paper, but satisfy a completely different audience and a completely different desire for entertainment.

Translated to video games:

I love hardcore games. I love casual games. They serve different purposes. I play hardcore games to unwind. There is nothing more soothing after a long day of meetings then sitting down and blowing the limbs off aliens or maybe playing another rousing game of civ 4. It is a completely different experience then playing Rock Band and drinking booze on the weekends with my friends. Yes something like BioShock and Rock Band are TECHNICALLY both video games, but they are certainly both games the same way Risk and Baseball are both games.

To say that hardcore games alienate casual players I believe is a point unfounded in fact. Case and point: World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft did not grow to the worldwide juggernaut it did just by ensnaring "core" gamers and Koreans; it got there by being a great "interactive entertainment" experience.

You can not play a game like Mario 3 and say "why don't they make games like this anymore?" I love listening to Led Zepplin 4 and have been listening to that album since I could turn on a radio, but that doesn't mean that all the musicians out there should play classic rock. Its classic; I love the good parts, I forgot the bad parts, and I've moved on. Now you may say that there are still rock bands writing hard rock out there; there are still games like Braid; an "Indy" (I know debatable but lets assume for the sake of this rambling argument) 2d platformer that showed us something completely new in the genre.

I just finished playing through Might and Magic's 4 and 5 (world of Xeen) which came out on the PC in the early 90's. Yea lousy graphics, but great presentation and gameplay. I also love a game like Assassin's Creed because it looks great on my HD Tv and surround sound system. Completely different experiences.

To sum up my long rant on why this article is wrong I would have to say you need to separate. I love Mass Effect, my mom would much more prefer Wii Sports. Isn't there room for both?

Is there any industry so objectionable to growth, so hostile to newcomers as ours? We behave like schoolyard bullies, insulting the new kid for daring to come into our territory.

Yes. Comic books. I don't think it's surprising that the markets have a significant overlap, do you?

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