Zero Punctuation: The Sims 3

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Didn't quite understand the part about women at the end.

it was a joke.

It's fair enough that Yahtzee criticises women in generalisation, after all he has done the same to males in his other productions. If there's any rule for fairness in comedy, it is that all groups get mocked, rather than one or a few, and Yahtzee follows that creed in terms of his overall output of content. We can hardly expect him to slip in a joke against males in this particular video without it looking overly politically correct.

There was a social experiment like that. This guy had his university student take on the roles of cops and prisoners in a mock prison for an approved experiment.

Ah, thank you for that link. I was aware that there had been such an experiment, though I didn't know the name of it. Very interesting stuff.

Both Yahtzee and John Funk neglected to mention the additions to some of the already-existing content from Sims 2, such as the addition of another life stage (young adult), or the many many more options you have when interacting with other Sims and objects. Some big updates were made, like being able to explore and interact with the whole town and everyone in it. You'd probably have to play Sims 2 in depth before playing Sims 3 to notice some of the smaller changes, but they're there, and fans of the game like myself are enjoying their addition.

That's interesting, but the fact that half of the content that was provided for Sims 2 wasn't in Sims 3 was pointed out by Yahtzee, which would imply that he has played Sims 2 for a substantial period of time.

I would also point out that Yahtzee's reviews aren't even intended to be objective, being of the comedy genre, so expecting objectivity from them is not a proper approach.

Zero Punctuation's primary focus is not fact but comedy. If such comedy leads to some useful facts about the reviewed game, that's good, but really the series is constructed to make us laugh while criticising virtually every franchise under the sun, forcing them to improve under high expectations.

If you like the game, great, but if not, there's no need to rip it. Sims fans don't go around ripping the Halo series or the Mortal Kombat series because they think it's stupid.

I beg to differ. There's no reason not to rip a game. Games don't have feelings. We can criticise them as much as we like, and it's still not going to change what the games themselves are.

Besides which, criticism, especially of the constructive form (which, if you look deeply at Yahtzee's reviews, at what his overall message is rather than the statements, you will see) can lead to the improvement of our understanding of those franchises. This can mean better consumer thinking in the future, and better sales for higher quality games.

If you don't want Yahtzee to rip apart somewhat vulnerable feelings of enjoyment (vulnerable I say, only from experience, as he has made me enjoy the odd series less before) that you've been giving yourself by playing the series in question, don't watch the review. A review's primary function is to inform people about a game before they get it; if you have the game and already enjoy it, then watching a review is pointless. Yahtzee's funny, but not if he's criticising something you already spent $100+ on.

Fan-Tastic, I almost formed a blue puddle around myself

off topic:anyone else notice no call of duty waw review? not complaining but im surprised

Another great review by Yahtzee there I thought. Funny and it had enough vagina jokes in there to... *Insert funny analogy here.*

I see it now! Sims 3 = EVIL!!!

I just would like to know. Who won out of Infamous and Prototype last week?
With the whole other games main character doing something humiliating and sexy. :P

That's if anyone actually attempted a picture that is. :P

I Couldn't be bothered to read all the previous comments to find out if someone has put anything up about it. So if someone has put some thing up already could you reply to this comment or message me. Thanks. :)

I know Yahtzee has always been a huge jerk, beating games till they cough blood, but is it just me, or does he seem even more angry then usual in this review? Not even at the game, but at the world in general. I won't say anything else other then it seems like he did this review right after getting in a fight with someone.

EDIT: By that I don't mean the obvious jokes, ext, I'm talking about the subtle underlined things that I really can't put into words, though I'm sure that makes my claim seem like a cop out.

off topic:anyone else notice no call of duty waw review? not complaining but im surprised

I'm much more interested in the future 'Ghostbusters' review. It certianly seems like a game that can't miss and I think it may melt the cold ice block of a heart in Yahtzee's chest. Though, I'm seriously doubting it. He could nitpick a nitpick. But it would be cool to see him get excited about a game again, like back in his 'Orange Box' review.

Haha, I've never really liked the Sims franchise, it's nice to see I'm not alone in that. It's probably the absurd amount of expansions they keep releasing. How the hell am I supposed to keep up with all of those?!

I did enjoy the first Sims game, though. But mostly because I got a kick out of setting their houses on fire with them inside. Really, watching them eat, sleep, and complain gets old pretty quick, atleast for me.

Damn, I'm a bitter anti-social dick head etc.
haha, love it.

once again yahtzee u amaze me with u truthfulness over all games tht i have come across. I played the sims 3 for the free time i had for 3 days just trying to make the fucker happy i wanted to get to last point of my atletic carrer but it was fucking shit i started as a young adult and i got to fucking old to friking get tht far! the game was like a bloody fucking routine over and over again. So my point is ur right like always keep up the work it. U make great videos because nothing is funnier then the truth

I was really worried when I saw he was reviewing the Sims. I love the Sims, and as Yahtzee has a habit of raging on every game, I was concerned about what he would say about it. Not that anything he said would stop me enjoying the game or whatever.
Anyway I can't help but feel he hasn't bothered to see everything the game has. It's a little more demanding in some areas than the previous games so other area have been simplified. Also you get a free extra town by registering your game on the Sims3 site so there is more than one town. And Sims2 was just as empty before the expansion packs started coming out.
Also if he sets everything on fire then he doesn't play the game very well. I've got like six families going and I don't have problems with any of them.
Sorry began ranting a bit, back to his actual review. I really enjoyed it, everything he said about the Sims was true in a way, but that doesn't make it bad. Then again he never said it was bad, nor did he say it was good. According to him it seems it just is apparently. And I can live with that.

Could've sworn this was supposed to be a Sims 3 review, not a Sims review. Also, the humor was lacking. I was expecting something absolutely funny. Sigh, it seems plain vitriol isn't enough to entertain me anymore. Well, that's a few minutes of my life spirited away watching that below-average video. The only thing I learned about The Sims 3 from that review is the missing content to be released later.

I also found the humor somewhat lacking here but I think it was largely on what he was reviewing. When you get right down to it Sim 3 is a real mixed bag. To EA's credit they did up the AI to where it is a little brighter then a dead firefly and you no longer have to micromanage the little people to do things like take a shower or go to the bathroom.

If there is one thing that nearly all simulation games have it is either too much micro management or not enough management. Peter Molyneux's 'The Movies' is another example where instead being able delegate things to your directors to keep problem stars in line you have to deal with them yourself. On the other extreme is something like Majesty where all you really can do is place where your heroes train, give them upgrades, and post rewards on stuff. So you can wind up in situations with your heroes in one corner of the map beating up on some gnomes while you are desperately trying them to defend your castle against the attack of a huge dragon and his minions by upping the reward on killing them like crazy.

My little brother used to play the sims. He would come home from his boring day at school to have a boring day on the computer, it confused me beyond belief. Great review, spot on in all departments, I don't see the appeal but people keep buying the thing.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
The Sims 3

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews The Sims 3.

Watch Video

So you've suddently become single, then.

Fucking hilarious, that is all.

"Yahtzee, you inappropriate menstruation joke"
"more popular than a chocolate cunnilingus machine"
"absorbing our manhoods into their rank, blood-streaked spam sandwitches"

Top class Yahtzee witicisms.

Only one word is enough to describe this: hilarious

If any one didn't watch this, what are you waiting for?

Pretty funny, I have the sims 3 and never thought of it that way


Strong Intelligent:
Great, I'm a woman.

I'm sad now. I feel like I've wasted my life.

You have

But then again, i'm a man so... I have too

I'm actually a man to, I was just being sarcastic.

Disaster Button:
He sounds like he has a throat infection

That's exactly what I thought - hopefully it's not full blown strep throat, he won't be doing one next week otherwise :)

So, if you want an evil game, don't buy Manhunt, buy The Sims, and be the corrupt dictator that you want to be!

Yes, I have played the Sims games.. and yes, I destroyed their lives, though, I sort of imagined a Silent Hill / Poltergeist scenario where the house was evil and brutally killing the family I put in there, .. and incidentally any neighbor who was unfortunate enough to get caught within this horrible nightmarish residence. ... Call me what you will.

I never liked the sims for pretty much the exact same reason that Yahtzee showed. I found it to be a very empty game when I tried the disk of the very first game that came with one of my past computers.

Someone gave him an STI? Some kind of relationship problem?
He's a little angry at somthing, lol.
Good review all the same, funny and actually kind of true with the whole 'oh shit! I'm living my life... but not.." thing.

Manhunt rox ;)

I think it's hilarious how so many people think he was dumped. He was kidding, that's kind of the point of his reviews. He was also spot on with his review, the Sims is barely even a game. All of the hate and stupid responses are either by fans of the "game", or tards.

I never thought about picking up Sims 3 but now it`s worse. Pfft it seem that Ben`s good ideas are all used up. Hope he`ll make something awesome sometime soon.

Very nice review.

Summer games drought... to be fair there is Red Faction: Guerilla, Overlord 2, The Conduit and a few others you could have ripped apart

I've been waiting since Red Faction: Guerilla came out for him to review it. He could of even done it instead of the pointless E3 thing. On topic: I loved the way he said that you end up being the one serving them and your whole life is then devoted to their every whim. That sums up the feeling I have had from playing every Sims Game.

"EA isn't stupid, they're just greedy exploititive fucks"

Hell yes. Never pay for an EA game.



off topic:anyone else notice no call of duty waw review? not complaining but im surprised

I'm much more interested in the future 'Ghostbusters' review. It certianly seems like a game that can't miss and I think it may melt the cold ice block of a heart in Yahtzee's chest. Though, I'm seriously doubting it. He could nitpick a nitpick. But it would be cool to see him get excited about a game again, like back in his 'Orange Box' review.

thats true he does deserve to not suffer for a couple of days

I liked this. It had enough inappropriate menstruation and vagina jokes. And Yahtzee is correct about women. True men know their hidden nature, and the rest are just lucky and wander around in post-coital bliss. But don't worry Yahtzee, there's plenty of pussy in the sea and it's probably very wet.
As for the Sims - yes, it is indeed an evil game. I spent my share of time with Sims 2 and it was mostly because I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and to see everything that you can do in the game. Once you see it all, you realize that it's just an elaborate virtual doll-house filled with castrated and inept obeying men. That's why women like it so much. It makes them fulfill their men-controlling fantasies, without the danger of being told to fuck off.

"...the most evil game in the world."
Perfect, I totally agree.

A thought though, do you really want to play Ghostbusters? With all that's going on with it, (Atari refusing to fix glitches/bugs, placing the blame on Sony, all the threats of class-action law suits, the formal complaints filed with the Better Business Bureou and the UK counterpart).

Since I don't want to read through the eleven pages of posts I will simply reply off the first page.

The Sims games were only fun when you can cause natural disasters and summon giant space spider robots. Making Sims games imitate real life is boring and similar to watching Niko Bellic watching tv in GTA 4. I'm sure it may be fun for some but I will never find out.

The thing I hate most about the sim's 3 is the store.
A 45 more items to decorate my house with great. It only $20 F@#$ing. It's not like my mortgage was that important anyway.

Summer games drought... to be fair there is Red Faction: Guerilla, Overlord 2, The Conduit and a few others you could have ripped apart

Red Faction doesn't have an Australian release date.
Overlord 2 comes out July 9th.
The Conduit, July 16th.


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