Unforgotten Realms: Sir Schmoopy and the Philosopher's Shiny Rocks

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um...was this week the season ending? if so that was a short season, if not, then where's my episode!? just like hamster of dawn said, you sometimes need a break, but no heads up? come on,rob. come on.

Thanks for the link to the explaination Delmar Wynn


Just had a thought.. think u could move the show to Tuesday releases say around patch o'clock??

Went of UFR for abit, but now that the episodes are a good length again things are getting fun again. I hope Roamin makes a return.

i just gotta ask why pinmissle? is there something specifically evil about pinmissile?

haha whers the art of making buttons that make sounds next to doors class?

haha wheres the art of making bells next to doors class? i couldnt remember the whole long name

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