Unskippable: Bionic Commando

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It looks like you're joining Yahtzee on my "videos not to watch while I'm eating something" list. Damn near choked on my sandwich at the "armistice" gag. You guys really hit your flow again this week- the MST3K crew would be proud.

Just don't ever do that again, or I'll bring you up on charges for violating the Geneva convention on cruel and inhuman PUNishment. And they'll certainly hand you out a heavy sentence!


You guys rule.

cant HANDel any more arm jokes.
Was one of the best episodes so far!

The arm puns. Awsome.

haha, that was great

You guys are great. :)


The arm jokes probably put this video in your top 5 without breaking a sweat!

Good times!



And the Wilhelm scream in the background...

actually, that was part of the cutscene itself, i played the game, the guy fell into the engine, i laughed.

Yeah, I know. It was just something I didn't expect to hear ;)

yeah :D, it brightend up the cutscene a little untill they stuffed his arm into a capsule instead of just giving the damn thing to him.

quick question, was this game made by japanese game makers?
a few of them tend to follow the "impossible moon logic" approach to things.
if not, i bet the guy that came up with that idea was either trying to be a dick, he succeeded but still, or he was one of those few game makers that follow impossible to understand logic

Oh god, the puns... The puns... It should be a crime...

I thought I was watching an episode of Doomsday Arcade!

I love puns, I'm horrible like that.

Clearly a case of set phasers to pun.
Loved the happy smiley plane too.

Steve Blum's credits as everyone keeps mentioning him.

Just noticed that Nathan Spencer is in fact 'The Darkness' aka Mike Patton aswell.

I died with all the arm puns. Another great episode guys!

At the very least, I counted sixteen arm puns in there. Sixteen of them!

When he had the Orange Shirt guy, you could've been like "Your end is at hand."

Because I don't think that was in the video...

Oh the humanity, the puns...the puns! My hand will never be the same again.

Bahahah. I am a fan of puns so to me this was just pure gold. Loved it very very much.

Capcom futures was a good take on a presents from Capcom joke.
The Mortal Kombat reference was spot on. Overall, pretty good.

"You can't begin at the end, that's terrible narrative flow."

Well it's obvious two certain somebodies never saw Memento! =o

I was disarmed by the wit and flair of the humour, positively a pun Armageddon.

Well done boyos.

So... Many... Puns... great work guys :P

"You can't begin at the end, that's terrible narrative flow."

Well it's obvious two certain somebodies never saw Memento! =o

I love Memento.
But you can't really claim it flowed smoothly, being as it was intentionally jarring.

As an unrelated aside: I'm really sorry we couldn't use "ruling with an iron fist" anywhere.

I loved the arm/hand puns. Every single one of them cracked me up.
And that Wilhelm scream was a bit pointless.

There was a bit of an arms race in that vid... *sighs*

Definitely one of their funniest :)

Another wonderful episode of the Unskippable. Although I have to admit the intro itself wasn't to bad at all. It actually was pretty good in my opinion :p

Blimeh... that was annoying...

Great stuff, as always :) Loved the ending bit XD Would quote but it's probably been quoted a thousand times already...

Ow! The Puns! I just can't handle them all.


The arm puns were the best, cheesy but funny as hell.

I made it through 30 seconds - just plain awful. I thought I'd give these monkeys another shot since every goon on here jizzes all over him/herself when talking about Unskippable; I just don't get it.

Haha oh wow so many puns

This is probably my favourite episode now alongside Dead Rising, pure gold as always

hehe nice one

This episode single-handedly proves that there is still a place for bad one-liners in comedy.

EDIT: you could say the episode was... punderful


Ow! The Puns! I just can't handle them all.


But of course.

The narrator was Steve Blum (Spike from Bebop, Vincent from FF7) "I've got to stop Metal Gear."

That stupid plane...who the hell designed those? Barney?

I think it was supposed to be a GRIN reference.

wow another gr8 video i luve the puns gr8 work

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