Unskippable: Bionic Commando

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I was hoping for more groan-inducing arm puns than that. Oh well.

Absolutely brilliant. I've got to hand it to you!

...oh God. I'm so sorry. *grins*

They should of had a pun relating to the "army" but it was a great episode anyway.

That reference to the 'Wilhelm scream' made me laugh for whole remainder of the video.
Thanks guys!

"Better hope my arm doesn't get tired or i'll switch to the other one"


"Just ignore Wilhelm back there. No one likes him much anyway."

Ha ha. That deserves a "boosh".

"I could really use an armchair" got me. :D

Here's hoping for more games with easily accessible puns.

Best use of puns in a long time.

The one arm up for yes two arms for no was the greatest bit of the episode though.

I think the episode lacked puns... and I don't what's funnier, the fact that the Willhelm Yell was in the game or the joke they made of it...

Was I the only one who thought the balding Orange-Shirt guy (0:17/4:33) looked like an aged Gordon Freeman? :P (Heck, all the Orange Suits look like the HEV Suit.. :P)

Sanity For Sale:
One day I would like to see them do a MASSIVE episode. Like all of the cutscenes in a game or something. I don't care how impossible, I can dream.

Unskippable, The Movie!

The arm puns = pure win!

I got it from a second hand shop.

ah so many unskippables...it's great =)

I just remembered several games I have containing unskippable cutscenes (including, of course, Halo 3 to name one obvious contender)

Good gracious, that's more puns than I hear on a day I spend with my dad, and he's infamous...

Still, solid episode =)

I've got some more: Arm & Hammer, Handrail, Hand Signals, Hand Up, Hand out, Hand over fist.
Good work guys.

"An Armistice?"

That was a shit load of arm jokes XD

Oh, and "FMA" much?

So many hand jokes so little time . . . thank Gods they ran out of cut-scenes


oh, so it was you guys who put GRIN out of business with your crack about their silly name! jerks.

captcha: Molecular oorsiti. Sounds like a primal soup! (get it? corzetti? er nevermind)

I liked the part where they made the arm jokes.

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