Zero Punctuation: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Speaking of old, recycled crap, is there an ETA yet on some new material, Yahtzee?


Nice critique, I've been debating about getting this...

On another note, the crossword-style word jumbles are getting more and more crazy (read: impossible to follow), but, you know, in a good way.

Buy it. It's an amazing game. Yahtzee review was terribly off base I'm afraid.

That he is off-base isn't much of a surprise... I find it best to take his reviews as all of the things that are wrong with a game, rather than a definitive 'good game or bad' type review

Yahtzee has done it again. He has taken a perfectly inoccent game and made you want to stick your left hand in a mincer and turn it with your right hand just to get away from the Blasted thing.

Okay just finished playing this myself, and I have to say something that wasn't mentioned at all, is there are a couple of levels that are incredibly well designed, and some things you'll actually take a second to stop and look at. I agree the game play gets repetitive and there aren't any puzzles that will throw even an inexperienced player for a curve. It's playable though. Certainly not a great game, but at the same time easily playable.

He just got done bashing the game that should probably win GotY... Oh well, you can't expect Yahtzee to actually give a real review. But seriously if it's not going to be a real review then at least make it clever. In all of these reviews it seems that the level of perversion increases depending on how much he actually wants to talk about the game.

In short the only real complaint for this game is that it's short. You can beat it in roughly an hour and a half to two hours if you know what you're doing. Which is how the game was designed. It's the length of a feature length film.

In conclusion, this game is a movie you play through.

Well, I finally played the demo and later on rented the full version. In all honesty, Ghostbusters is a good game; certainly much better than just about every other crappy movie game that has come out. I'm glad I finally gave it a chance rather than just assuming it was just another crappy movie game.

My only two complaints are the slow loading times after you die, and the check point save system. But other than that, the game play is pretty solid and I must say I'm quite surprised. Graphics and sound aren't bad either.

Another small complaint I guess is that the game is kind of short. But its definitely worth a rental at the least.

James Rolfe (a.k.a. the Angry Video Game Nerd) likes this game, actually:

Although it isn't the AVGN who reviews the game, it's James Rolfe as himself.

This review proves once and for all that yahtzee is a well paid troll, c'mon man if you cant at least have fun with theis game your just dead inside.

This game was so bloody quick to complete.. though most of the game i was drawing things on the walls and floors with my lazors!!!

Well fuck, Ben's totally right. Games are harder to make and when made well, far more engaging than any movie could ever be. Fuck Hollywood. Stop trying to stupidly to make games.

I recently played this game and while I admit i'd probably never have played it unless my friend recommended it and lent it to me I enjoyed it very much. Offcourse, im born in the 80's so things like ghostbusters have been a solid staple of my youth. This game brought back many, many good memories. I forgot how awesome the ecto-1 was untill I heard the sirens again. And how scary the library ghost was.

I should get used to it by now. the fact that Yahtzee never bothers to at multiplayer, I mean. But its a shame because the multiplayer is actually pretty good. Up to 4 players can play together as 1 of the 5 ghostbusters (including "Rookie" the player character, who looks alot like me only I have a manlier jawline.)

The Ultimate Yahtzee Drinking Game
Everytime he mentions or hints at (verbally or visually) a hand job or a blow job, drink.

i hate the stupid adverts, just to let you know, escapist

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