Zero Punctuation: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Epic, as always. I like the massive queue of ghosts waiting to be caught, that was funny.

One too many dick jokes methinks, otherwise this was a quality video.

It's not a review you understand, but still entertaining. Everyone else seems to be loving this game, and quite frankly I was going to give it a spin whether you liked it or not, but thanks for the heads up on a few things...

LOL one of the best reviews for a while

Ah, love the hate for the masses. Good review, disappointment never leaves him alone it seems.

Such a good point about the uselessness of bringing in movie-types to 'validate' a videogame. It really is a pointless exercise which leaves everyone except the PR people wondering...WTF?

I reckon Yahtzee liked the game!


I normally don't comment on these things, especially not since by the time I get around to watching the vids the discussion has gone on to page bazillion and noone's going to give a damn about what I write or even read it at all to begin with, but there's something in today's vid that pissed me off (apart from being substandard in the funny department but they can't all be gems, can they).

It's the Movie: 2 hours, Game: 10 hours thing. Ten hours, what the bleep? Is that considered standard now? I know games have been getting shorter these days, but I'd never buy a game that lasts for only 10 hours. I wouldn't even get out of bed for a 10-hour game. If the main game is 10 hours but has awesome replay value, or has a great online mode that can keep me occupied as long as I've got people to play against, the pathetic length of the game can be forgiven, but Ghostbusters doesn't seem to have either, as far as I can tell from the vid...

I live in Britain, so it's gonna be months before I actually get to play the game. Still hopeful, really liked the movies. And Gears of War.

I found it funny that you said you had to whittle away every ghost and then fight over the traps, yet early on you can purchase the Slam Dunk trap and later you can just use the slime tether to capture a fully healed ghost. Super easy.

the game wasn't bad, there are very minor issues with it such as Egon or ray will bug you not to cross the streams, or how your upgrades just magically appear during your missions(not the ones you purchase). But overall GB is one the few games in awhile that I had fun playing.

Thank you Mr. Croshaw, for doing what you do each week.

this game was garbage, the ending was crap and the "aiming" system if thats what you want to call it was incredibly off, weve seen dumb and bad ai but wow, just wow. im a huge ghostbusters fan always have been and i was really looking forward to this.

Knew you would complain about the AI. Although is there any game except Left 4 Dead where you cannot complain about the AI?

Oh I complain about the AI in that game too. That said it is the best AI we currently have, if I'm willing to use the term AI as loosely as everyone else around here does...

My only real complaint in left 4 dead is that the 'AI' should act like the old Military guy is the leader no matter who you play as because it's annoying to have to lead them around every time.

Hmm, alot of cock related humor in that review, either sucking off or jerking, that must mean something but damn if I bloody care to think about it.. Ah well. I'm not impressed by Ghostbusters as a game anyway.

Hmm, it seems these days that Yahtzee seems to be dedicating more effort to creating 'funny' insults than actually playing the games and providing a useful critique.

In my mind a review should give the listener/reader a vision of what the game is like and whether it is worth buying. This review didn't give me that at all - it just seemed a jumble of precompiled insults and shock elements purely for self-gratification of the reviewer. I can almost hear Yahtzee masterbating furiously at his own cleverness while editing the piece together.

p.s. I really don't care about the game, before someone cries fanboy... but I do care about reviewers having a genuine interest in reviewing rather than basking in their own humour.

you do know ZERO PUNCTUATION isnt a "proper" review? they never have been.

what yahtzee tries to do is (in most cases atleast) rip game a new a-hole in funny & creative ways.

I live in Britain, so it's gonna be months before I actually get to play the game. Still hopeful, really liked the movies. And Gears of War.

Buy it on import... its region free!!

where the fuck did you get the sausage maker part?

Funny review as always, but you always have to take games Yahtzee rants on with a grain of salt. Some are not bad, some are horrible. It depends on how bad he burns them. And this review was relatively light on actual specific examples, and other folks in this thread have enjoyed the game, so the conclusion I draw from this is "if you like Ghostbusters, you'll like the game. Just don't expect it to be perfect." And I don't.

Wish he had more constructive criticism for this game; sure it wasn't perfect, but it was definitely fun if you enjoyed the movie franchise, and a fine example of a good movie franchise game. I think he was too focused on making fun of the game than critiquing it this time.

I find this review really unfunny, especially compared to some of the recent ones (Duke nukem and the infamous one) and bit a short. In regards to your information/opinion on the game I agree with a lot of those points, I played it for a bit and there are a lot ghost to catch, and they take a fair while to catch.

Although I liked the characters and the homages to the film

Also, what's with all the people liking that terrible Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon? Seriously, it's the most hated Ghostbusters spin-off amongst bustin' fans, and rightly so.

Kylie Griffin.
I rest my case.

There really is no pleasing this bastard is there? Does he hate everything? Christ..

Okay, the video was funny. However, I can't really agree with it, myself. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, of course. This one's mine.

I have this game and I played this game on the normal level of difficulty (Experienced). Putting aside anyone's opinion (good or bad) of what they think of the acting or the plot, I didn't have half the trouble Yahtzee apparently did. Can't explain why either.

Movement and camera manipulation was controlled by the proper analog sticks, the controls were explained well enough, and I could see what I was doing. Aiming the proton stream was only difficult in the sense of how sensitively you move the analog sticks and not that hard to get a handle on. (Plus, if you don't like the stream, just shoot it with something else!) To me, there wasn't a problem with a ton of streams in the room, since I used them sometimes to figure out where I needed to fire.

The business of traps? I've no idea what the issue is. You put out the traps, you grapple the ghost, you fling it into the nearest one. Where's the problem? I may've had to do alot of the work, but I'm the main character in this game! The other Ghostbusters were backup. They kept other ghosts occupied and trapped some of them and I did all the things they wouldn't. The reviving process didn't have any stitches for me either. I got knocked out and brought back as much as everyone else and it all worked out in the end.

In fact, the AI seemed to be totally fine in my game. Hell, there was one of the later boss battles where I did nothing but run around and look tasty so the others could blast the sucker into oblivion. If you can depend on them to kill a giant monster while you just run around, then it's fine. The only problems I had with the game had to do with some of the enemies at certain locations.

You know what it is? I think games hate Yahtzee.

I have to agree that this isn't really a review, it's an insult listing. Yahtzee tends to do this when he has a game that he pre-emptively hates or has a bias against (see: movie producer bit) Hostility is fine, going into a 4 minute rant and not giving us anything on the game except glaring faults and a premise (that's given in the games damned title), is just playing the record for the mindless masses.

On that note: Does he care? No

On another note: Anyone else annoyed by the "outro" with the crying fans and the bit about never being thankful no matter what concession is made (Spider-man 3 poster taking forefront)? It's just a tad bit.. hypocritical for a reviewer to say, and... Spider-man 3 did suck, on terms of writing, acting, and following through with the idea of a Spider-man movie. It's not like it would have been any better had they actually done Venom ala the comic instead of squeezing facetime out of him for the actor, and reducing him to another black suit spider man, instead of a hulking black semi-liquid mass of muscle tissue that's the result of an alien attempting to survive a new environment by using a host that while accepting to the symbiote is also quite mad and so consumed by rage that they drive the symbiote insane too. No, that wouldn't have been better than a cheesy sharp toothed Eric from that 70s show in a black spiderman outfit with no good qualities what so ever, or a symbiotic alien lifeform attempting to find an appropriate host (it wasn't really evil in the comics, it just happened to stimulate agression in Parker because they weren't compatible). So with that, fuck it, Spider-Man 3 deserves the hate it gets from fans.

he should review the godfather next

There are plenty of good games based on movies. King Kong was pretty fun. People apparently enjoy the Godfather games because they have made like five versions of the same one. I enjoyed ghostbusters.

Jacques 2:
On another note: Anyone else annoyed by the "outro" with the crying fans and the bit about never being thankful no matter what concession is made (Spider-man 3 poster taking forefront)? It's just a tad bit.. hypocritical for a reviewer to say...

That's the entire bloody point.

I liked Dr Who...although thats probably because I haven't seen any of the old episodes yet.

You are aware he was speaking of the new ones, right?

The Keeper:

I liked Dr Who...although thats probably because I haven't seen any of the old episodes yet.

You are aware he was speaking of the new ones, right?

That's an oddity which I cannot fully understand myself. Bit flippant of him, isn't it? The new Doctor Who is like a testament to the best and most humoristic times of the old series. To like the old is to embrace the new, open armed, and to like the new is to appreciate at least the finer points of the old. They go hand in hand, neck and neck. This long line of Doctors must be taken as whole and not duality, for better or for worse. My vote is for better.

The sausage maker at the end with the smeared lipstick looks like The Joker XD

Does that mean The Joker sucked off a pig and only after that did he go crazy?

What? no we already have the game! at least in Denmark, i've had it for almost over a week now.

Anyway, about the review Yahtzee pointed out alot of trouble i haven't had in the game, the proton graphics doesnt take up THAT much space and i think i've only had to revive a teammate 4 or 5 times in the entire game.

Sorry man, you make great adventure games but youre nitpicky about your reviews. In the bad way.

LOL, I find Ghostbusters to be the exact opposite of most things stated in this review but Yahtzee is always good for a laugh and usually trust his judgement.

A rare miss, I say...

I got it for my kids on the Wii... The gameplay sounds totally different. For starters, you're aiming your wii remote at things. The other players never throw traps, and there's no crossing-the-streams issue. That's not to imply that the wii version is better... The story and character gripes are just as valid, and the wii remote is important for moving around... which means you have to carefully aim the remote at the TV the entire time you're playing the game. Which makes my arm tired pretty quickly. And really just sucks in general.

I don't usually mind Yahtzee bashing games I like this much but it bugs me this time.

I didn't find the capturing of ghosts to be that bad. I mean, it's not that hard to keep it in the trap long enough, not to mention that they have an upgrade that lets you capture them right away by slamming them into the trap. And I doubt that the game would have been as fun if you just shot the ghosts and they disappear or whatever. I mean, you are playing guys who run around and capture ghosts for a living.

And this is as much as I'm going to complain seeing as how none of it really matters and what I saw well unlikely change most of the people here's opinions (and like hell anything anyone here says will get Yahtzee to reconsider anything), but I don't feel like wasting the effort of having typed it all out.

I agree!
It seems like Yahtzee is really nit-picking on this one.
If all he can say are things like repetitive voice acting, too many video effects and game play issues (npc's)... Name me a game that doesn't have these!

On the whole, I was impressed with Ghostbusters.

As one of the people who worked on it (I forgot his name) said "It's like Gears of War meets Bass Masters".
That's what I expected... That's what I got!

As movie-based games go; This is one of the best (if only in MY opinion).

I can hardly wait for Ghostbusters 3 (soon to hit theatres in 2012)

Well I'm gonna have to disagree on this one. I absolutely loved this game and yes it may be a fan service - but I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan so what do I care. I do have a couple of gripes with the game though;

Firstly why is there no co-op story mode? You nearly always have at least one NPC with you at any given time so hardly difficult to have implemented

Secondly the online mode is a huge let down. Matchmaking is a nightmare and there really isn't any sense of teamwork. Every match type is basically a competition on who can catch the most ghosts, and as such no encouragement to actually help anyone out.

But those things aside, I really did enjoy this game

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