Doomsday Arcade: Episode 13

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great episode. I really hope Gordon Freeman is part of the resistance. Am I the only one here that wants to see him in this show?!

He's mentioned in Episode one as the maker of the portal that gets them into the User World. SO no, he's on Mario's side.

This show is just constantly getting more and more impressive, with better effects, hilarious writing and innovative camera work.

The imagination that goes into each installment is just making it better.

In a less nobbish way of saying it:

Are people here that young that a Donkey Kong reference goes over their heads? I thought it was a great episode. The techno song was awesome.

i liked it moore when they spent an episode on each gamer. or did they and i just didn't get the refrences. still good though!

Awesome work guys, I love the episode. The techno dance part was pure win. One minor issue was that breaking the fourth wall was a bit too obvious, what with Shanks looking at the camera and all.

On a somewhat related topic, you guys really should think about putting some ads out.

EDIT: Loved the Wilhelm scream. XD

I MUST get a copy of the music track at the end, I was buzzing LARGE with all of its retro goodness, Can anyone get a source?

2 Words.

Damn it my head is still spinning.


Who created the music for the rave part/Where can I get it?

I'll second this!

Consider it Thirded...I need that music

EDIT: Also

"Yo heard him there is a resistance. We gotta Find them"

"And Kill them"


Very nice episode. Loved the "Smell the Cheese" part.

But was I the only one that liked the Techno music?

I liked the music too.
That episode was awesome.

LOL, this is a great episode to a great series... When i watched the first one i was a bit worried it wouldnt be a good series, but its turning out great with good character development... i know i will be waiting in anticipation for the next episode to come out to find out whats gonna happn next!

Stop! Hammer Time? Really nice episode. I'd say release them weekly, but then again it is actors and special effects, not animation. Keep up the good work.

Heh. "Power glove version over 9000" got me trippin :).

Great episode. Happy to see that now they come out every week. not every 2 or 3.

awesome episode. can't wait for next


"lol" is a massively overused term nowadays, but I honestly laughed for ages when the raving started! And I'm not someone that properly laughs that often! It just skewed so perfectly with what was happening at the time, especially with that turn to the camera and the background music that preceded it.
Got to admit that I was a little sad it was only 6 minutes long for a fortnightly show, but please keep up the great work guys.

PS - Kudos to all my fellow English chums who knew what the "smell the cheese" thing was all about!


Am I the only one gets excited about video montages in this day and age?

...very random disco thing...

I LOVE MONTAGES! you are not alone. A great episode. Also the opening animation that did an overview of the whole story was incredable!

Who made this remix though, it gives me a good heaping dose of nostalgia back when I use to jump barrels and hammer time flame... things with Mario, I would love a copy of this song


That was crap.

I tried showing a friend the early episodes, and he was "wtf? this is so bad", and its episodes like this one that make me agree with him. I hope it gets back to better stuff like the Doom and Portal soon; Unforgotten Realms had a poor patch with Season 2 but its back on the funny now.

That said, the effects and camera work are still good fun.

Really? Besides the first black and white episodes I loved every episode.

Trippy hammer time. Sure hope it gets better and longer for the next episode.

Sweet music that should be their new Intro

Damn that was trippy. That must be what playing 80's Mario games while smoking weed must look like.
Nice haircut, Shanks.

Descending into insanity, I see...

Yet still excellent. Keep it up!

This is... pretty much how I feel. Still, can't wait for the next episode!

Great episode loved it

The rave bit made it seem like an episode of the Mighty Boosh and all the Mario references brought back memories


Awesome show, even if about half of it made no sense whatsoever. You should have that song available as an MP3.

...whoa..... trippy...

Smell the cheese?!?

Ok, the ep made about as much sense as the plot of unforgotten realms!


Unforgotten Realms has a plot???

I'm just going to throw out there that the leader of the resistance might be Gordon Freeman. Seems logical.

Ask and ye shall receive.

The Techno Track


Nice haircut, Shanks.


Great episode again. The techno bit was great, along with hammer time.
I am wondering if you will ever have some megaman references though. I can already see the jokes about Hardman. Keep up the horrible puns. I'm looking forward to next episode.

Ask and ye shall receive.

The Techno Track


Nice haircut, Shanks.


I love you, *downloads and dumps on mp3 player*, travelling with public transportation will never be the same again =D.

I bet the resistance is following them.... and picking up all the guns they throw away lol.

Excellent and brilliant as always, can't wait for the next one.

Either you guys were high making this episode or I was high watching it, very trippy. I love this series. Keep it up!

Heh. "Power glove version over 9000" got me trippin :).

Great episode. Happy to see that now they come out every week. not every 2 or 3.

Much to your dismay, this series does still run every other week. Unless you've created your own flux capacitor?

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