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Dammit, I feel old. Is Twincast a new mechanic? Or do you mean you should just also play Tooth and Nail when your opponent plays it? I stopped at the Mirrodin Block, because of the money sink. At the time I had to choose between MuMORPuhGerS and Magic. I chose the lesser evil in terms of monetary investment.

That might explain it. Twincast was from the next block, but you can think of it as "blue Fork."

As for choosing between MMORPGGDOWNFIWMGs and Magic, I prefer to play with people, even if it costs a bit more.

Hey, MMO's allow you to play with people. I really got started because of the social aspect of it all. Not to mention me and my buds decided to start out in a game at about the same time (though, they've been playing MMO's years earlier). I'm planning to get back on Magic, probably once I have enough money to support it.

I meant in the real world. I'm really bad at keeping up with online communities. Also, I tend to play games in spurts, so MMOs aren't really my style. I know a lot of people dig the social aspect of MMOs but that's probably the area I'm worst in. Combine this with the fact that I usually have about three or four other games that I need to finish, and I can't really justify it to myself.


Uninformed poster is uninformed.

A few posts later I most certainly stated that I was joking.
In the future I'll try to be clearer as to whether I'm serious or not ;)


Meh, the Yu-Gi-Oh cardgame pwns Magic. Or at least I hope so.

Nope. Yes, I played both, so I am not talking out of mere love of Magic, but Magic is far superior, however, Yu-Gi-Oh is simpler, which may appeal to more casual card players. Magic does make your eyes cross sometimes.

See, the thing about Yu-Gi-Oh (or at least how it was WAAAY back in the day), was that you could have an awesome deck one month that becomes total shit the next. That is not cost-friendly. I could not make myself care enough to continue playing. Also the trap cards and such made drove me insane because one could easily intimidate the hell out of me by laying down five face down and smirking (not that Instants are any better, but it feels a LITTLE more honorable...sometimes.. wait, what?). And didn't they completely change the rules and ban all the old cards or something? Just no. You can't do that and expect the majority of your player base to be all hunky-dory with it and buy all new stuff.

So I traded my now worthless Dark Magician/Gravekeepers deck for a whole shoebox full of shiny nifty (mostly crap and lands) Magic cards, in the hopes of improving my couple of decks or at least looking at the pretty art.

I found the X-box game infuriating because of the way the computer cheats to give you bad luck. I can usually predict what my opponent will do based on what is the card that would be worst for me. I can guess what the next card I'm going to get based on which card would be the least useful. There were over 60 cards in the deck. 3 of them would were useless but I could use every other one. I got 2 consecutive useless cards.

For real life Magic I find it easier to buy card sleeves that have an opaque back and write the cards myself. It saves a lot of money.

I do that alot too, especially when I want to build a deck and I'm missing a few certain cards.

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