Zero Punctuation: Overlord 2

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I find it very ironic that the Nazi reference was made at the end - almost as if he was pointing to this. Try listening to this embarrassingly bad copycat tosser and compare the video to Yahtzee's. It should serve as an effective test to determine whether you're exactly the kind of brainless dipshit Yahtzee constantly whines about (e. g. Mr. "Absolutely Brilliant Review As Always", etc.) or a person with inclinations of seeking truth and the capabilities of forming a distinct opinion. I'm rather curious as to what ratio this thread will have.

Oh wait.

Omg i gonna try it!

... Wait, you mean people take Yathzee's reviews word to word? Excuse me while I go laugh hysterically as I play the game.

Besides the dodgy sweep controls on the PC version the game quite entertaining. If anything unlike the first game this time around when it claims you do evil it's actually evil, not being a schoolyard bully. Frankly I like the "make everyone my bitch" route you can take.

I find the Nazi reference at the end very ironic - it's almost as if he pointed to this. These days, I honestly think he's pulling off the low quality as a sort of experiment to see just how much his fanatical asshole-licking followers can take. Have a look at this embarrassingly bad copycat tosser and compare the video to Yahtzee's. It'll serve as an effective test to determine whether you're exactly the sort of brainless dipshit Yahtzee constantly whines about (e. g. Mr. "Absolutely Brilliant Review As Always", etc.) or a person inclined to seek truth and with the capability of forming a distinct opinion for themselves. I'm rather curious as to what the ratio will be in this thread.

Oh wait.

Glad I'm not the only one to realise the comparisons to Pikmin.

Its been on the wikipedia page for the first game for a while, GA article to.

I thought the first overlord's control issues were an artifact of the game being a poor Console to PC port, and I am not entirely surprised that the second overlord suffers from the same issue.

My main gripe about this review is; How does Yahtzee justify saying dickish simulators aren't fun when he gave fairly positive reviews to Infamous and Prototype? Especialy when he pointed out how enjoyable it was to act like a dick with the game play elements that actually required you to be a dick to advance the story. It just all seems so inconsistent.

I don't think Overlord was a particular impressive game, but saying the whole genera of "lets be the bad guy" dark humor games is a bad idea might discourage some truly great games from being made. <cough> Dungeon Keeper </cough>

I thought Overlord II was fun and had a couple good laughs. I might even give the first one a try. I will agree that your minions control like ass and will add that the game is ridiculously short with no replay value whatsoever but it's still fun. Maybe I'm being too lenient considering I only rented it but whatever.

??? I really like the Overlord series, for me it's like Pikmin for Xbox 360, but mure fun, funnier, and with less annoying stuff. I was actually able to use strategy in it. Hell, I'll even look forward to Overlord 3! On console, of course, PC games always end up feeling like Microsoft Word.

I don't agree at all ... complaining about the similar look of the Overlord to Sauron is kinda stupit since Overlord is supposed to be a parody. And he didn't loose one word about the humor.

Still a fun review though :) ... btw. Evil Genious really is an amazing game.

What a boring review.
Hey, let's not objectively say "some people who can overlook flaws could like it" "HATE, HATE, HATE".


Overlord 2 is a flawed gem of a game and if you're willing to overlook the problems, numerous as they may be, you can have some fun. They should certainly make the third one open world and fix the clusterfuckian minion controls, though.

I was kinda hoping he would have done a reveiw on the guy who did a reveiw of the Zero Punctuation level in Little Big Planet but this was pretty funny too. Good job Yahtzee, you're videos are my weekly dose of drugs.

This one was funny, indeed. I always wondered if it was worth getting or not. Now I know... I think.

its actually pretty good,

liked it as always :)

Radical and the inFamous developers actually did what he said in previous videos, and this seemed a lot more critical than usual, so I wonder if this review is partly a test to see if Yahtzee can kill a game's sales, partly to see how much influence he really has in the gaming industry.

If you think that's a run-on sentence, try studying german.

Open World Overlord 3 FTW!

I dunno, overlord 2 seemed pretty funny from the demo i played, and it seems like humor is a pretty strong factor in it, for example a mission actually being "kill baby seals" i mean thats just evil! and I loved it for that, sure the fighting feels a little stiff, and the demo didnt require much "real" strategy should, oh i dont know, the ENJOYABILITY of the game come into play. I mean not every game has to make you study a guidebook just to be able to fight an enemy, its not like youd want to have to plan a super amazing strategy just to beat some super steroid squirrels, or a few armored soldier, no you wanna bash some things around, and maybe have a decent plan of attack for the rest of your "soldiers"

Steam is really good though, but sometimes pc controls can be...bad

Wasn't expecting him to review this game but I guess theres not much out atm.

I liked the game, the controls on the 360 are a little easier imo but yeah the puzzle he was talking about was very irritating.

If this game was made with a mature rating and you got to do a lot more really evil stuff it would be better.

The gorilla and violin joke had me laughing for about 5 minutes!
Brilliant job!



The Pope would be Neutral Evil, as the laws of man hold no sway over him (though he doesn't necessarily work against them.

Sorry dude.

Being Lawful means adhering to a strict code/order/etc, not necessarily our laws. I'd say the catholic church is a very strict order, wouldn't you?

"I could not have put that any nerdier, could I?"

Yes, but they're 'laws' that he can change, rewrite and toss any of them at his leisure.

He's still Lawful. Order is of the utmost importance to the Pope and he believes in the church's order. If he was neutral, he wouldn't give a shit.

Lawful implies order, not necessarily being restricted by it yourself. If Julius Caesar was evil, he was Lawful Evil. He's not Neutral or Chaotic because he can do what he pleases, the whole reason he has supreme power is because of the strict order and the law of his empire (and of his city before he became emperor). If you want to get into D&D mythology as an example, think of the Blood War, Hell versus The Abyss, Lawful Evil Devils (kind of like, you know, the church) versus Chaotic Evil Demons.

Ummm... I played both Overlord 1 and 2 and loved them both. Yes, I got both of them for the PC and I still loved them. "Being a dick isn't as fun when you're supposed to be a dick" not being fun? Ummm... Yes, you are supposed to be evil, but really Yahtzee there really isn't a moral choice system here, at least not in the conventional sense. It essentially boils down to Enslave or Kill everyone, and either one is evil. And Yahtzee, both games were set in a typical fantasy world that eerily resembled something that Peter Molyneux would come up with because rather than having you trying to save the world from an ultimate evil, you are trying to take over the world. And as for controlling your minions, I found the controls to be pretty intuitive because, as you may or may not have noticed, the minions will continue going in the direction that you have the mouse pointed at (like, oh say, how you would be moving yourself with an analog stick if you were playing this game on the 360), and while yes, it did take me a bit to grasp that concept while playing through the first game (after the two sweeping tutorials I started experimenting with the minion sweep mechanic and figured it out in about 1 minute). And as for the lack of personality for each minion, well, yahtzee, you seem to be forgetting that each minion is defined by its function, that is, they minions personality's are derived from what they DO: i.e. kill people and knock things over. The minions' collective personality is perfectly suited to what they do: your minions want to go out to battle at your command, they WANT to destroy things, they WANT to kill people (whereas in other, more traditional RTS's, the game's storyline makes it clear that your units are there only because they have to be). As for the mistresses, Yahtzee, you clearly didn't get far enough to enjoy the benefits. 1. if you buy enough Netherworld tower upgrades from a particular mistress, you'll get a PG-13 sex scene with the minions trying to peek in on you while the camera bounces around, and 2. during the final battle, depending on what mistress you have chosen to be your first mistress, a different minion type will be supplied with its mount (browns = wolves, reds = salamanders, and greens = spiders). And as for the whole "stealing its core mechanic from Pikmin" thing, well, yes, Overlord kinda does just that, BUT what it does do differently is that Overlord provides a much more plausible context for why this horde of little... things is following you around.
Finally, to address that issue of "sweeping your minions through a maze with a time-limit", well, yes I think I know what section you are talking about Yahtzee, and I can assure you, that the spider-temple elevator is the ONLY place in the game where you'll see something as hard as that, and I got through that after about 10 minutes of solid effort on my part. And again, Yahtzee, aren't you always the first to complain when the challenge of a game "is thrown out the window without a a goodbye or tip of the hat"?

shame he never got to the probly funniest bit where the minions start doing the Great escape song as they are infiltrating a base

I actually enjoyed the original Overlord, I always found the fact that it wanted you to be evil quite fun. I suppose the idea did loose it's luster somewhere around the first few levels though. I think I'll give Overlord2 a miss.

LOSE!!! not loose ffs...

Who was the Chaotic Evil one btw?

Wait a minute, Spiky helmet, hlowing eyes, demons doing bidding?
Anyone else see a similarity here?

I enjoyed the ;

between lawfully evil and chaotic evil...Oh God D:
Nice one as always, Yahtzee :D

I found that the game for the Xbox 360 had much better controls. But still with its problems. Its camera sometimes didn't move but started to sweep the minions all around. And sometimes they see my green minions when they were invisible. But I think it was a good game. I think I might pick it up from stores when it hits about $30.

Man! My ass hurts. No wait it's just this game.

My idiot of a friend has been trying too hard to act like Yahtzee and has been doing it wrong. It really is getting on my nerves. Yahtzee is funny and makes GOOD reviews like this one and attacks games for not making you want to care and having crappy controls, whereas my friend (which I am really debating whether he really is my friend) might as well be saying "Blaaa bla blab blab balaaa blaa." Really starting to piss me off.

It really is good to see something from the real McCoy, I mean Yahtzee. He actually has intelligent, but funny, points to make.

Ummm... I played both Overlord 1 and 2 and loved them both... (blah blah blah blah)

The evil part of me finds the people who try to change his opinion can be as funny as the actual review.

Edit: Forgot to say, this review has me curious as to how close this game is to Evil Genius, which I rather enjoyed.

I never even knew there was a Overlord 1. The whole personality to imps thing is what my buddy does lol. Little awkward in games like this but he does it.

Heh, funny review, as always. And I totally agree with Yahtzee on almost everything; I didn't enjoy the demo for Overlord II and the controls with the mouse are quite difficult.

Sounds like if you want Yahtzee to like your game, the primary thing you need to do is create a control scheme so intuitive that your half-blind, arthritic grandmother can play it.

Get an x360 controller, and plug it into your PC :p

Made the game so much easier to control. I dispise console->PC ports because of the gamepad-heavy controls.

The moving the minions through a maze puzzle on a timmer really burnned me as well because it was so utterly tangential to anything else you ever had to do with the game.

However, and this is a big however, you can "outhink" this particular "maze" if you know what you're doing. You can use the waypoint system to make some of your minions wait on top of the necessary pannels you have to hit while they're still deactivated before you start an attempt at the maze. That way, you can ignore those pannels which significantly reduces the difficultly of the maze, after about a dozen (make that two dozen) failed attempts at doing it the normal way and constantly failing to hit all four buttons I parked two minions on top of the third, took another go and having to hit only the first second and fourth buttons let me pull it off on my first try.

It irritated me, but once I sucessfuly pulled it off I decided in retrospect to cut the developers some slack, they were trying something new, and wanted to find a way of making you think three dimensionally with your mounted greens, and after this section they never made you do anything like it again. Sometimes new ideas work, sometimes they don't, maybe in the third Overlord game there will be a part where you use a posession alatar to control a blue and have to swim around rescuing a bunch of other minions from drowning and drag them back to land to achieve some objective...

By the way, I did sign up just for ZP like so many others if anyone cares and since I can't get the video to load at the moment, so I won't say anything else.

I wonder what he think about Evil Genius? I thinl its a bloody good game, but with annoying little things like the stupidness of the minions...

So... if you want to have fun in Overlord you need to be good... yeah !

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