The Escapist Presents: Nerf Wars: The Battle for Themis

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I'm not gonna lie. That was EPIC.



That was my knee all skinned up in the video. It happened because I was the one leading the CEO back to our base (I was transferred off the bizdev team to the editorial team to even out the number). See, in order to win the round, you had to lead the CEO back to your particular base. If someone shot you, you dropped everything and fell down until one of your team's medics run over and slapped you with a piece of paper that just said "Medic" on it. Then you got up where you fell and continued fighting. So, I had the medics camping me and I kept dying/rezzing/dying/rezzing/etc while I lead the CEO back to our base.

Btw, the CEO makes for good cover.

Yeah I think that was my fault. I killed you three times during that escort, in a row. hahaha. I pretty much waited for you to get revived to kill you again!

Honey, that's called griefing. Tsk.

Yeah I remember from the video you both were in about it... BUT I WASN'T GOING TO ADMIT IT! hahaha.

He worked directly across the hall from me, and would occasionally pelt me with foam from a distance.

This is the worst part of our new office layout. I have far fewer direct lines of sight from my desk.

So your awesome-ness level with me just went off the charts.In fact it broke the charts and now I have to go to Office Max to buy new ones. I hope you're happy. Also, escort missions? Why would you do that yourselves?!

i wondered, why didnt anyone use the big nerf chaingun? that would have leveled the bottle neck issue in 2 seconds

also, fecking oresome

I think you all are missing the point here. This was a serious team-building exercise, where members of the Escapist staff were put in situations to work together and form bonds that can create synergy in our stressful working environment. I guess George thought the two hours of falling back into each others arms in the trust bridge exercise that came before this was too "boring" to include.

how much do you guys get paid??

Awesome. That looked like some wonderfully pointless fun. You guys will be pulling foam darts out from behind desks for the next three years, though.

man with an arsenal like that you guys could really start your own show series...

how much do you guys get paid??

We get paid in Nerf Ammo. Nothing else matters.

Shane Hamstra:
I guess George thought the two hours of falling back into each others arms in the trust bridge exercise that came before this was too "boring" to include.

i remember many different ways of scaring people with those trust exercises at various training events i dont think people even take them seriously anymore

but that nerf war looked like loads of fun ive got to get my hands on some of those nerf guns :)

You know all I got from that vid was Holy Diver stuck in my head.

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