Rebecca Mayes Muses: The Sims 3

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This was great. I can't wait to see the next one. It'd be nice to have an Mp3 download for the song somewhere. I want muffins now too...

I agree that it was interesting to make video game based songs, the music is kind of hypnotizing in a way and very pleasant.

Wow, that was really good!

Don't take this in any way horrible, but brilliant idea, terrible execution. It sounded like a typical informative yet dull review, just adapted to song.

I'm a big fan of Rebecca Mayes.

If you've not heard of her before, she is from "Game People" and has done several songs relating to games in a similar style to this Sims 3 one here.

If you like this one, definitely check out her other stuff, the Hotel Dusk 215 is probably my favourite :)

Can't wait for more!

It was a good idea and I think that this could turn into something big. You're talented and creative, but not too big on thse song style. It was a bit long, as some people were saying. Either add more lyrics or make the songs shorter, and it could really work.

Wow. That was quite good.
Not what I expected when I clicked on it though.

Anybody else thinks she's really attractive.

I now crave muffins......

and she can't hold a candle to Azuria's siren song.....

I'll just go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking: Rebbeca is quite the looker.

...Seriously... Damn...

BUT, on the actual topic that matters here, the segment... Interesting, bit too long, some parts of the lyrics seemed forced, but overall...I watched the whole thing through, so... Good. I'll give you room to settle in since it's a first time, and we all know, first time's the hardest after all...

(...What? ... You all saw it coming, shut up.)

I'll just go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking: Rebbeca is quite the looker.

...Seriously... Damn...

OI, I already marked myself down as the look range perv. Ok, I'm probably closer than you, but its still the other side of the country from me. Anywho,... *grabs a pillow of the Perch of Perving*

Absolutely loved the video! Please make more! Fantastic song and corresponding gameplay.

Uuuhhhh.... What exactly was the point of this? Other than the obvious jerking off to a stereotypically/generically attractive female singer, I mean?

That was pretty different.

I liked it, it could stand to be a bit shorter though. It'll be interesting to see where you go from here.

Am i the only one watching this video with the sound off just to look at the girl? Ok dont answer that.

I also now crave muffins. I'm betting the featured muffin was... caramel-centred?

Sooo tasty.

The muffin she was eating was flavoured with 2 parts Imogen Heap (also as Frou Frou), 1 part Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and 1 part Blondie, and given a fine glazing of Kate Bush styling!

Very good video, nice to see something other than Nerdcore music coming out about computer games!

Oh god, do a Fallout one. PLEASE.

Also, you get +15 for being amazingly and overly attractive.

hm? I really didin't get it and the sims isn't even close to ok for me but still the song was alright^^

Wow... did anybody else get the feeling of an overflowing ego?

Liked the song and the idea is pretty good. Not orginal but good. Welcome to the Escapist.

I found it extremely captivating, and didn't notice the length problems people are chatting up. I think maybe because it was in video form and lacked a bridge (or at least, I didn't notice any bridge).

They ought to include an .mp3 file for like a week afterward. I'll bet people would hardly notice length issues if they listened to it on their iTunes while doing something else.

Wtf is this? And why is it so AWESOME!?

I think it was very good!

Some of the lyrics felt a bit forced, but it was cute. Thanks for the video, and welcome to the Escapist. I can't wait to see what else you can do!

The lyrics weren't particularly good and the subtitles were a must(couldn't understand a bloody word). The music style isn't my cup of tea and, after viewing a couple more of these vids on gamepeople, it seems the style changes very little for each game. I won't be watching again.

weird... >.> might catch on though >.> you never know >.>

welcome to the escapist

realy enjoyed the lyrics keep it up

for some reason the player will not load, is it something to do with one of the updates for Mozilla firefox?

If this becomes a long time show I could see a lot of great songs coming out of it. I could also see a lot of crap that has been scraped together. But hey, Jonathan Coulton did it, maybe we'll get some great stuff from this.

Wow. I was bored so I checked out this video out of curiosity(sad to say a goddess holding a guitar was what peaked my interests). I must say I enjoyed it and was somewhat surprised as I was not expecting a game related song.

I loved the subtitles and find this genre as a great addition to the Escapist.

Keep it up and Welcome.

Is any one else now getting a strange craving for muffins?

Am i the only one watching this video with the sound off just to look at the girl? Ok dont answer that.

I did the opposite I just listened whilst browsing in a separate tab, it sounded good though.

Excellent idea, generally well executed - perhaps a little longer than my attention span can deal with right now, but I'll gladly have another go with it when I'm not on the verge of falling asleep at the keyboard, it'll get a fairer shot that way. My brain can't deal with more than one thought at a time right now, and that one thought was "hey, she's pretty cute".

Cute song. It would be really creepy if they were able to see you... Very nice voice also and I loved your accordion.

bloody awesome it was

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