Unforgotten Realms: Sir Schmoopy and the Chamber of Classified Information

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woot, nice episode rob, but i have 3 questions...

1-whys the secound episode that we were promised?
2-why are you making this as confusing as humanly possible?
and 3-does this mean schmoopy is the dragon warrior?

did anybody else notice the dick at 7:50?
lolz nice job rob, love that your still throwing those in there like on newgrounds with the one on schmoopy's belt!

Good episode, but I don't see why it took him two weeks to make.

Wait a second, i just realized something... about the order of chaos: order and chaos are complete opposites XD



The first time I watched it I thought it wasn't that good. Repeated viewings have improved my opinion though, so for those who thought it was meh try watching again.

The intro has "Classified" spelled as "Classfied."

Ok, seriously. Stop with the harry potter ripoffs. It's starting to get annoying.

And, I know Schmoopy's and Nailo's costumes are important to the story arc you're in now, but when you're out of it, could we get the old ones back? Sorry, didn't mean to complain. They're just.....suggestions.


did anybody else notice the dick at 7:50?
lolz nice job rob, love that your still throwing those in there like on newgrounds with the one on schmoopy's belt!

That was a dick! Oh my god Rob!



Douglas still looks like the begger in episode 1. He's either him or Roamin.

obviously he's going to be timmy the evil o.O
mistreated as a kid, everyone doesn't like him, espcially blames schmoopy and nailo...

anyone else see the boot2dahead obviousness?

1.Timmy hasn't even written his character's backstory.
2.Rob and Mike don't want Timmy in the game, so why exactly would they enable him?
3.The beggar and Roamin ain't immortal -.-
4.Has anyone else noticed that every single main (and several minor) character from Schmoopy's present has a corresponding guy in the past? And if they have, has anyone else guessed who one of their teachers is gonna be? Hint: We've seen him already.
5. how's THAT for boot to the head?!

I think that Douglass is gonna be the dragon warrior =3

i saw the intro coming i am not impressed and i am getting close to losing hope for this show i will keep watching hopefully to see some comedic flare


I think that Douglass is gonna be the dragon warrior =3

when the dragon warrior is wearing a schmoopy outfit???

idk who the dragon warrior is going to be, I mean all the characters are saying it's Schmoopy, but then there were those stone statues.... One of them was james jingalow or at least his body

I've reviewed the series over and over, and I have to ask- just WTF are the Sins of the Unforgotten?! Sorry if I'm being stupid, but I can't find any explanation anywhere!

Good episode, though. Nice Lampshade Hanging on how the DADA teachers are always to transparent.

Okay, i totally see Schmoopy and Nailo getting put into the eternal slumber and turned into the statues we saw in the episode where they went to talk to the king with their newly acquired bodies

"At least he'll be immune to it"

When Douglas becomes the biggest badass in a climactic battle somewhere in this season, remember that I called it first (I think).

What was with the penis at 7:50?

What was with the penis at 7:50?

I would be worried more about the one in your avatar.

On-topic: Another wonderful episode :)

That Shawn Guy sounds like a dick.Why didnt some body turn him to stone? lol great episode

Sins of the Unforgotten = Meta-gaming

I can't believe it took me this long to figure out. DEFINITELY going to use that if I ever DM.

As a side-note, does anyone else see boob's or testicles on the cave walls at the end, or do I just have an even sicker mind than I thought?

I like the fact that every year can be boiled down to one class and an encounter with their DATDA teacher. Its like i'm reading the books.

looks like douglass is the unluckiest character in the hogwats part of unforgotten realms and
WTF is the sins of the unforgotten?

WTF is the sins of the unforgotten?

they are Sir Schmoopy cutting himself at night

I love the harry potter jokes
Can't wait to see it all the way through!

I loved it!
"shut you goddamn mouth Shaun"

You spelt my name right!

WOOOO! Epic episode guys.

whats next Schmoopy of Awesometon and the prisonner of kadoral', the goblet of flare, the order of the dragon, the fulblood dragonwarior, the deadly nunchucks?

Hmmm... since the walrus professor dies... does this imply that he ain't going to be professor walrus in the future?

that wasnt professer walrus cuz that pirate had a eye patch where professor walrus has a monicall

Hey, there's a way to bring back Roamin! Just put him outside and he's cured after a couple hours.

Time Travel really is confusing.

It was funny and goodI guess....

Broken Wings:
Douglas is so obviously Timmy The Evil it hurts.

Too obvious

Ummm maybe i should watch it again i don't know but it just lacked funny to me ... wheres my 19 + 4 or the Maths Hat :D Or Cindy the Centuar. You were Genius with a capital G boy!

I wont take it away from you Robert it was a good episode and i know you work Flat Out to do this so expecting something truely epic might of been optamistic. Maybe get somone in to help the animations i don't know. Its the amazing jokes i come here for not how good your characters look.

You realize you just gave out another plot device to you and your friends that your other fans are obviously going to quote you on now that I wrote this about how to get Roamin out of his Stone Dream when they go back into the future. HOW COME EVERY TIME DOUGLAS GETS HIT WITH ONE OF HIS SPELLS HE BECOMES IMMUNE TO SOMETHING THAT FRICKING MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved how in this episode, Rob put two awesome things and put them together to make it even more epic and awesome. Walrus pirates are win. Good job Rob.

EDIT: Hey, that rhymes! XD

I heard there is a WoW guild that Rob made from the urealms website. Is it still going?

Okokok. Douglas could be gavin. Just building on the possibility that he has been seen casting eternal slumber. Also, the resistances given to a vampire are apt. And when roamin multiclassed (likely monk,) gavin, who was a sorcerer, (as it is said only powerful sorcerers can cast the spell, douglas could only do it badly, IE wrong,) was able to face roamin hand to hand, and roamin is of a physical class. Also, douglas's puberty makes him seem less and less like timmy the evil.

The sins of the unforgotten are likely linked to the use of powers linked to the nader gems. thus a powerful spell might be intertwined with their powers, their use may be pertinent to it, or causing an action that through normal means would only be possible with the gems, would cause a sin. Nader was surprised to see shmoopie's sins, because he didn't think that there was other copies of the gems, and he would not have been able to sin so much with out their powers, and thusly though he was the dragon warrior. When shmoopie metagamed, he likely activate another one of the sins, because it would normally only be possible to find out what would happen next in the encounter with one of the gems. One of the gems can be assumed to govern either time control, or a knowledge and clairaudience and clairvoyance of what would happen over time, since the believers are omniscient.

Since Nader can do no wrong, and the walrus pirate is already present in the room, so the real nader must have talked in the opening ceremony, he must have meant it seriously that there was a reason not to go into the room. Therefore, the guy who taught "eternal slumber" is evil, if he is taking them deeper, or good if he isn't.

Also, the jaque the axe is likely the transforming man, who took the appearance of roamin's ancestor before. He likely got transformed into the body of an axe, or simply lost memories of his full power and goals while he was stuck as an axe.

Elizabeth cackleberg AKA petey is likely weeker in later times, and earlier episodes, due to the decay that began to effect over hundreds of years on shmoopie's necromantic spell. The reason that spell gave him a sin is likely due to the nader gems having a governance over life and death as well, thus as it was explained before, he transgressed on the domains of the gems, incurring one of the sins.

I wonder to which spell will Douglas become immune at the gym class.Good episode btw

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