Escape to the Movies: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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gotta give em credit the movies and books follow the same age group growing up start of for kids end for adults and teens

yes...the 3rd movie is by far the best...i dont understand why people dont recognize this.

also this one like all the other movies left out waaaaaaay to much crap from the book.

I can wait a couple weeks to see it, let the mods die down a little bit.

The third one was the best? BLASPHEMY!
Well interesting review at any rate, while it did not change my mind on the Harry Potter issue (I'm going to see it, and I'm probably going to hate it as I find the first two were the only ones to get it right) but it made me realize I have to see that dinosaur movie.



FUCKING FINALLY! Someone else sees that the third movie was and still is the best! It's the only one I'd ever go back to see for anything other than memories of my childhood. I'm only seeing the rest in theaters for nostalgia's sake. The third, though, had the best presentation in pacing, plot, dialogue, acting, character development, everything. When you said that, I almost literally tried to cheer you on through my laptop before I realized it would make me look more retarded than... well... this comment.

Rather fanboyish, eh? And I don't even really like Harry Potter anymore.

Anyways... I'm most likely going to be seeing it this weekend.

Kudos on another good review, MovieBob. Your series has definitely grown on me.

I liked the Harry Potter movie, I saw a midnight release of it with some of my friends. What really caught my attention, though, was that I saw a preview of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Theif"!! I loved the book series, they better not screw it up.

I really enjoy these reviews, but is there anyway we can get Movie Bob some better recording equipment, the sound quality is pretty bad...

Yeah...I swear it normally sounds a bit better than this.

I can wholly agree with what moviebob said about caring or not caring...I've read the books and I really don't care about the movies.

I realy dont know exactly how to voice my opinion with out steping on peoples toes and makeing them want to hunt me down just so they can tar and fether me then drown me in a lake. True if you havent been following this series this movie wont do crap to make you want to start, and yea if your following it you will probly want to go see it. Being someone who in this day and age is one of a dieing breed of people who not only play videogames but also read books as a source of information and entertainment its realy difficult to try to voice an opinion about a movie based on a series of books that I have not only read but also reread for more incite or to clear up plot holes brought on by lack of paying atention on my part. Movie Bob, I want to thank you for doing your job as a film critic and I dont normaly say that about people because generaly I'm either talking to my editor or looking over numerous lines of text to see if my grasp of the english language that has been detirorateing steadly now is still painting a coherent picture for at least sevearl of my intilegent readers. Good luck with more of this summer movie drought. I dont expect it to get better but then again, I'm being overly pesimestic.

This is becoming one of my favorite Escapist series. Good job, but the one thing that keeps happening in this show is sometimes an entire page of text will appear for half a second and then another one will appear for much longer. Other than that, this was really useful.

Good review, but there are 7 books, where the hell is the eigth movie coming from?

EDIT: Why are a lot of the transitions pixelated?

The 8th movie comes from splitting the 7th book in two, probably because it's too long to make one movie out of.

The problem with this movie is that I felt treated like a child during the romance bits. I get it, that one girl wants to sit and spin on Rons member. Do you HAVE to show me her giving him the googley eyes 20 times for me to get that? Is it there for comic relief? There isn't even a need for that relief at all. Not in the slightest. That entire bit was light hearted and most certainly not 'dark' like thousands of fans think it is.

See, I'm a casual movie goer and I'm not a Harry Potter fan. I watched the first two or three movies, liked them, but not enough for me to acknowledge that there should be 20,000 more. I tried reading one of the books, I think the fourth (prisoner of azkaban?) but the writing was just really, really bad. So, to say I don't understand the appeal is an understatement.

With all of that said, the beginning of the movie was paced perfectly. From the teleporting around to the train. After that, it went to piss. The second Harry stepped in the school it was dull. Edit inserted here: The last 30 minutes were done really well to boot. It was done very well. Dumbledore stole the show.


I really can't express how much I despised the 'romance' bit. Look, for a movie, you don't have to explain the conflict between Ron and Hermoine. It's called being subtle. You show the googley eyed girl once, maybe twice. Then, after the quidditch match, you show them kissing. Hermoine gets upset and runs off. Show the bird scene too. That's fine.

After that, no more romance other than the love potion bit.

The skin scene wasn't needed. It was filler in a TWO AND A HALF HOUR MOVIE.

This felt like the directors cut, something which is almost always incredibly boring and rarely interesting. Sometimes you'll get some good stuff from it, especially if the movie was good enough to warrant it (Donnie Darko, for example).

I also really can't express how retarded it sounds when people say this movie is dark. Unless they're talking about the monochromatic filter that was put over the film, then they're wrong. A dark movie would be Donnie Darko. A dark movie would be No Country For Old Men. A dark movie would be There Will Be Blood. Hell, Sister Act 2 is a darker movie than Harry Potter 6.

But I suppose people find Twilight to be dark. Yes, a love story that has vampires is super dark. Except it's just typical. For something to be dark, it has to be untypical. This is what makes it dark. Horror movies aren't dark because it's to be expected. Interview with a Vampire is not dark because it's a movie about VAMPIRES. It's to be expected. It's no different here.

Harry Potter 6 is a movie about a bunch of teenage wizards with hormones that rage harder than anybodies actually did when they were teenagers. And then there's some other stuff about Voldemort and Snape.

I did think there wasn't enough emphasis or further explanation for the Voldemort part of it...

and is it just me, or do lots of the actors in this film show little to no emotion? is that a british thing, are they being artistically subtle, or are they just bad actors?

Bob, you seriously have to fix the timing on the subtitles and ESPECIALLY the credits.

I mean, I'm not one of those guys who sits through all the credits at the movies just for the respect to the makers of the film, but seriously, every second credit was only a split second long.. I couldn't actually pause on the second and fourth credit to read it, even if I wanted to.

I love your work, I follow your GameOverthinker gig too (which, considering your win at SGC, really needs a new video), but please, fix the timing on the subtitles, and give people at least a few seconds to read the writing you squeeze into it, especially if it goes down one or two lines. I'm tired of having to rewind and pause your movies to read your messages.

Other then that, great movie as always.

Well that sucks i just tried to watch and the video pane is greyed out and there's no control bar beneath it either.

ok i dont care about the movies and have only watched parts of some of them, so i don't give a shit.
But it was still an excellent review, the literary jokes u pulled made me lol big time.

BOOOM!(the sound of the forum exploding)

Well considering the fact that my friend (yes, I have friends) is trying to get me to see Bruno this would be a incredibly nice alternative.

Personally, I think it was alright. They butchered parts of it though, which I wasn't too impressed about - such as the ending. Good lord. Too much focus on the lovey-lovey, and even then that was remarkably iffy.

Either way, and don't think this is a personal attack on you Bob, you really need to check the video before you get it up - it breaks flow if we have to pause to read what you put on the screen, so just slow it down a bit, so we can at least read through it quickly, rather than flash for 1/2 a second.

Other than that, good review. =)

yo you guys, i watched Harry Potter 6 today.
Ok a lot of fill up crap but also some story.
There's nothing wrong with filling up but 2 hours and a freaking halve is way to much!
Yes i now you'd like us to pay more at the freaking cinema Lol sorry im drowning off.
Well the end SUCKT belive me skip the last stuff when a certain person says he's the half blood prince skip the rest.
It would be a great movie if they just let the crap behind and get to the points were something interesting happens.
I'm not saying it suckt but for 2hours and a halve u expect a lil more story.

-- Benaka (me)--

intelligent and enjoyable as always
bueno for caca, mr. bob, bueno for caca
but in a good way

Hello everyone.

I went into the movie as someone who has not read any of the books and avoided the first 5 movies because I felt that they were a bit 'kiddie' for my tastes. However, the trailer made the movie look really good so I decided to watch it. (I am aware that I am probably going to get stick for seeing the movie based on the trailer).

My thoughts? I enjoyed it. I thought it was an excellent film. It was well acted and had a nice feel to it. I thought the romance was quite good actually and it was nice to have teenagers in films who are aware that they have romantic feelings for other people and are willing to express it for a change. I thought Ron's 'buyers remorse' in regards to Lavender Brown was quite good and I felt sorry for Harry at the beginning being denied a chance for a nice evening by Dumbledore.

Overall, I would give it 8.5 out of 10.

~~The more I see Moviebob, the more I like him and his reviews. He's also doing better with slowing down the joke barrage, a little, anyways. I'm pretty apathetic to Potter but this review actually made me wanna go check this out. And if you still haven't seen Up, go see it. It is not what you are expecting at all. Unless you expect awesome.

Baby Tea:
You know, I tried reading the books. I liked book 1-4, and hated Harry's character in book 5.
Well, the first 100 or so pages of book 5. So I put the thing down.

And the movies seem to be following the trend. The first few were ok, and now I couldn't care less.
You were right Bob, it didn't matter what you said.

I think she overdid the teenage angst 10 fold. But you really need to see the books through because the 7th is a FUCKING AWESOME BOOK.

Let's face it this franchise picked the wrong year to start off in. The LoTR trilogy kicked off the same year and even if fellowship isn't the best of the trilogy it's still better than the philosophers stone by a country mile.

What was with all the Ron Paul and Ayn Rand Bashing. I can understand if you dont like them but why bash them in a harry potter review?

Nice a Philip k dick reference and when dinosaurs walk the earth what a wealth of cultural references just a for a harry potter movie. Also Movie Bob is very well read.

Jane Lane is so totally Goth, but then Daria is just a perky Goth anyway. Double for Aeon Flux.

Gotta watch those subliminal texts though Bob, I had trouble catching them even with pause.

If you liked the dinosaur film, you should see A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell. Classy movie :)

Not better than Goblet of Fire in terms of action, but definitely better than most Potter movies in terms of plot deveopment and character interaction. While everyone else's hormones are going wild, Harry is pretty much the only guy trying to stay above it all. Ron's sister spends most of her time making out with some other dude and then she has the nerve SPOILERSSSS to take away that cool as hell book he had! That part of the movie really pissed me off. I'd rather have some dumb blonde shove her DD tits in my face and be too stupid to ask me anything important than some broad making out with ten thousand guys and then takes away my meal ticket in school for some stupid kiss. Anyway, great movie and worth checking out most definitely.

I totally agree with everything said in this review. I found myself making almost exactly the same judgements as I left the cinema.

I didn't like the first two and I stopped watching after them. They just didn't have the now abundant grit that I actually kinda like, and seemed very "kiddy", which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just not my thing.

Good review good film.

I just hate how they utterly castrated what should have been a fantastic action scene at the end.


How very nice that you ruined the movie for anyone who has yet to watch it... I dunno, in a different country that has yet to premiere it?





In a review. Especially something from the last few minutes of the movie.

Except with this franchise anyone who cares already knows what happens, so it's not an especially big deal unless you've forgotten.

Those who don't know by now most likely won't care, as they've more than likely never bought into the Potter hype and don't feel as though their very soul was pissed on just because they learned something before reading/viewing the material.

I care as I've only kept up to date with the films. And it is true, you never put spoilers in reviews no matter how professional or amature you are. You're spoiling the movie for some.

As for the last paragraph, a bit of an overstatment don't you think? Of course souls aren't ruined, but it still sucks.

I would think the Harry Potter series is about the one film series you can put spoilers in a review for. Lets be honest anyone who really cares about going to see the film would have read the book and knows what's going to happen.
Which is a point that wasn't raised - the film totally deviates from the book, massively so.

Indeed, I don't know how the writers are going to write the 7th movie(s). They left out tons of important stuff that becomes crucial to the plot of the Deathly Hallows.

Also, Bob, if you're reading this: was that a picture of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark I saw there? If so, you get +100 to awesome.


Baby Tea:
You know, I tried reading the books. I liked book 1-4, and hated Harry's character in book 5.
Well, the first 100 or so pages of book 5. So I put the thing down.

And the movies seem to be following the trend. The first few were ok, and now I couldn't care less.
You were right Bob, it didn't matter what you said.

O wow I'm glad I'm not alone.

Neither of you are alone. Book 5 was where I gave up at the 100 page mark. Harry was getting a tad too angst-ridden for my taste... hey, I've been to high school before, no need to go back.

Plus, with the length of them expanding, I realized that in the same timeframe I could read a book from my own age bracket that I liked more.

Having said that, I've started up the 5th book again now and am enjoying it well enough. There are still a lot of things that really irk me about it, like how Rolling spends 80 pages talking about Harry's "boring" classes and how "bored" he is in all of them. Jo, let me take you to the side and tell you something... I work in an office, meaning I shake boredom by the hand every day. When I spend my precious free time reading a work of escapist fiction, I don't want eighty pages of BORING. Ye gods, you promised me a wizard war and gave me three scenes of Potions class that all play out exactly the same.

This time I will finish it, but she's not making it easy.

Good review, but there are 7 books, where the hell is the eigth movie coming from?

EDIT: Why are a lot of the transitions pixelated?

They're splitting the 7th book into two.

Anyways, I didn't really like the movie. It was pretty much monotone the whole way through. It starts slow, follows slow, ends slow. And the evil witches that eventually (SPOILER ALERT) get into Hogwarts and starts trashing the place and killing people just leaves suddenly for no reason and everyone just forgot that they were ever there and went outside for the funeral (/Alert).

Even the climax was anticlimatic for me. It was just like people staring at each other for a long time then BAM, roll credits.

Overall, I thought it was very boring, some friends of mine, who are avid Harry Potter fans, really hated it. I mean, if you thought the 5th one was good, then this one is just more of the same. I didn't like the 5th one, and I didn't like this one either.

Jane Lane is so totally Goth, but then Daria is just a perky Goth anyway. Double for Aeon Flux.

Gotta watch those subliminal texts though Bob, I had trouble catching them even with pause.

If you liked the dinosaur film, you should see A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell. Classy movie :)

Jane Lane wasn't Goth she was just off-beat, cynical, and pessimistic... oh, ok, I see it now.
Without the obvious identifiers of heavy make-up and torn leggings I have trouble classifying someone as goth.

As to the movie, I just got back from it with my wife. I would have been happy watching it on dvd, but she wanted to see it in theaters. With that disclaimer out of the way, I'm willing to say that it was one of the more enjoyable Harry Potter films. I laughed on more than one occasion and the young romance, while cringe worthy at times, was still fun and light-hearted. The only problem with this treatment is that the book this film was based on was decidedly darker than what has been portrayed. So, much like legions before me have stated, not a bad movie at all, but I still wish they'd stayed closer to the source material.

I must say, this has me interested to see the film. It has excited some younger people on my Facebook list, but I figured it would be too kiddy for a 20 year old like myself to go watch.

Really MovieBob, if you've made me interested, then you're doing something right. I think you should have more faith in your ability to influence people. All of that stuff you said about people being set into liking or not liking the series isn't true.

I liked some of the films, and found the others appalling. The cinema audiences, equally so. I especially wasn't impressed last time a Harry Potter film was showing, when I saw toddlers being taken to a film where people are murdered and there's a lot of angst. Yes, it's not a horror film, but come on! It ruins the fiction if you have people crying loudly in the hall.

Long story short, this was a good review. I just don't know why you'd go on and on about how these details about the film are bad, then say you liked it. Why did you like it? This leaves us curious. Then again, maybe that's your secret to why we want to see it.

This post has been half-baked, since I have cold hands. Thanks for the review.

What was with all the Ron Paul and Ayn Rand Bashing. I can understand if you dont like them but why bash them in a harry potter review?

Because any mildly related critical video without some criticism of Ayn Rand is wasted. At least, that appears to be MovieBob's view. And I am inclined to agree.

Anyway, this wasn't that pointed. It was just a comparison to Magneto, which, considering Rand's belief that selfishness is a virtue and the great should only act to their own benefit, is both justified and inoffensive.

Rand herself would probably find it fair, except she wouldn't think of Magneto as a villain, which speaks volumes about her.

Jane Lane is so totally Goth, but then Daria is just a perky Goth anyway. Double for Aeon Flux.

What? Daria, perky? Did I step into an alternate universe?

I saw a preview for Gappa once. This dinosaur movie reminds me of that, except Gappa is even lamer/more awesome. Less cleavage, but even stupider special effects and some of the worst dubbing I've heard in my life.

And Bob, stop comparing Harry Potter to X-Men! You're making me want to go watch the movies! Stop destroying my Harry Potter apathy, drat you!

Magneto rules. If any portion of the X-Men movies were good, it was because of the actors playing Professor X and Magneto. They carried the movies.

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