Unskippable: Wolverine Uncaged

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Thanks guys another awesome video, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing on that tony award winner reference; thanks for that.

After watching most intros one might think that camera operator's work isn't worth it - unless it's porn were rolling XD

Great job on Woverine :)

A little weak this week (alliteration, woohoo), but the cutscene wasn't all that interesting to start with.

Why stab a guy 16 times when he dies from the first one?...

Uncontrolled rage?
The need to make that "M" rating from the ESRB?


Why stab a guy 16 times when he dies from the first one?...

wolverine is a rager :)

He's addicted to RAAAAGE-AHOL!
Also, you guys win 2.5 Internets for referencing MST3K like that. I heard you guys start singing, and I thought, "They're not going to... are they?" I nearly fangirl squealed... and I'm a fanBOY... Plus another Internet for general awesomeness, especially the jokes around the whole "Wolverine-to-surface missile" segment.
And, did anyone else get a Ratchet and Clank vibe off of that paradropping sequence?

"That guy really has time to think about all of his decisions that lead to this moment--" SLAM!


I love these guys way more than I do Yahtzee.

Sorry, Yahtzee. Be funnier.

Keep up the good work guys!




How do you create an indestructable metal?

According to the mythos as I understand, adamantium cannot be re-melted once it hardens. This means it is only molten when you combine its constituent components - likely various metals and the souls of countless orphans. (Yes, I'm aware of the vibranium deposits in Wakanda. We're talking man-made adamantium here, people.)

According to Marvel Lore, isnt Vibranium stronger than Adamantium? Wouldn't Black Cat's sword cut through Wolverine like a hot knife through butter?
I've always wondered that.

For that matter, why not Captain America's shield? And how did they melt the vibranium, which is a naturally-occurring meteorite metal? Adamantium is just one of those comic book tropes - it doesn't really matter if anything is stronger. People just want to see a dude with claws tearing everything to shreds.

Actually I think Captain's Shield is about one of those things that can cut through just about ANYTHING.
Now that I think about it, I think Vibranium is a harder metal than Adamantium, because Adamantium is the strongest metal on Earth, while Vibranium is somewhat extraterrestrial in origin isn't it?

But I also have to wonder several things about logan's healing factor. Even if you excuse physical reality from the comic book universe, and his cells have a rapid regeneration rate, that means they must go through the stages of Meiosis and Mitosis at an exponential level. Wouldn't such an activity take monumental levels of ATP and energy? At the very least, while he could conceivably survive a grenade launcher in the chest, wouldn't his body shut down trying to divert enough energy to the cells to divide and multiply so rapidly? It would be like suddenly turning on every light, appliance, and electronic device in your home while using a gas powered generator.. at some point there has to be a drain on his body's resources. In essence, the more damage done to his body, the faster it heals, the more tired he is. I imagine Wolverine should be more like an immortal from highlander where he'd be rendered unconscious (or at least Immobile) for various periods of time while he recovers and heals. Having your midsection blown out by a shotgun should at least put him down for a few hours while he rests and recuperates. In addition, he'd probably go through ravenous amounts of food keeping that energy level up, but I suppose making him devour his enemies after slicing through them would be too much for people to handle.

Also I wonder.. if his brain is damaged or destroyed, which would essentially be the center of instruction for that healing factor cells to know what to repair, wouldn't that render his healing factor impotent, and worse, wouldn't that kill him? Now there has been a discussion about whether his skull is completely adamantianized, but I'm fairly certain his eyes, or his nose, or ears would NOT be. Several well placed shots in any of those places (and there are plenty of people in the marvel universe that could accomplish such a feat with various degrees of ease) would render his brain a pulpy mess. Then of course there's radiation. You could use a depleted uranium slug or an incendiary tipped bullet that destroys most if not all of the existing brain matter, meaning it could not be repaired quickly (or at all).
Would that kill Wolverine?

Such questions are the reasons I don't like wolverine as a character. It's the same reason I don't care much for Hiro or Pete or Sylar on Heroes... I don't care much for "omnipotent" level characters, who thanks to careless writing have taken away any real sense of excitement and danger by making a hero so darn unkillable it's almost pointless to write a story around them. At least Superman has a weakness (kryptonite), as corny of a convention as it is, it still makes him vulnerable and greatly so, considering every two-bit thug can seem to get their hands on a chunk through moderate effort. But there arent a lot of Vibranium/adamantium sword or bullet slinging characters in the marvel universe and most of them usually don't involve themselves in wolverine's affairs.

This is why I like characters like Batman and Spiderman and Ms Marvel and the Punisher. They have vulnerabilities, and when they go into battle their is a chance they could lose their lives (but not really since they have on-running series and make tons of money but you get my point). These people struggle through the majority of their conflicts balancing lives, relationships, and even jobs while trying to save the world against seemingly impossible odds at risk to life and limb and usually taking a severe beating in the process.
To me, THAT defines a true hero.

awsome :)

This was a great one. So many good lines. "Aw you missed..." "No, I put backspin on it."

favorite line XD

Is anyone else confused by the video? First it was in the future, then the past for no good reason, then when Wolverine's getting his adamantium coating. Is the entire game taking place in a flashback or is it taking place in the future?

Okay, I'm gonna try to clarify this without my head exploding...According to the debate amongst several of my friends, hardcore comic fans of both Marvel and DC alike, the game is a flashback within a flashback. The very first scene is the future, whereupon it flashes back to Africa, and leads up to Wolverine getting his adamantium grafted on. The whole game involves piecing together the events that lead up to the point in the future, while telling the story of what happened in Africa to cause Wolverine to quit the team...whilst loosely following the events of the movie.

Why stab a guy 16 times when he dies from the first one?...

They either have a life bar or extra lives.

Heh. I love these videos. =p I'd really like to see their take on the opening to MGS4 but it would probably be about half an hour long.

I gotta ask--where's the challenge in playing a videogame where the player character basically can't die?

I spose they pull a "you were subdued" or something to that effect. I cant say for sure cos ive never played it.

Mwhahaha just as I expected...Although I can melt undestructable metals...Give them to graham and Paul with their firey hot wit and comedy.

Unskippable has officially surpassed Zero Punctuation as my favorite feature.

Agreed. Granted, I'm a hardcore MST3K fan so unskippable grew on me instantly.

Adamantium is actualy extreamly brittle and easy to melt when raw, but once it cools after being melted it becomes indestructable.

Adn for those mentioning Vibranium, it is capable of nulifying physical force and is almost indesructable, but is rather vulnerable to energy weapons, as its power coems from negating force applied to it. As such, if an adimantium and vibranium weapon hit each other, niether coudl ever damage the other, but a Cyclops optic-blast could destroy the Vibranium, but not the Adamantium.

"What kind of mission is this when we need someone from the Black Eyed Peas?"

That made me laugh, and so did the backspin joke and the "I guess the cut-scene is over now that the camera-man is dead.".

No no I put backspin on it.

I laughed HARD!

Great job!

Great video.

I loved the STD question about his retracting claws.

Very good episode.

It's good you guys won that contest; I'd say you get a lot more attention on the Escapist.

The Terminator reference worked surprisingly well.

lol.....i loved this one :P

the bit where he was falling reminded me of ratchet and clank 3 u do exactly the same thing there

just follow the smell of beer sweat and loniness, yep thats wolverine alright

"so it's many years before the not too distant future... at six"

I want a T-shirt that says "I have a stabbing quota."

4:19 Ah, I know this one, adamantium is created and kept in a liquid form, when it solidifies it is indestructable.

you die in your flashback, you die in real life, too :D

I gotta say Wolverine as a character is lame. What more can you do with a character that can't die and has two emotions. Pissed off, and bat-shit-crazy pissed off...

Dude, xDD Wolverine had a flash back in his flash back!

"Hey yo, we heard you like flash backs so we put a flash back in your flash back!"

The whole "Bloody claw" bit haunted me everytime I saw something that had wolverine in it... Seriously cannot be healthy....

The best part is he is Canadian XD And why would you order men armed with ineffectual weapons to piss off a guy who would rather just live in the Rockies as a lumberjack?

Brilliant material guys. "Good lord man, do you have a stabbing quota?" That made me giggle. I see just how ridiculous this series (movies + video games based off the movies) has gotten.

"You guys are gonna be killed by a Tony Award winner"

That DOES sound like a great honor, doesn't it?


"I've Got a Shotgun!" *BAM*

I liked the little note at the end saying 'We know hows its done, please don't send email us' in anticipation of the 600 email's they knew they would have gotten


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