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Maybe because I didn't use him right, or maybe because I didn't play the Fallout 1 or 2, but I couldn't help but laugh at the quote stating how effective he was.
My experience in Fallout 3 with dogmeat basically went like this:
I found him, sent him to go find ammo which he picked off the corpse next to me. I walked until we were away from the spot, and then tried again. After 20 minutes of waiting, he never came back so I reloaded, and tried again, but this time I followed after him. After about a minute of following I found that he ended up eventually just constantly running in to a wall. I told him to stop and gave up on the ammo finding and decided to just roam with him a bit. After a few minutes, I found my first enemies, which were a group of two Enclave soldiers and I think a enclave guy with a plasma pistol. Dogmeat ran for them and before I could get a good shot, he got burned and then shot with a rocket. "Dogmeat has Died" I think the game then flashed, and then I never used Dogmeat again. Yeah, I didn't reload because I didn't expect much from dogmeat and I wanted my Stimpacks

I love Dogmeat he was such a good character to have with you no matter what he did not abandon you or try to kill you. Which is rather unique in the Fallout universe.

Was there a slight reference to tvtropes? Anyway, I loved Fallout 3 so much and Dogmeat would die so often I modded him to be invulnerable.

Dogmeat's awesome. He helps me open locked doors, can take a Deathclaw by himself, and is an all around badass. I wish real Dogs were like him.

Ham Blitz:
Maybe because I didn't use him right, or maybe because I didn't play the Fallout 1 or 2, but I couldn't help but laugh at the quote stating how effective he was.

Indeed, that because I found Dogmeat VERY useless in Fallout 3. F1/2 is where the usefulness comes in.

Fallout 1: As mentioned earlier, early on, he is certainly is more powerful than the player character. The usefulness of the dog early on creates a "bond" with the player that many players try to keep him alive later in the game when he is not so effective (Miniguns + dogs = terrible messes).

Fallout 2: More of an easter egg find, however, since NPCs have the concept of "leveling up" in this game, as the main PC levels up, Dogmeat can end up significantly more powerful (can get up to 150 hit points and 16 Action Points at his max level)

Fallout 3: Nice reference, that's it. Mostly useless as a follower, IMNSHO.

I've only found dogs useful in Fallout 3 where Dogmeat is my companion through the wastes. Let me explain this:

Fallout 1: Went to Junktown where I was asked to "get rid" of a dog terrorizing some poor man. Hunting rifle away and no dog problem. Obviously this was Dogmeat.

Fallout 2: Found the Pariah DOg which gave me the Jinx perk. Not son funny there either. Let us say that it is extremly annoying, trying to kill Frank Horrigan with guns that explodes all the time.

i liked dogmeat quite a bit and enjoyied having him around but then after meeting more companions i realised dogmeat would make a better meat sheild then companion. i prefered fawkes and that robot compainion cause fawkes had a infinite ammo gatlin laser and i just genrally like robots.

Dogmeat was a great character to meet in Fallout 3, but it's true that statistically he was useless. He died so often and I had to reload every time because I actually cared about him, like I tend to about NPCs that actually move, as opposed to the virtually robotic human NPCs in the game.

He ended up getting sent back to the Vault, with me checking on him from time to time just to see if the terrible glitches in the game had done him in yet. Luckily, they managed to make it so it was an actual safe spot. That's a rare thing in a Bethesda game. Very rare indeed.

In any case, I like such characters. We need more lovable characters in deathtraps. I'm sick of everyone being suitably tough. Mix it up a bit, game designers, and let even characters with 1 HP be useful in other ways!

I've only played Fallout 3, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon Dogmeat early on-and with no previous knowledge of the character.

I was so lonely (Fallout does a great job of evoking a hostile wasteland that wants to kill you if anything is there at all) that keeping that dog alive became more important that completing missions.

I've never restarted a game so often. No regrets.

Now that's what puts a smile on the face of every game developer.

I thought this was a really good read. I'll have to go find Dogmeat now :D

Good article. :)

myron is a little dumbass

Yeah, I tried everything in keeping the fella alive. It was worth it,every single time. As for the article it was a very good read, I don't fancy the game as much but I love the dog.

My question is how did the OP manage to interview the Fallout team?.

Only ever played Fallout 3 and I didnt even find Dogmeat until bout level 19, but he was great to have around. I mainly told him to wait by Vault 101 so he didnt run off and get killed by super mutants :( Kept him to the end though :)

I go "bloodsavage"(new word, support it) whenever Dogmeat get's killed in game.

Awesome article! I never really cared about dogmeat but now maybe that will change.

This dog is better than the so-called Fable 2 dog. It was well-executed but still, it lacked me bonding to it.

I never found dogmeat and have played through all 3 of the fallout games. Not that I was looking. Probably because subconciously I knew I would get too attached to him and try to keep him alive and therefore end up having to reload twice as much as I did anyway.

I was always scared I'd kill Dogmeat in Fallout 3 and never get him back again. I always made him stay at the house, and rarely took him out with me. He was in in-door dog , I suppose. >_>

wasn't too beloved by me. felt like more of a liability.

too weak to survive where i go, but too loved to let die.

damnit dogmeat, why do i love you so?!

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